4 Amazing JuiceNutrition Eating Plan For The Best Bods To Fight Aging

juices to fight aging

Every person in the world has to age sometime in his life. Many also have a feeling of worry when they start aging. When you start to get gray hair and wrinkles, that is a cause of great concern too. You also tend to become physically weak when you are growing old. Even if you are physically fit, you cannot escape the process of aging. You may have saggy skin too. There are hundreds of facial creams that are available in the market for you to look young. But these creams may use chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Trying natural remedies can be an option that could be better. There are 4 amazing Juices to fight aging that will be discussed here.

Some Juices To Fight Aging Are

1Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is a very sweet and delicious drink that you cannot but wait to drink it in a gulp. It is always known to add up blood content in the body. Beets have many health benefits that are exceedingly large. However, they are known to help you in the anti-aging process. Even most dermatologists suggest to you drinking beetroot juice. It can be a marvelous drink for a youthful skin as well.

Beets have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that these magical fruits supply the body with. You know the folate in the veggie may fight aging? You can try adding carrot or apples to the juice to boost up the antioxidant content in the juice as well as sweeten it up. The anti-oxidants are the ones responsible to give you a youthful skin. You can also use beets on the skin for an anti-aging effect. For this, mix a tablespoon of carrot juice and 1 tablespoon of beet juice.Dab on the face with a cotton ball. When you leave it on for ten minutes and do it regularly, you might have anti-aging on the skin far from the sight.

Juicing procedure:


You can prepare beetroot juice by following an easy-to-do process. Take half a beetroot, 5 leaves of lettuce, an apple, one whole lemon and half an inch ginger. Wash your beet thoroughly for any dirt to come out. Drop in the pieces of lettuce, apple and ginger. Now it is time you added in the lemon juice. You get a fine juice with all these ingredients. You may drink the juice as it has been made or try adding a few pieces of ice for a better experience. You may use the above ingredients for better health benefits or you may drink plain beetroot juice if desired.

Now here is the time to gulp down the magic potion for health and anti-aging. This juice with beetroot may slow down the aging process by detoxifying the liver. The anti-oxidants also help renew the skin.

2Cucumber juice

This super food has plenty of nutrients that may help you in varied ways. Not only cucumber, many veggies and also fruits fall into the category. Cucumber can also be called as one of the world’s super food for its delicacy and health giving nature. Eating the cucumber raw is the most conventional way of eating a cucumber. They are a super food for the skin too. Cucumbers known to be rich in fluid content can help to hydrate the skin .

Cucumbers drive out excess collagen and help in tightening the collagen which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Cucumbers also replace the dead skin cells. Simply eat cumber sliced or drink the juice. Either way the cucumber produce can be helpful. Applying the juice of cucumber topically can also be effective in helping anti-aging.

Juicing procedure:

CucumberFor the juice, take a cucumber, 2 carrots, 2 apples, and a celery stalk. You may use the cucumber without peeling. Now it may be time to combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend them until blended well. Drinking this juice can be amazing for fighting wrinkles and giving you a wrinkle-free skin. You may drink this juice with the above ingredients or drink plain cucumber juice. Adding other ingredients may enhance taste as well as health benefits.

3Orange juice

Orange juice may be a rescue drink for your wrinkles. Do you know wrinkles are caused by a diet that lacks vitamin-E? Vitamin -E may help reduce wrinkles and our orange juice is one of the best sources of this rare vitamin. Besides drinking its juice you may also dab orange juice on your skin for a similar result.

You may soak a cotton ball and rub it on your face for helping wrinkle formation. Adding more oranges to your diet can be very much healthy for a good skin. This way you are supplying enough nutrients to your skin for it to have nourishment and clear off the dead skin cells. It contains anti-oxidants that battle with the aging process too. They may help fight free radicals with the help of vitamin E,C and block the aging process.

Juicing procedure:

orangeFor the juice, take 3 oranges, and honey for taste. Peel the oranges and take the portions of oranges in a jar. You can add a little lemon juice if desired. Run the mixer until the oranges become pulpy and crushed. Avoid blending too much to avoid the seeds getting crushed. Strain the juice. Now add honey if you desire much sweetness. You can serve the drink in a glass with enthusiasm to get a wrinkle -free skin.

4Carrot juice

Carrots are always known to be delicious and crunchy that you may often want to grab bites of a carrot. They are not alone for their delicious flavor but also for anti-aging properties. They are loaded with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that slow down the process of aging. They are actually filled with alpha and beta carotene that act like anti-oxidants to help cell repair and damage that may be caused due to aging. The vitamin-A in the carrots can prevent pre-mature aging too.

Juicing procedure:

carrotYou can munch on a piece of carrot a day or just simply drink the extracted juice of a carrot. Take 2 – 3 carrots. Wash and chop them. Now it is time adding them to the blender. Do add a small amount of filtered water. Blend on medium until ingredients are well ground and mixed up. You may also add a tomato or cucumber to the juice to make it healthier and to experience a different flavor as not to drink with carrots alone.

These magical juices might help you in the anti-aging process and may be responsible in lending you a youthful and healthy skin. Taken regularly may supply you with all the benefits of health, pleasure and skin.

Pradeepa Polineni