10 Common Signs of Sex Addiction- Causes, Effects and Treatment

10 Common Signs of Sex Addiction Causes Effects and Treatment

Basically, addiction is when the brain system is impaired involving memory, behavior, self control. This is prevalent with sexual thoughts and actions as well. We can say these are common Signs of Sex Addiction which is a negative impact not only on the affected individual but also people around him/her.

You may want to know if you have sex addiction as for self clarity which is crucial. If you want to know if you are addicted to sex then you need not be guilty about it. Afterall it is self awareness and correcting yourself. Some people get into the trap of overthinking and assuming that are sex addicts. So knowing the signs and seeking the treatment is the best thing you can do for yourself or people around you at that point.

If you feel and able to say that it is sex addiction then get little more awareness on this topic. We have elaborated the signs of sex addiction, possible treatment and ways to get out of it. Once you notice the signs then dont ignore but try to deal with it and free yourself from the negative trap of your brain.

What is Sex Addiction?

What is Sex Addiction

Before saying if it is sex addiction or not you must be knowing what exactly it is. We define sex addiction as a loss of control on sexual thoughts, urges and impulsive behavior. Sexuality is natural but over doing it can impact the person in an unhealthy way.

Sex addiction is not a diagnosable condition according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). A Signs of Sex Addiction constantly need to be sexually stimulated and it lead to different actions. They also keep changing their sexual acts when they are unable to control their behavior. Some of the common paths that sex addicts look for are-

  • Forceful sexaul acts
  • Prostitution
  • Watching pornography
  • Manstruabation
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Exhibition or voyeurism

Does sex can be really addiction?

Sex can be an addiction for people as they become extremely desperate for sex while combinely they deal with mental conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, shame, guilt which lead them to the risky sexual behaviors. You may need to know the signs of the addiction to know how severe it is and how to detect it.

Top 10 Signs of Sex Addiction

1. Indulged in sexual thoughts

Indulged in sexual thoughtsA person affected with sex addiction would be involved in sexual thoughts continuously. They go deep into their sexual fantasies and tend to have an obsession for sexual imaginations. These kinds of thoughts become uncontrolled and may interfere with their routine life or activities irrespective of their responsibilities.

2. Spending most of the time on sex

Spending most of the time on sexPleasing your partner for sex isn’t a sign of sex addiction. The most common Signs of Sex Addiction is, If you are spending over time on sex then it might be an alarming indication of addiction for sex. Spending excessive time on sex means an attempt for sex with deperacy, having sex, being sexual or even recovering from sexual history.

3. Skipping the routine

Skipping the routineThis is an obvious sign that you find after the above signs. As a person is spending excess time on sex and involved in sexual thoughts with obessision would skip the routine. It is because they let their time go with sex addiction instead of accomplishingthe duties.

You may realize this sign lately as it is not an early sign but comes when you are an addict of sex. It seems difficult to take up the tasks at home, work or school and personal lives. They also become socially withdrawn.

4. Ashamed and depression

Ashamed and depressionA person with sex addiction may go through certain unpleasant feeling about self. This is not a sign for everyone but happens with people commonly. It could be a sign at any stage. Also It could be shame, depression, regret, guilt. And It is because they are to control it knowing that it is a toxic addiction but still they can’t stop doing it even after attempts.

The efforts to let the sex addiction go fail and push them into depression. This can lead to bad consequences which impact their mental health with sleepless nights, becoming anxious, developing fear, and low feeling.

5. Criminal sex offenses

Criminal sex offensesThis is a sign of extreme sex addiction where people may get into activities like rape, stalking, child sexual abuse or molestation. Still there is no evidence supporting that sex addiction results in cirmcialsexual offenses.

A person with sex addiction and overtaken with toxic thoughts can likely be involved in such criminal sex activities. This is understood from some of the existing cases although there is no supporting evidence.

6. Manstrubating overly

Manstrubating overlyManstrubation is viewed as a good way to explore one’s sexual desires and sexuality. It is also to gratify the sexual needs for oneself. But over doing mansturbation can be a sign of sex addiction. As this is a common activity for many it can be a misleading sign. If you want to know your habit of manstrubating is a sign for addiction of sex then knowing it is important. When you are called sex addict with manstrubation is doing it inappropriate times or continuing it to discomfort or pain.

7. Abnormal behavior

Abnormal behaviorSex is a biological need and natural. But knowing that sex can lead risky consequence but still having desire is an abonoral behavior. In simple words, it is one of the sign for sex addiction. For exmaple, people who are sex addicts involve in exhibitionism, sex in public, sex without protection, sex with sex workers. So, these sexual activities and behavior have their own risk in the near future as a few are illegal, inappropriate at the moment or may develop sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). These are the familiar risks that come with being a sex addict but people continue to do. Hence, it is an undeniable sign.

8. Cheating partners

Cheating partnersPeople with sex addiction may feel the urge to have new sex partner inspite of being a relationship with another person. This kind of urge is referred to cheating on partners or even having an extramarital affair. There is a possibility of going for one night stands or doing it repeatedly hiding from their partner. Such history or a new behavior can be a sign of sexual addiction.

9. They rely on sex for relaxation

They rely on sex for relaxationYou have several activities for relaxation and to burst that stress at the moment. But then sex addicts rely on sex for relaxation. If you have caught yourself doing this then it can be sign of being a sex addict.

People with sex addiction may feel relaxed with sexual thoughts, sex with a partner, mannstrubation or watching pornography. If you are not controlling this sign after awareness then it may lead to risky consequences. You need to control it a bit by bit by depending on other normal activities. It is not that sex for relaxation is a worse sign or impossible to get rid of it. You need to find ways to relieve it and it is doable.

10. Need privacy all the time

Need privacy all the time

Seeking privacy is never an abnormality. It actually depends on the person’s nature and if you want self time or want to isolate then it is clearly natural. But withdrawing from social interactions just to spend time on sex is a defintiely a red flag. This can be interrelated to spending too much of time on sex but still a different sign to identify the if you are a sex addict.

How Sex Addiction Impacts Quality of Life?

There are different ways that impact the quality of life with sex addiction. It can be severe as it leaves with the unwanted or unexpected effects on life and living standards of a person. The extremely common effects of sex addiction are-

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Interference in personal relationships
  • Lack of social and family engagement
  • Low or no concentration at work
  • Emotional distress- anxiety and depression
  • Substance abuse and criminal offenses

What leads people to sex addiction?

There are various risk factors that may lead to sex addiction. The most common factors that make a person to be a sex addict could be due to biological, physiological or social reasons. Any of the factors can drive a person to sex addiction to any extent. Here are some of the common reasons of being a sex addict if you are looking for deeper awareness on it-

1. Biological reasons

One of the reasons of being sex addict could be genes. It is nature with genetics and people behave emotionally abnormal, impulsive or show off the sensation seeking interest. These people may have common traits liked anxiety, depression which is linked to sex addiction. Another biological reason of sex addiction is imbalanced or flutuating hormones like testosterone and estrogen which can affect the libido. When someone is having high levels of hormones, they might be engaged in sex addiction signs like excessively watching pornography, manstrubation and it may also lead to worsening or risky behaiours.

2. Psychological reasons

When it comes physcology based reasons for being a sex addict then could be based on environmental infulences. The environmental risk factors at childhood or teenage can lead them to such kind of condition. Possibly children or teengers who are involved in sexual abuse or over exposure towards sexual content can be the factors that are leading them to sex addiction. Over time their behavior exposes them to be sexually addicted.

Detoriating mental is another familiar cause for sex addiction. The factors like depression, anxiety, loss of self control might be the issues that people suffer besides being a sexual addict. It is noticed in some cases that people with bipolar disorder commonly exhibit risky sexual behavior.

3. Social reasons

The people who are rejected in relationships or social groups may lead to sexual gratification which is an unhealthy way. Another risk factor is people going towards toxic ways. Another impact for sex addiction can come from social learning. It refers to influence by others showing or performing an activity or watching porn along with a group. Having a group of friends or a friend may include the person in sexual activities.

What are best treatments for Sex Addiction?

What are best treatments for Sex AddictionSex addiction can be changed with treatment. (R) Seeking medical help from professionals like a psychologist, psychiatrist or a sex therapist. But the treatment can differ from a person to person depending on the stages of addiction. If sexual addiction is accompanied with the issues like anxiety disorder, depression then treatment includes medications.

The available treatments for sexual addiction are therapy by a mental health professional which is one on one and there is a group therapy as well. The professionals may treat the person with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , psychodynamic therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Other treatments are from support groups and couple counselling.

Seek the right help: When you realize that you have sex addiction then you will have to talk to your family doctor. You can approach the trustable organisations for support before it leads to something worse. If you or a your dear one is struggling to over come sex addiction then you are not alone as these organisations are open to help you.

  • SASH.net (R)
  • Sex and love addicts anonymous (R)
  • The Sexual Recovery Institute (R)

Bottomline: Don’t get into a guilt trip realizing that you are a sex addict. You can encounter it bringing your senses back on the right path which is possible by realization following with treatment. The above information is to get a better awareness on your behavioral changes, feelings and activities. If you are noticing these signs in yourself or someone around you then you must look for professional help rather than getting carried away with it. We conclude saying that sex addiction is a critical issue that can impact the lives negatively but yet treatable with appropriate counseling sessions, treatments.