Depression – How to cure it without medicines?


Are you feeling sad and low? Are you not getting interest in the work and feeling depressed? Are you facing difficulty in concentrating and making decision? Do not take any problem you are facing with your body too light. If you are facing any problem regarding to your body, try to find the solution. What are the consequences behind all these problems? The problems you are facing is not an imaginary illness. It is an illness that occurs in the brain, known as depression. Depression is a condition that feel to start loosing control of your mind. It affects your feelings and you start getting negative approach to certain things. Firstly we will find the symptoms and then will know how to get natural treatments for depression.

What are the symptoms which let you know that person is depressed?

person is depressed

1. If a person feels hopeless while doing any work. If he is not taking interest and not concentrated. They are thinking in their mind like, why I am doing this work, why I am living this life, what I am getting from this life? So, these types of thoughts comes in mind during the depression.
2. People feel sad, anxious and have “empty” feelings. They want someone close to them, but don’t talk to them. They only want someone around them.
3. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness They feel guilty of being in this world. They feel that they are burdens for their family. They are good for nothing. They are helpless and cannot do anything for anyone including himself.
4. When a person feels restless and not able to sleep after tiredness. If they get irritated from minor things and not able to understand and find the solution of the problems.
5. When they start loosing interest in pleasurable things like their interest, activities and hobbies, including sex.
6. When a person starts feeling low in energy and fatigue every time and not eating properly. By this they face appetite loss. Some person starts over in depression. It means when a person starts doing things over from daily routines, they may suffer from depression.
7. A person either do not sleep or start sleeping too much. If he is not getting sleep for a long time or getting sleep every time, then this type of abnormal behavior shows symptoms of depression.
8. Headaches, Aches or pains, digestive problems, or cramps that do not ease even with treatment, are the symptoms of depression.

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How to help the person suffering from depression to get out of this problem?

How to help the person

1. To get out of this problem, both the person one who is depressed and who are going to help the depressed person should have a patience. Offer emotional support and encouragement to the person.
2. Try to understand the person problem and give him encouragement to get out of this.
3. The person should go outside in the fresh morning in a place where you find peace and feel fresh.
4. Try to give hope to hopeless person. Point out the realities and their feelings.
5. Try to involve in the things in which he shows interest and feel happy. If he like eating then go at some good place and eat with him his favorite food.
6. Take him out to a place that give relief to the mind. Make sure that do not force them, because in reverse they may get irritated.
7. Always give positive hope, that everything will be fine soon and you will get the best thing at the end. Never lose hope.

More than a medical support, depressed person needs another person support to get out of this problem. So, help the depressed person, by making your presence around him giving him positive hope to him. This is the best way to get out of this illness.

By: Shaveta kandhari