Common birth control side effects

side effects

Birth control is the practice of controlling the pregnancy by various controlling methods in sexually active women. This method is to prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. If the person is not ready for family and still planning or not prepare for pregnancy, then this practice helps them to control the fertilization of eggs in the uterus. There are multiple ways of birth control. With the benefits of birth control, there are also a birth control side effects on the body.

Most common side effects

1Intermenstrual spotting

You may face vaginal bleeding between expected periods after taking pills, most commonly within the first 3 months of starting to take the pill. After taking the pill for the number of times it may affect the body as well as after some time it will stop working on your body. If someone is facing vaginal bleeding more that 3 days should take proper treatment.


After taking the pills some people face the problem of nausea, but its symptoms show after some time. Whenever you decide to take the pills take it with food and at the time going to bed. This will help to lower the risk of nausea after taking the pills.

3Breast tenderness

Taking birth control pills may also affect the breast. It causes breast tenderness and enlargement. Wearing a right size of bra and by reducing the intake of salt can help you to reduce the breast tenderness. After taking pills, if you feel a lump in the breast or minor pain, then consult the experts.


Having headache after taking pills is also not good for health. If you face this problem then consult the expertise to take proper advice.

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5Weight gain

You may face the problem of weight gain mainly in the part of the breast and hips. Never ignore the abnormal symptoms in your body after consuming the birth control pills.

6Mood changes

Some people face the problem of depression and other emotional changes during the pill consumption. If you face the same then discuss with the expert and take proper medical treatment.

7Missed periods

If you find that you missed the periods or periods are less after taking pills, take a pregnancy test and make sure, consult the doctor before taking the next pack of birth control pills. If still periods get missed then consult the doctor and take well treatment for this problem.

8Decreased libido

It affects the sex drive in some women. However, there are lots of factors affecting the sex drive, but if you feel after taking pills then it means it affects your body and may harm you. So, do not take it lightly and consult the doctor for the healthy and strong relationship.

9Vaginal discharge

Some individuals face changes in vaginal discharge after taking the pill. This will vary from a rise to a decrease in canal lubrication, alteration in the process of the discharge, may have an effect on sexuality. Anyone who found these changes in their body, meet the expert provider.


You may face the problem of decrease vision after taking birth control pills. It means taking pills affecting your eyes. As soon as you feel like this consult the expert provider.

If anyone experiences above side effects after taking birth control pills, then contact to your medical adviser. Apart from all these side effects person may also face blood pressure, benign liver tumors, and a slight increase in the risk of developing cervical cancer after taking too many birth control pills.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari