Figs – Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition – Everything you need to know!

Figs Health Benefits, Risks Nutrition Everything you need to know

You need fruits for your every day healthy nutrition and you must be knowing the importance of it. Just eating a set of fruits can amiss the nutrients from another one. So, do you include fig in your diet? If it’s been long that you ate figs then you are missing a lot of health benefits.

Here we are discussing everything you need to know about fig fruit. It is worth adding the fruit to your daily diet. Healthy fruit doesn’t mean that you can overeat it. Does that mean, overeating is a risk? Read further if you want to know those risks.

You will not only enjoy the rich taste of the fruit but also significant health benefits. After knowing the benefits and nutritional values of fig fruit you may still not know how to add it to your diet. Look for the easy ways to use fig for the diet.

What are Figs? Can Figs be beneficial for your health?

Fig is a seasonal fruit harvested in different months of the year in different parts of the world. It is plucked and supplied to consume in a ripen state. It is native fruit of the Middle East, Asia and hugely cultivated in the USA and Spain. Eating the fruit gives therapeutic benefits which are discussed below.

What are the health benefits of Figs?

Fig fruit possesses plenty of minerals that you need on a regular basis through the diet. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and combined with vitamins A and K. It contributes goodness naturally for health, hair and skin. In simple, it is a package of health benefits-

1.Skin health

Skin health

Figs is a host of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essentials for skin health. These natural antioxidants can boost collage that stops aging signs like wrinkles. It also protects the skin cells from damaging.

It is shown in a study that fig extracts may protect skin from allergic dermatitis, over dryness, itchiness which are the symptoms caused by the allergy. There are further studies to be carried out to clearly know whether the fig extracts are potent of skin friendly extracts.

2. Reduces blood pressure

Reduces blood pressureThere are various risk factors that cause high blood pressure. One of the conditions is a low level of potassium while the sodium is high in the body. (R) Potassium deficiency can give rise to hypertension which eventually leads to strokes. Figs are packed with potassium which can clear the imbalance that is risking you towards heart diseases or strokes.

3. Stronger bones

Stronger bonesLow density of bones causes long term complications like osteoporosis, chronic back pain. You must intake calcium as much as needed to build your bones stronger. One of the best sources for calcium is figs that aids in strengthening your bones.

4. Promotes heart health

heart healthOne way that figs help prevent heart diseases is clearing the imbalance of potassium and sodium. Here is another theory that boosts your heart health and that is- fig contains omega fatty acids that shield your heart from free radicals.

There is a type of fat termed as triglycerides found in the blood. The fat blocks the coronary artery which increases the risk of heart diseases. (R) Figs shield your heart by keeping a low level of the hazardous fat.

5. For reproductive health

For reproductive healthFigs can prevent infertility, improve sexaul drive and treat menstrual problems in women. Yes,it is the fruit that takes care of the entire reproductive system. It is full of minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron which are required for reproductive health. It has been consumed as aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Young girls and women can eat figs to fight PMS complications. The good amount of fiber and antioxidants in the fruit may prevent breast cancer. It helps in treating hormonal imbalance which leads to several issues in women’s health.

6. Improves digestion

Improves digestion

Indigestion is the main cause for problems like bloating, diarrhea. Eating lighter foods is a good remedy to improve digestion. Above everything you must try to intake more fiber foods. Consuming figs can add fiber and help in easy digestion. The fruit consists of prebiotics which improves the gut health as well.

7. Healthy weight

Healthy weightFigs are an incredible source of fibers which helps in managing your weight. High fibers are always favourable in weight management. Studies say that foods that are rich in fiber helps you lose the extra fat. But remember that figs are loaded with calories hence you must consume a little of it as overeating it can cause weight gain in reverse.

8. Natural sugar

Natural sugarSweet cravings put up the problems to your health if you are not choosing the right food options. You must rely on the foods that provide you nutrients without adding unnatural sugar to your body. Fig fruit is a natural sweet with juicy flesh and seeds. You can enjoy the fruit without any fear as it is an addition of energy but not unhealthy sugar.

9. Aids in relieving constipation

Aids in relieving constipationYou must always make sure that your digestion is smooth as it prevents constipation. Diet is the key to stay away from stomach problems like constipation. You can eat figs in your snack time to gain some fiber content for the day which helps in normal bowel movements. It eases digestion and there will be less chances of constipation.

10. Happy hair

Happy hairHair health is another growing concern for the younger generation. The culprits like mental stress and pollution are causing hair problems. Hair fall,brittle hair, loss of shine are giving sleeplessness to many. You must probably switch your diet with fresh fruits that also includes figs. Keep eating dried figs for health and happy hair.

This fruit is enriched with minerals iron, potassium and magnesium which are mostly needed for your hair. It has also the vitamins A and E that restores the shine and luster to your tresses.

Fig Nutritional Values

A small fresh fig which comes up to 40 grams supplies many nutritional values along with minerals, vitamins and natural sugars. It has a small amount of copper and B6 vitamin.

It is a fruit that is high in calories but taking a reasonable amount is healthy. Meanwhile, it consists of zero fats which gives you a freehand to consume it. These nutrients give you a reason to make the fig fruit inclusive in your regular diet-

  • 30 Calories
  • 0 Fats
  • 3% copper of the daily value
  • 2% Magnesium
  • 3% Vitamin B6
  • 8 Grams carbs
  • 2% Potassium
  • 0 Protein
  • 2% Riboflavin
  • 2% Thiamin
  • 1 Gram fiber
  • 2% Vitamin K

Best Ways to Eat Figs

A ripen fig fruit is directly eaten and dried fig is a versatile ingredient for different simple recipes. The best and healthy ways to use figs for eating are-

  • Toppings on fruit juice
  • Toppings on yoghurt
  • Blend with fruit salad
  • Use it in a recipe

How to add figs to your diet?

Adding figs to your diet enhances your energy and nutrients for the day. Healthy way to eat figs is fresh ripe fruits or you can even eat dried figs. Swap it with unhealthy sugar and processed food during the snack time. You can add it to homemade sweets and enjoy the benefits of this amazing fruit. You can eat it along with the nuts, oats porridge.

Why do some people won’t consider Figs as vegan?

Though fit is a fruit that naturally comes from a plant, few people don’t consider it as completely vegan. The reason is the growth cycle of a fig fruit.

Figs early growth stage starts with a flower that is enclosed within. The nature of the flower is to rely on the bees to spread their pollen or reproduce. Each fig fruit has a minute opening the bottom for the female insect to enter inside to lay her eggs. Once the eggs are hatched, the male larvae and female larvae proceed with mating which follows with exiting the fruit carrying the pollen on their bodies and thereafter they die. As the fig fruit growth kills the bees, it is not considered as vegan. The people who are against animal exploitation and cruelty deny the fruit as vegan.

Reasons Why Shouldn’t Eat Fig Fruit

Fig fruit has the side effects that come out as the reactions of eating it. There are certain conditions when you must avoid eating or limit eating the fruit-

a) Blood thinning

Figs are rich in vitamin K which can collide with the blood thinning medications. (R) So, you should keep the intake of vitamin K consistent to avoid the complications. Eating more or less of figs can disrupt the blood thinning medication.

b) Fig allergy

People may have fig allergy as the tree contains natural latex. If a person is allergic to birch pollen then they should avoid eating fig as they may have the same allergy with the fruit too.

Conclusion: You can stock up fresh figs for snacking directly or add the slices to your salads, juices. Both fresh fruit and dried fruit are good for health. But we would say the portion of consuming the fruit is important too. Don’t skip it as you have many benefits for a healthy living. You can protect your heart, digestive system and boost overall health by adding the fruit to it. Don’t eat too much figs as it is high in calories and it additionally results in the health risks that are mentioned above.


Are dried figs good for you?

Dried figs are high in calories which is a healthy option for weight gain but not for weight loss. Dried figs contain high levels of sugar which increase the blood sugar levels. Hence, you must limit eating the dried fruit.

How often can we eat and what is the best time to eat figs?

The best time to eat figs is eat in the morning or at snack time. Eating 1 or 2 fresh figs in a day is reasonable.

Are figs called a superfood?

A few publishers call figs a superfood as it is brimmed with a multiple nutrients and antioxidants

Excessive eating of figs cause you diabetics?

Figs are a good food for diabetic patients as it lowers the blood sugar levels