10 Ultimate Ways To Boost Immunity For A Healthy Living

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If you are asked to eat loads of green leafs vegetables combined with a good exercise as your routine then it will boost your immunity. You must be knowing that immunity is the power that must maintain high constantly. There are various habits that contribute to boost immunity that are going to learn today.

Immunity is nothing but letting your body resist against the harmful infections and the effects. Resistance of the body can strongly fight various types of infections. To gain that body resistance and strength, you need to adapt some of the best habits which are easy to do. It is not that the habits will be a change over or overwhelming for you instead needs the practice.

Learn everything that must do for a powerful immunity which could add, eliminate or modify any of your habits. Also help your family learn these habits to improve their immunity.

What can you do to boost immunity in your body?

The impact of low immunity is devastating on health. Lately, we have realized the importance of immunity after COVID pandemic. Looking for the best ways to gain immunity is nothing but investing for health and wellbeing.

Protecting your immunity is an obvious measure to boost it. Here are some of the successful habits that can maintain and improve your immunity.

1. Manage your stress

Manage your stress

Something that disturbs your health in every way is stress which could result in physical or mental weakness. You must know that, you are losing a bit of your immunity with mental stress. Long term stress weakens your immunity which makes it harder for your body to fight fever and flus. You become susceptible to various infections with loss immunity. So try to manage your stress seeking medical help.

Remember taking a break from the stressful thoughts can help manage the mental stress and anxiety effectively. You can practice the relaxing activities which instantly bust all your stress at home or office.

2. Follow hygienic habits

Follow hygienic habitsYou are exposed to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause infections, allergies and reduce your immunity. When your immunity is lowered you are vulnerable to infections. Following the hygienic habits is the best way to stay away from these hazardous effects on health.

Hygienic habits like washing hands, cleaning teeth, and washing your body can improve your health. It maintains your immunity and aids combating different types of infections. Hygiene and cleanliness can destroy the microorganisms that are collapsing your immunity.

3. Wear a mask in public

Wear a mask in publicYou may think that wearing a mask is just to prevent COVID infection. But it is not only a preventive measure to stop coronavirus but also to prevent other infections and flus. Most of the flus, infections are spread by transmitting the pathogens and other harmful microorganisms from the droplets of an infected person. Droplets when sneezing, coughing and even talking can transmit the dreadful infections. We can say wearing a mask is a helpful habit to prevent infections and maintain immunity.

4. Maintain social distance

Maintain social distance

Social distance is another important health protocol to stop the coronavirus transmission. Firstly, stop visiting their public places to protect your immune system. If else, you there is a need of going places then maintaining social distance. You are not just protecting yourself but others too. So, this becomes a basic habit that you must adapt by now like your own.

Maintaining distance in public can be helpful to prevent other infections as well. You are stopping the transmission of other infections through the droplets, touch which are highly communicable. As you are keeping the infections at bay, your immunity will be maintained to a greater extent. If you are seeing the symptoms of any kind of infection like cough, cold then stay home, stay safe to also keep the people in your surroundings safe.

5. Exercise

ExerciseExercising is a habit that improves your immunity tremendously. A study says physical exercises release anti-inflammatory cytokines. It improves the lymphocyte circulation raises with practicing exercise which results in boosting your immunity. With this mechanism is noticed to lower risk of infections and their effects, mortality due to the infections.

Exercising can also aid in maintaining a healthy weight which keeps you away from the risk of dangerous diseases like cancers, heart stroke, diabetes and others. A 2019 study says belly fat can have a bad impact on the immune system.

Also regular exercise can improve the chances of fighting infections. It aids in generating new immune cells for blood flow and lowers inflammation. It is a fact that your body needs active movements everyday. However, you have multiple workout styles to focus on boosting immunity.

6. Stop smoking

Stop smokingSmokers are prone to low immunity and further life threatening health complications. If you are a smoker then you are deteriorating your health terribly. Smoking habits can reduce the ability to fight infections and diseases. As your immune system is exposed to nicotine, tobacco and other toxic substances, you will become weaker. There is a possibility of developing various types of cancer.

When you quit smoking, you are less exposed to the toxins which damage your immune system. So, it is a critical caution to stop smoking to maintain immunity. It is not just a new habit but a positive change in your health.

7. Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleepHaving sufficient sleep is a profound benefit that improves immunity and contributes to normal functioning of your entire system. It is found that your body produces the protein known as cytokines which enhances your immunity. So, lack of sleep is stopping the production of these proteins which the immune system needs. Not only that sleeplessness is an effect for stress which again hampers your health.

Sleep is the basic need for your body. As your brain and body works throughout the day, it needs rest by the end of the day to function normally for the next day. If you are not allowing your body to rest then it automatically reduces the immunity.

If you want to boost your immunity then make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours a day. It can help you stay active physically and mentally.

8. Limit alcohol consumption

Limit alcohol consumptionModerate alcohol consumption is still safe but not to over consume it. You become vulnerable to respiratory diseases like COVID with excessive alcohol intake.

How immunity works up for your body is- your body spikes up the immune response when there is a virus attack and kills the foreign pathogen. Therefore, a person with high immunity can destroy the pathogens.

Again drinking a limited amount of alcohol can improve the gut bacteria and kill the microorganisms that attack your body. Reasonable quantity of alcohol is always fine for your health but the same can be toxic if you take it excessively. People with heart diseases and diabetes must drink even less to maintain immunity.

9. Healthy diet

Diet is always an important element for health and wellness. You need to include more fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods to your meals. Make sure that your diet has all components like anti inflammatory, antibacterial properties and antioxidants to improve your immunity.

Eating certain foods can improve to boost your immunity. If you are often falling sick or attacked by viral infections, flu then start eating mindfully. You must avoid processed foods, junk and prefer eating homemade food, whole foods more.

10. Hydration is important

Hydration is the key for a healthy living. You need to drink enough water for your body to flush out all the toxins and impurities. If you are not drinking water thoroughly in a day then toxins accumulate in your body as bowel movement becomes tougher and it affects your immune system.

Not only drinking water but you can stay hydrated with fresh fruits and vegetables adding in your diet.

This can contribute to hydration of your body. It encourages your body to fight against inflammations, infections by strengthening your immune system.(R) And water is a must for a healthy digestive system in fact your whole system to function normally.

Foods to Improve your Immune system

1. Nuts and seeds

Eating nuts and seeds is a good measure to gain immunity. Eating sunflower seeds can contribute the minerals phosphorus and magnesium along with vitamin B6. It contains selenium which can combat the infections according to an animal study. For similar benefits, you can eat chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. Snacking on with seeds must be your new habit if it is not yet to boost your immunity.

If you are often affected with skin infections then eat almonds and walnuts. These nuts can help you fight skin infections which is a common effect due to lack of immunity. Nuts have the defensive effects on your skin as they contain several essential vitamins and especially vitamin E.

2. Blueberries

You can gain the flavonoid antioxidant from blueberries to improve your immunity. It is found that a group of people in a study consumed this fruit have minimized effects of infections on the respiratory tract. People with a deficiency or poor intake of flavonoids are found to be prone to infection and cold. (R)

3. Bell peppers

Adding red bell peppers to your meals is adding the nutrients that boost your immunity. It consists of beta carotene which gets converted to vitamin A for a healthy skin and eyes. If you want an alternative citrus fruit to gain vitamin C then red bell peppers are there for you. It is a fully versatile vegetable to add to your salads, curries, sandwiches and more.

4. Garlic and ginger

Ginger is the herb that is found in the kitchens universally. It is added to several recipes including teas. It boosts your immunity with the anti inflammatory and antioxidative properties. Ginger can relieve you from the symptoms of infections and is trusted as a good remedy to cure common cold, cough at home.

Garlic contains allicin that strengthens your immune system. Also it has zinc content which improves your health. It is found that garlic saves your arteries from hardening which needs further research.

5. Dark chocolate

Choose your chocolate wisely when you are craving for some sweet treat. A piece of dark chocolate gives you an antioxidant termed as theobromine that strengthens the immune system. These antioxidants protect your body from free radicals and prevent from various diseases. But also note that dark chocolate is high in calories and saturated fats hence to eat moderately.

6. Probiotics

You need to add probiotic foods to your diet and the foods that come under it are yogurt, sour pickles, kefir, etc. Probiotic foods are the good bacteria that promote immunity. Intake of good bacteria can improve the brain and body functions. It helps in healthy functioning of the digestive system, prevents depression and promotes heart health.

You can drink traditional buttermilk without artificial or processed sweeteners. Types of cheese can be the probiotic foods if you are looking for more options to immunise your body. The good bacteria in mozzarella, cottage and cheddar cheese can reverse the skin aging.

7. Green leaf vegetables

Another alternative for vitamin C is green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Broccoli has the antioxidant termed as sulforaphane which protects your body from infections. If at all, you want to avoid eating sugar fruits but still want to intake vitamin C then eating leaf curries is the best solution.

Additionally, the green leaf vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties and other powerful nutrients. Include the green leafs cilantro, lettuce, and kale to your routine diet shuffling the options you have.

8. Turmeric

You must add turmeric to your dishes and recipes on a regular basis to develop healing power. It is a herbal ingredient with antiseptic properties to help recovery of the wounds and infections.

The bright yellow color of turmeric is with the component crucumin aids in increwaing your immunity. It is the best home treatment for exercise induced muscle damage. Crucumin is a promising component which plays a role of immunity booster.

9. Citrus fruits

If you love eating citrus fruits like kiwi, oranges, lemons then it is a benefit for you. Fruits that contain citrus are to prevent the skin infection by boosting your immune system. Vitamin C has the ability to produce the white blood cells that prevent the infections. It can build up your immune system with adequate intake through your diet.

The daily amount of vitamin C has a cap: 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men. Turning to vitamin C supplements is a second choice as you have multiple options to consume it directly.

10. Types of fish

You have various types of fishes which are the immune boosters you can rely on. For example selfish contains zinc for proper cell function and vitamins to enhance the immunity. The included selfishes are crab, lobster, oysters. If you are a fish lover then choose to eat salmon, tuna which are rich in omega fatty acids.

11. Herbal tea

The beverages you are choosing for everyday diet must be containing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties as they can defend your body with boosted immunity. Green tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea are some of the health benefiting herbal teas. If you are prone to infections like viral, bacterial then make a habit of drinking herbal tea. When you are suffering from a severe cold, sore throat and muscle cramps, you can drink these teas to relieve the conditions.

12. Poultry

You can take a cup of chicken soup to reduce the symptoms of common cold and inflammations. Moreover, chicken is enriched naturally with nutrients and the essentials like gelatin, chondroitin which maximises the ability of healing and strengthens the immune system. Eating turkey is good for you as it contains more nutrients and less calories. It increases the vitamin B6 which raises the red blood cells and their formation.

Bottom line: You must adapt different habits and learn to practice the measures to boost your immunity. The habits are quite simple which revolve around your lifestyle and living. It is to ditch the habits which deteriorate your health and follow the habits which benefit your health. Diet is another important thing that strengthens the immune system. You need to avoid certain foods and start careful eating in order to improve immunity. Immunity that naturally comes from habits and diet may not help prevent the dreadful infections totally but at least to assist in fighting against the diseases as much as possible.