8 Bodyweight Exercises For Strength – Do They Make You Stronger?

We often see people using just their body to carry they overall weight while exercising. While this is quite impressive to watch, the bodyweight...
Forward Lunges

Try Doing Forward Lunges For an Effective Difference In Your Weight

Lunges are one of the most common forms of workouts that get its first mention in every weight loss regime. There are a few...

Tabata – 4 Minute Workout Regime for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have been wrangling the thought of workout and avoid it because of the lack of time, tabata workout programme is the one...
Knee Strengthening Exercises

5 Effective Knee Strengthening Exercises

“Can I ever strengthen my knees and gain knee flexibility like before?” This one question haunts people with knee pain. Yes, of course! You can...
Exercises for fat burning

Best Exercises For Fat-Burning

Fat burning exercises are required to trigger the fat loss in your body. The fat burning process results into weight loss in your body...
Best stretching exercise

Best Stretching Exercise For Your Body

Stretching exercises helpful in refreshing yourself after a night’s sleep or flushing out that sleepiness at your workplace as well. According to various experts,...
Lunges exercise

Workout of the day: The Lunges

Lunges may not be the easiest of leg workouts. Whosoever, ever said, that leg strengthening was easy. The lunges, even among leg exercises, fall...
Dumbbell flyes

Dumbbell Flyes – Workout of the day

The flyes, are an essential workout for you strength training. The movement of the hand and the arm traces a constant angle, while the...
14 Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation

14 Benefits Of Listening To Music During Meditation – Tune In Today!

Meditation is an art. Irrespective of what people say, it is not likely that everyone can practice meditation and focus their concentration that easily....
Ways to stop ruminating thoughts

12 Ways To Stop Ruminating Thoughts – Freshen Your Mind!

How often do you have repetitive thoughts that you have no control over? Getting lost around is quite easy, isn’t it? If that is...
Why Do I Feel Guilty All The Time

Why Do I Feel Guilty All The Time? (5 Ways To Fix It)

“The feeling of guilt eats away at you – little by little”. This is a phrase that every single one of us knows or...
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