Cervical Cancer

New Study finds IUD As A Potent Protector Against Cervical Cancer

IUD, also known as Intra-Uterine devices are often a very handy dandy method of preventing the risks of pregnancy. But will you even stir...

Male Contraception? New Study Focuses Around a New Developed Drug That...

Contraception in men is not a very common happenstance, now, is it? While shots and injections have been in predominance till now, a new...
birth control pills

How To Use Birth Control Pills Effectively

Birth control is a way for men and women to prevent pregnancy. There are many methods to control birth and contraceptive pills are one...
Birth control methods

Get to know about Natural Birth Control

Natural birth control methods educate women on their fertile phase, which characteristically last from one week to ten days during their menstrual cycle. In...
side effects

Common birth control side effects

Birth control is the practice of controlling the pregnancy by various controlling methods in sexually active women. This method is to prevent the implantation...
Phone Addiction

10 Tips And Strategies To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

In today’s world, technology does have a lot of advantages, but your phone should not always be the only thing you should...
10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

One of the best ways to achieve mental tranquility, feel relaxed, and have positive thoughts is through meditation. There are several ways...
14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

Are you trying to find the happy version of yourself? The worldly matters, personal and work stress are the culprits that suppress your happiness....

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Weight Loss

Preliminary Study Emphasizes the Importance of Gut Bacteria in Weight Loss

Would you have thought that the gut bacteria could be the decisive factor behind your possible weight loss? No, right? There are probably instances...


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