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12 Ways To Stop Panic Attack – Know How To Tame The Demons Inside

12 Ways To Stop Panic Attack – Know How To Tame The Demons Inside

How many times have you felt your breathing becoming erratic? Do you feel like everything around is collapsing around on you? Panic attacks are not necessarily the best kind of experience and the ways to stop panic attack isn’t necessarily the easiest altogether.

The sheer traipsing anxiety and the overwhelming bout of crippling fear is often enough to leave you in a state of trance, consuming you whole from the inside. Panic attacks can be very scary and can even take a toll on one’s mental health altogether.

By the end of this article, you will have your fair share of knowledge regarding what to do during a panic attack and how to handle the situation from getting worse.

What is a Panic Attack?

What is a Panic Attack
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A panic attack is nothing but a sudden episode of intense fear and anxiety that is accompanied by a number of other taxing physical attributes like labored breathing and possible signs of blacking out as well.

A panic attack can be caused because of a number of reasons, any important and stressful event or even the prior triggers of trauma and such.

Panic attacks can occur occasionally but there are often times when this condition is recurring and can end up being a problem altogether. If it is recurrent and is impacting your well being all the more – both physical and mental, chances are that you are suffering from panic disorder.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

What Causes Panic AttacksThere are possibilities that you wouldn’t even realize and you could be having a panic attack just the moment after. There are a number of factors that do play a crucial role in the process and in order to keep the same in check, it is quite important to ensure that you know about the causes that are igniting it.

Some of the common causes of panic attacks include:

  • Constant stress
  • Genetic or hereditary
  • Changes in the brain function
  • Past trauma and triggers
  • Overwhelming anxiety

Symptoms of Panic Attack

Symptoms of Panic Attack
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The symptoms of panic attack are what end up being the problem behind the condition even more so. The same are sometimes so overwhelming that it does make it harder to comprehend and understand well around.

If you are here wondering what are some of the symptoms of panic attack, we have got your back.

  • Constant alarming fear and crippling anxiety
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Incoherent speech
  • Sweating
  • Feelings of nausea and dizziness
  • Headache
  • Feeling of detachment

How To Stop A Panic Attack?

How To Stop A Panic Attack
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When it comes down to discussing about the ways to cure panic attacks fast, the range of possibilities is quite extensive.

It is quite important to ensure that you opt for ways to stop a panic attack before the same ends up getting worse than what one can comprehend.

1. Focus on your Breathing

Focus on your breathingWhile suffering from a panic attack, we are often so stuck up in giving into our fear that we fail to recognize that our breathing becomes erratic and much unmeasured.

In order to calm down from a panic attack at home, it is important that you focus on your breathing. Indulge in deep breathing but inhaling deeply and then exhaling deeply again. What this does is help get rid of the shortness of breath and helps in getting rid of the overcrippling fear too.

When you can control your breathing better, it helps ensure that you can easily tame your hyperventilation and get a good panic attack treatment at home itself.

2. Accept the Condition

Accept the conditionLiterally, no one will know about the panic attack but you. If you are not accepting of the fact that there is something wrong with you, there is literally nothing that you can do to get rid of it for good.

For a person, it is important for them to accept the fact that they are having an anxiety attack and that the same would pass over in a quick succession of time. This is what helps in handling the situation in a constructive way.

Don’t avoid the topic altogether because that is not going to bring forth any good for you.

3. Block out the World, Close Your Eyes

Block out the world, close your eyesOften times, panic attack stems from the condition of past triggers of trauma. If you yourself wish to get rid of the same, the best way to do so is by closing your eyes and letting the stimuli around come to a halt.

What this does is help in bringing a forth better understanding of the situation and helps you catch up with the condition altogether, thus stringing everything along even more so.

Closing the eyes during a panic attack helps in slowing down the excessive stimuli and makes it easier for you to tame your panic attacks and keep them in check.

4. Try lavender

Try lavenderAs much of an unnecessary plot it might be, lavender is actually an amazing treatment option when it comes to panic attack treatment.

This is one of the most important natural remedies for your health and for bringing down the bout of anxiety that you have been struggling around with.

Even studies (R) have found that lavender helps in relieving the signs of anxiety and fear in individuals mainly because of its relaxing properties. People suffering from panic attacks can effectively calm down from a panic attack by inhaling the smell of lavender.

For the best impacts, put 1 drop of the lavender oil on your wrist and rub it in. Inhale that scent and that should help calm down your mind.

5. Be mindful

Be mindfulYou might not necessarily realize this but panic attacks often bring in the risks of you getting stuck in a world that doesn’t commander reality.

Being mindful or rather, practicing mindfulness has been found to have amazing impacts in helping get rid of the signs and symptoms that accompany this condition.

Panic attacks can tend to have impacts in causing detachments which is why being mindful is very important.

Try and ground yourself by being mindful. For best impacts, feel the texture of the ground or even dig the heels deeper into the ground and that can most definitely help regain that consciousness back which is beneficial for helping you get rid of the condition of a panic attack altogether.

6. Learn About the Triggers

Learn about the triggers
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People who have experienced past trauma and such are often at risk of developing the condition of panic attacks quite often when they are presented and faced with any of the triggers around.

If you have been considerately encountering something similar, it is always best suggested to ensure that you do opt for a healthy outlet for all the triggers and don’t let it overcome your sense.

Triggers could be anything, from a bad memory to an enclosed place around. When you come to learn about these triggers, that’s when you are assured of handling the condition of panic attack a lot better.

7. Opt for Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Opt for muscle relaxation techniques
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While suffering from a panic attack, there are chances that you could have muscle spasms and contractile issues with your body. In order to change that, the best way to fight through it is by ensuring that you do contribute to better relaxation of the muscles to avoid feeling any kind of pain and such.

One of the best ways to stop a panic attack is by consciously relaxing one muscle at a time. It could very well be something like your finger to your leg muscles as well. Just take it one step at a time.

It is always best suggested to know the muscle relaxing methods that work efficiently and the rest will beneficially fall into place.

8. Indulge in Some Light Exercise

Indulge in some light exerciseIt is not uncommon for you to be fretting over your own mental state and to add to that, exercise. While you are suffering through a panic attack, it is less likely that anyone is going to be here wondering about exercises, right?

Well, studies have suggested that indulging in some light form of exercise has been found quite beneficial in handling the condition associated with a panic attack.

Any form of light exercise, be it jogging, running or even anything in the gym, can be quite helpful in promoting the release of the hormones known as endorphins which have amazing impacts in helping cure panic attacks fast.

Endorphins do have the capability of removing a person from a stressful condition, thus helping in getting rid of the condition of the panic attack and anxiety that you are suffering from.

9. Think of a Happy Memory

Think of a happy memoryEvery single one of us have their happy place, a memory that makes us feel safe and secure in the confines of the place around. If you have been struggling with awful memories, the best way to handle the same is by reeling your mind to think of something happy and good.

Given the fact that panic attacks never stem from anything good, it is not at all surprising that more and more people are finding it easier to think about any happy memory when it comes to what to during the panic attack.

When you think of your happy place, picture yourself there, being free and content with the surroundings around. The feeling itself should be enough or the panic attack treatment at home.

10. Chant a Mantra

Chant a mantra
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Mantra is nothing but a phrase that helps calm down your senses and strengthens your inner core too. It is often very effective for the panic attack treatment as it helps in bringing along the focus on just one thing, thus preventing any kind of unnecessary thoughts floating across in your mind.

It is very effective in swerving through the possibilities because the same has been found to be quite helpful in getting rid of the condition of panic attack altogether.

As you keep chanting, it does become a lot easier for your physical responses to become slow and languid and let the excruciating stress dissipate easily. It has also been found effective in relaxing the muscles and bringing forth more calming sensation.

11. Rely on Benzodiazapenes

Rely on benzodiazapenes
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Bendodiazapene is one of the most potent forms of medication that helps cure panic attacks fast. If you have been struggling with this condition all along, the best way to combat the same is by ensuring that you do forget about the unnecessary factors in the condition.

This drug is a prescription drug which is why it is necessary for you to have diagnosis for getting the medication for you. It is actually quite effective in handling the condition altogether.

The medication does come with its fair share of side effects which is why it is important to ensure that you do take it only in the most extreme conditions altogether.

12. Talk to a Specialist

Talk to a specialist
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Last but not the least when it comes to the ways to stop a panic attack is by ensuring that you talk to a specialist around.

Seeking professional help can be quite effective in handling the condition associated with your panic attacks. If you have been experiencing recurring panic attacks, the best way to combat the same is by ensuring that you do talk to a specialist about the condition.

Whatever the lookout be, having someone professional guide you through the process can be quite effective in handling the situation maturely.

Finding ways to stop a panic attack can be very effective in helping mend your mental health for the better. If you have personally been struggling with your demons inside, it is time to find a mode of treatment that does help in getting rid of the condition altogether. Here, we have mentioned the top 12 ways for you to take a peek into and hope that it helps in your process of recovery.