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Ways to Boost Immunity with Foods | Healthspectra

10 Ultimate Ways To Boost Immunity For A Healthy Living

If you are asked to eat loads of green leafs vegetables combined with a good...
Health benefits of cucumber water

13 Health Benefits Of Cucumber Water – Know Why Detox Is Important

With the scorching heat from the sun pelting down, it is of no surprise that...
infused water

17 Infused Water Combinations and Their Benefits That You Can’t Miss Out on

So, what if I tell you that the combination of fruits and water can help...
Health benefits of spring

10 Health Benefits Of Spring Cleaning – Work Your Way Up

Cleaning is not everyone’s favourite thing to do and that is completely okay, if you do come to think of it. When you do...
juices to fight aging

4 Amazing JuiceNutrition Eating Plan For The Best Bods To Fight...

Every person in the world has to age sometime in his life. Many also have a feeling of worry when they start aging. When...
14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

Are you trying to find the happy version of yourself? The worldly matters, personal and work stress are the culprits that suppress your happiness....
Practice Radical Acceptance || Healthspectra

Top 10 Steps To Practice Radical Acceptance For Better Version

We don’t always feel like we have the strength to fight the battles that have caused so much anxiety within us anymore. Simple things...
Recover your Resilience

Recover your Resilience – Top 18 Methods for becoming mentally strong

The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has left us all in a bad state of resilience in the sphere of mental health. And we need coping...

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Fruits for Weight Loss

Fruits For Weight Loss: 18 Fruits That Shed Off Unwanted Fats

Do you like eating fruits? Wondering how can these help in weight loss, right? Well, fruits for weight loss aren’t a myth...


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