What You Should Know Before Using V Wash-Intimate Hygiene

What You Should Know Before Using V Wash

Intimate hygiene and care is a must for women. Knowing this, you might want to choose an intimate wash. It is a must have for few women to keep the infections away. But then sadly, few intimate washes worsen the condition. However, V wash is a safe product to use but you must still know a few things before using.

Intimate wash is gaining importance as it balances the pH balance. Maintaining pH balance of vagina fights against the microorganisms. In fact, vagina is a self cleansing organ but needs the right care regularly. But choosing soap for intimate wash is never recommended as the area is sensitive. Instead you can pick V wash to maintain pH balance along with preventing bad odor.

If you have bought V wash but dubious about using it then you are on the right page. Even if you have heard a lot about it but are unsure about the safety of using the product, then you can clear your fears about V wash from the bits of information provided here. Know the way to use it right, precautions while using it and the other safe tips.

What is an Intimate V-wash?

What is an Intimate V-wash

Intimate v wash is a product that takes care of your vaginal hygiene. Keeping your intimate areas clean is a must throughout the day. If you are using a regular soap then remember that it causes vaginal dryness, irritation. Hence, a regular soap is never recommended for intimate wash and hygiene. You can instead rely on V wash as it maintains pH balance which keeps the dryness away. It aids in keeping your vagina fresh as well.

V wash is formulated with the additions like Sea Buckthorn oil. This oil is enriched with vitamins and minerals to protect your sensitive skin health. It is a product with runny consistency with watery texture.

The smell of V wash is mild and not overpowering. It slightly lathers when you rinse with water.

How to use V-wash?

How to use V-wash

You might get confused about how to use V wash. Do you need to dilute it with water or you can use it directly? These are commonly asked questions and also stop you from using it. However, you have the clear instructions on the pack of each V wash product. You can follow these safe steps of using V wash.

  1. Pour a few drops of water on your palm.
  2. Then add a pea size drop of v wash and lather it up.
  3. Gently massage it on the external area of vagina.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with plain water.
  5. Pat dry the area with a clean cloth.

Things You Must Know Before Using V-wash?

Things You Must Know Before Using V-wash

1. Only for external use

The prime thing that you must know before using V wash is, it’s only for external use. Never apply intimate wash on the internal area of vagina as it can trigger irritation on the sensitive skin. You must know that V wash is for external use on the purpose. We also suggest not rely on the external intimate washes for a longer time.

2. Not for everyday

V wash is to maintain pH balance and to prevent any bacterial and yeast infections. It is the best choice if you are using public toilets or traveling. Sometimes, using public toilets increases the risk of vaginal infections. And traveling long distances can cause bad odor, and disturb the pH balance of vagain. Hence, it needs that extra care with V wash intimate wash.

3. Use to prevent infection not cure

Reach out for a gynaecologist or a specialist if you are suffering with vagainal infection. But considering V wash to cure and soothe the infection is bad advice. It is only to prevent infections and bad odors but not to cure the symptoms of infection.

4. Only use twice a day

We already explained why V wash is not for everyday use. And we must keep you informed about not using it for more than 2 times as it can interrupt with vagina healthy pH balance.

So, 2 times is only advisable for vaginal cleanliness and health.

5. Do not use during your periods

V wash is recommended to use even during periods but still it is unsafe to do so as experts don’t recommend the same. As vagina has its own cleaning mechanism even during periods,you don’t need the artificial cleansing top of it. It may increase the bacterial growth and lead to infections. It is safe to use post your menstrual cycle to prevent bad smell or infections. Again remember to follow the experts tips, precautions even then.

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Precautions to be taken while using V-wash?

Precautions to be taken while using V-wash1. Know when to stop using it

If you are experiencing vaginal irritation or itching then don’t continue using it. Immediately stop using it understanding that the product did not suit you.

2. Less is more

A pea size drop or two of V wash is more to cleanse the private part. More than 1-2 drops can be excess and lead to irritation, burning sensation in vagina.

3. Rinsing it off well

You must always rinse off the V wash product completely. Firstly, using little of it can help you wash it off easily and you will need less water. If you have accidentally poured excess V wash then make sure you wash it with enough water. Leaving your intimate part without rinsing out can cause irritation, infection.

4. Pat dry after use

After rinsing your vagina with water with V wash, pat dry it with a clean cloth. Leaving your vagina wet or moist can also result in infections and can irritate your skin horribly.

5. Never use if under abnormal conditions

If you are already suspected of vaginal infection or any irritation then you are advised not to use V wash. The best signs of vaginal infection are excessive discharge, bad odor, irritation and itchiness. If you are noticing these signs then consult a doctor as you need medical attention.

Expert Tips to be considered while using V-wash to avoid messiness

Expert Tips to be considered while using V-wash to avoid messiness

V wash is not an ideal product for all the vaginal conditions and cleanliness. The fact is everyone may not have the same experience due to the skin and health conditions. Here are some of the expert tips that you must know before picking V wash.

  1. First try a trial pack to know if it’s suitable for your skin
  2. Be gentle while cleaning the intimate area
  3. Don’t over use it or don’t use it everyday

Bottom Line

V wash is the known product for feminine intimate hygiene. Women widely choose the product yet there are a few things to know before and while using it. The formula, purpose, care tips and precautions are a must know when it comes to intimate washes. Now we caution you only to use V wash following the safe precautions and tips. And the information written is not dermatologist approved but only based on personal experience and expert advice.