8 Bodyweight Exercises For Strength – Do They Make You Stronger?


We often see people using just their body to carry they overall weight while exercising. While this is quite impressive to watch, the bodyweight exercises for strength actually do provide with immaculate results. If you have been struggling to keep things aligned for yourself with this, it is time to make changes to your workout regime.

There are several myths around the bodyweight exercises, wherein people tend to have misconceptions about the same. For the most part, they are immensely effective in building muscles and boosting overall body strength.

In here, we are going help guide you with the best bodyweight routine to get stronger and get results in building those muscles.

Can You Get Stronger from Body Weight Exercises?


When it comes to the prospect of whether or not the bodyweight exercises are effective in aligning your body strength, the answer is yes. It does help in boosting the overall body strength, better than what you have possibly known.

Bodyweight exercises mainly involve the core strength of your own body to channel in better results for your body shape and the kind of strength that you garner over the course of time.

The usage of the body’s core muscles to push yourself against the resistance of the gravity is what this type of exercise signifies. Not just the one you do at the gym, there are some important and effective exercises which fall under Pilates and yoga as well.

It is very important to indulge in such exercises, mainly because of the fact that they help in improving the overall muscle endurance and strength overall.

Apart from these two, strength training as well as Body Weight Calisthenics is the two more types of the best bodyweight exercises that can help in strengthening the muscle strength for the better.

Given that you are engaging your entire body, especially focusing on the core muscles and the core strength, the same has been found to have amazing impacts in making you stronger in general.

So, if you had a thought that this only contributes to the muscle building and doesn’t improve your muscle strength, we hope this answer the queries that you had.

How to Get Stronger with Bodyweight Exercises?

How-to-get-strongerIn order to get results with the bodyweight exercises for strength, it is important that you do the correct exercises correctly.

This is where the majority of the people end up doing the things wrong. If you want the results, make sure that you do them right. For the most part, it is best suggested that you don’t overshadow the processes involved and do them the way they are supposed to be done.

It is very important that the list of bodyweight exercises that you do should be well guided. If you have issues affording a trainer, watch the steps online and then do them.

To help you out, I have sorted out some of the best bodyweight exercises that you can do on a daily.

1. Chin-ups or Pull-ups

src: Barbend.com

Before you get confused, chin-ups and pulls ups are two different types of exercises that you can include in your best bodyweight routine to get stronger.

Each of these emphases on your overall core strength to bring together the results in enhancing the muscle strength and even the overall biceps and the chest and shoulder muscles.

If you are doing them, make sure that you do them in rounds and take intervals in between to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t just dive into it headfirst and instead take some time to first build your core strength and then indulge in doing this.


  1. For the chin-ups, you need to hold onto the rods ensuring that the palms of your hands are facing towards you.
  2. During this, you also need to put more pressure and focus on the biceps because that is where you are going to draw the primary strength of your body


  1. On the other hand, pull-ups is where you keep your palms face away from you
  2. It also tests the core strength of your body instead of putting all the emphasis on the biceps

2. Hand release push-ups

Image source: julielohre.com

Hand release pushups are also one of the best bodyweight exercises for strength that you can indulge in. More than anything, this type of the push up has been found to have an amazing impact in enhancing the power of the push too.

It is also amazing for the ones who want to enhance the strength and the shape of their pectoral muscles because it has direct impacts on the same.

How to do?

  1. For this, you need to start off being in a plank position, keeping your shoulders directly over the position of the wrists
  2. Keep your glutes constricted and firm and keep the feet a little wider than the normal shoulder-width apart
  3. Much like how you do in a pushup, lower your body down
  4. Once down, pinch your shoulders together and release your hands for a fraction of a second
  5. Then, push the palms back on the floor and return your body back to the initial high plank position all over again

3. Dips

Image source: verywellfit.com

Dips are a very common form of the bodyweight exercises for strength that you can do at the gym or even in the comfort of your own home.

The main reason why it is helpful in enhancing the overall core strength of the body is because of the fact that it focuses on the chest, triceps and even the shoulders too.

To do this, you need to align your body according to the muscle that you are focusing on strengthening. If it is the on the chest, lean your upper body a little further. On the contrary, if your focus is on the triceps, it is important that you keep your upper body firm and upright.

How to do?

  1. Start by standing in between two metal bars in the gym that are meant for doing dips
  2. Hold either of the rods firmly with your hands
  3. Using your strength, lift yourself off the ground, keeping your knees bent
  4. Lower yourself down as much as you can without losing balance
  5. Pull yourself back to the initial position
  6. Do this consistently for 10 reps

4. Bodyweight Squat

Image source: life.spartan.com

Squats are not the most loved exercise among them all but the kind of impact it has on one’s lower body strengthening is out of this world.

It is very effective in boosting the overall strength of the lower body and even tones and shapes the muscles that are involved in the process.

It also enhances the overall stabilization of the body as well as boosts the overall balance of the body too.

How to do?

  1. Start by standing erect on the ground, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Loosen up your body, especially the hands
  3. Bend yourself down the hip, lowering your body mimicking the position of sitting on a chair
  4. Keep your hands stretched out in front of you
  5. Try and ensure that the thighs are parallel to the ground and it forms a perpendicular at the knees
  6. Hold this position for a few seconds
  7. Come back to the initial position again

5. Frogger

Image source: popsugar.com

If you are intrigued by the name of this, it derives its name from the position that the frog jumps around in.

It is an important part in the best bodyweight routine to get stronger because it engages the core as well as the glutes. It is very necessary that you focus on the position and the progression involved because doing it right will only provide with the desired results that you have been on the lookout for.

Another reason why it is effective enough is because of the fact that it boosts the heart rate as well, so it engages your cardiovascular health as well.

How to do?

  1. For this, you need to start in the high plank position with your feet a little wider than the shoulder-width apart
  2. Once that is set, jump your feet to the outside of your feet
  3. During this, ensure to keep your glutes engaged with the knees places in that of a deep squat position
  4. Jump back to the initial position
  5. Your aim through it is to jump like how a frog normally would jump around

6. Inverted Rows

Image source: muscleandfitness.com

Yet another one of the beneficial bodyweight exercises for strength definitely has to be the inverted rows.

The main focus of this is in boosting the mid as well as the upper back muscles for better grip and enhanced core strength like nothing else. Even though you might feel like they are easy to do, they technically aren’t.

How to do?

  1. Start by positioning yourself under the rod that you will practice this on
  2. All you need to do is hold onto the hold, leaving your body loose with your feet stretched out in front of you
  3. The overhand grip of the rod enhances the difficulty of the exercise but does provide with amazing results too
  4. Holding the rod, elevate your upper body to touch the rod ensuring that your chest touches the rod effectively
  5. Once done, lower yourself back to the initial position again

7. Bridges

Image source: womenshealthmag.com

Yet another one of the effective bodyweight exercises for strength that works in boosting your core strength and muscle mass too. When it comes to this type of exercise, there are two variants, the Glute Bridge and the short bridge.

It is possibly one of the easiest and the best bodyweight exercises that you can do. This is why the majority of the people do like indulging in doing this for themselves. When it comes round to bodyweight exercises, you will often find that people do indulge in doing this because of how easy it is.

How to do?

  1. Start by lying down on the ground or on the yoga mat
  2. Place your hands by your side loosely without any kind of firmness or strain
  3. Once done, fold your knees and bring your feet close towards the palms
  4. Lift your hips off the ground making a slanting position for yourself
  5. Hold that position for a few seconds
  6. Return back to the original position again

8. V-ups

Image source: fitday.com

This is one of the best bodyweight exercises that you can add to your exercise routine. It draws the name because of the kind of position it is in.

If you want to emphasise on the core muscles and strengthen them accordingly, this is a good option without any doubt.

How to do?

  1. Lie down on your back, keeping your hands on either side of the body
  2. Once done, using your core strength, push yourself off the ground, keeping your hips planted on the ground but your upper and lower body forming a “V” shape
  3. Don’t hold the position, just return to the initial position once done

When it comes round to the bodyweight exercises for strength, you are assured of getting the best results if you do things the right way. Don’t push yourself into doing something that you aren’t capable of doing. This can cause a riot for you and even cause injuries unknowingly. It is thus best to take it easy, train yourself first and then run for doing the advanced versions of the same.