15 Reasons Why Women Strive For Orgasm Dysfunction?

15 Reasons Why Women Strive For Orgasm-Orgasmic Dysfunction

If you are woman worried about your sex life then orgasm could possibly be one of the reasons. Have you ever thought what is the reason for not reaching orgasm? You must be assuming it is a known thing and just ignore. But someday it will turn out to be a bigger concern. You may think it is one cause whereas it can be another cause for experiencing the pleasure in bed.

Also sometimes, we think the extreme ends like orgasm dysfunction or something health issue for not reaching the orgasm. So, its all important to know the common reasons for women striving for orgasm.

You have common reasons that make women not have an orgasm and few are not so common reasons. Know the reason and causes related to it. Then you will be able to detect the roots of the problem. You must also have a check on the symptoms to get the timely treatment.

What is Orgasmic Dysfunction? Why Can’t I orgasm?

Orgasmic dysfunction is an inability of not reaching orgasm. People experience this condition during sex intercourse or sexually aroused and don’t reach the orgasm. It occurs both in men and women but more common in women and less in men.

Orgasm is not a definite feeling that lasts for particular time or intensity. It depends on various factors that makes an orgasm high or low intensity and duration. There is a technical term given to orgasm dysfunction and it is “anorgasmia” or also know as female orgasmic disorder.

Possible Reasons That Make Orgasm Difficult for Women

1. Over consumption of alcohol consumption

Over consumption of alcohol consumption

The studies (R) say alcohol consumption can impact female sexuality which can result in sexual dysfunction or lack of orgasm. If you have read or heard that alcohol can improve your sex drive then understand its just a myth as there is not correlation and any evidence supporting it.

The women are lacking orgasm must check their amount of alcohol intake and limit it to improve their sex life.

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2. Relationship issues

Relationship issuesThe women who are facing relationship problems may suffer having an orgasm. You might have communication problems or poor bond with your partner. If you are not expressive about what you are facing then it continues. Talking to your partner about it can solve the problem.

You must let your partner help you, make you feel comfortable. You need trust, faith and feel secure to feel the pleasure of sex which help you giving an effortless orgasm.

3. Mental stress and depression

Mental stress and depressionIf you are lost in your thoughts as trapped in depression or stress then it makes orgasm difficult for you. Women might not indulge in intimacy due to which they don’t reach the climax.

Low sexual desire is associated with depression and it leads to fear than pleasure. It is clearly said that poor mental health is a risk factor for female sexual dysfunction.(R)

You must meet your gynaecologist and take the prescribed medicines or attend the counselling as it can help you.

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4. Fear of intimacy due to previous experiences

Fear of intimacy due to previous experiencesIt is difficult to have an orgasm for the women with fear of intimacy. The fear of sex could be due to past experiences and childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Women may also lack their sense of their bodies ownership due to sexual abuse. These women tend to limit their awareness of sexual response due to the fear.

Specifically, it is found in women with CSA as they experienced higher level of distress when compared to women without CSA. These women probably need sex education, awareness and therapy.

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5. Medical conditions

Medical conditionsThe specific health condition like multiple sclerosis can reduce the ability to orgasm.

Multiple sclerosis leads to communication problems between the brain and others parts of body. This affects the sexuality of both men and women.(R)

6. History of gynaecological surgery

History of gynaecolgical surgeryGynaecological surgery like hysterectomy can impact your sexuality. It doesn’t impair the sexual function but your sexual response can be different post the surgery. It is not the same for all females who have undergone the surgery as it depends on the organs and nerves it affected. But it can be one of the reasons for not having an orgasm.

It doesn’t mean that the surgery will make it difficult for you to have orgasm but the sense of feeling the pleasure and the approach may change. It will take time for recovery after hysterectomy as it is an intense surgery.

7. Hormonal problems

Hormonal problemsEstrogen and progesterone along with male hormone testosterone are significant for sexual desire in women.As the hormones fluctuate women feel the arousal more before the menstrual cycle. When these hormones are low, probably due to menopause then it leads to orgasm dysfunction. The hormonal imbalance, fluctuations can be a common reason for women not reaching orgasm.

8. Due to some medication

Due to some medicationPoor orgasms or no orgasms can be due to certain medications. Although all medications don’t affect your sexual activity but a few actually does. The medicines that you are taking for high blood pressure, birth control pills can stop you from having orgasm during sex. The medicines like antidepressants are another cause too.

If you are noticing the change in your sexual activity after medication then check with your doctor to treat it.

9. Insufficient lubrication

Insufficient lubrication

The women who are facing orgasm problems during sex must check if its because of vaginal dryness. Insufficient lubrication is seen as an obstacle for female orgasm. Dryness in the area can make it painful and very uncomfortable sex.

Other problem with vaginal dryness is it prevents from proper stimulation that would give you an orgasm. You can use a lubricant to improve stimulation and good penetration to reach orgasm effortlessly.(R)

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10. Painful sexual intercourse

Painful sexual intercoursePainful or uncomfortable sex are the common reasons for women not having orgasm. The conditions vulvodynia and vaginismus are also responsible for the pain during sex. It could be due to psychological disorder that causes these problems.

If you are feeling the pain or discomfort during sex or masturbation then you must meet a gynaecologist. Unless it is treated, you continue to fail orgasm every time you have sexual intercourse.

11. Low oxytocin levels

Low oxytocin levels

Oxytocin is the love hormone that releases during a intimacy. It is closely linked to having orgasms. Possibly it is produced by the brain when you are attached to your partner. And when your body isn’t producing good amount of this hormone, it causes poor orgasms and no orgasms.(R)

The reason for low level of oxytocin can be stress, communication gap with your partner as well. To increases the levels of oxytocin, you must spend time with your partner and work on your relationship.

12. Lack of hydration

Lack of hydrationAre you not drinking enough of water? Then that can be one of the reasons for not having an orgasm. Lack of hydration causes fatigue, constipation which are the problems that make sex an unpleasant experience for you.

Only with proper hydration, the arousal tissue engages into the connective system system that eventually leads you to have an intense orgasm. This is one of the important mechanism for sexual pleasure. Hence, keep sipping water and healthy fluids through the day(R)(R).

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13. Urge too pee during sex

Urge too pee during sexWhen you start the intercourse with full bladder, then it causes urge to pee half the way itself. Urinating before sex is to prevent urinary tract infection but doing it prior is good too.It don’t interrupt your pleasure in the bed.

See that your body is well hydrated but don’t drink excess water of fluids as it can give you a nature call. If you are facing this problem often during sex then consult a doctor to treat it. If it is a known cause like too much of water intake or full bladder then follow the simple tips.

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14. Lack of concentration

Lack of concentrationThere are the psychological problems that can stop women from reaching the climax. One the causes that found is lack of concentration during the intercourse due to low libido.When you are not totally indulged it leads no where but dissatisfaction when you are making love.

Though orgasm is a temporary pleasure, it is important to have the satisfaction in the bed. If you were wondering, why you couldn’t have a orgasm during the last sexual intercourse then this could be a reason. It is fine to not get along with your partner’s sexual desire sometimes. So, you get the clarity here that not having orgasm is normal when you lack interest or concentration at the moment.

15. Sitting in your chair all the day

Sitting in your chair all the dayYou are extremely dedicated to finish your assignments and reach the targets within the deadline. But did you realize that its affecting your sex life. Sitting in the place throughout the day means there is lack of movement in your body which also affects your pelvic region. This affect increases the risk of “no orgasm”.

What are Causes of Orgasm Dysfunction?

Orgasm dysfunction is not always a risk factor of unhappy sexual life. We mentioned previously that it is just a temporary pleasure but important too. All the causes of this condition are not critical but a few need medical check up to overcome it.

  • Aging
  • Medical conditions- Heart disease, Diabetes
  • Physical disorders- Vaginal dryness, pain
  • Psychological problems-Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Relationship issues- Boredom in relationship, conflicts
  • Hesitation, shyness or no interest

How to Diagnose Orgasm Dysfunction?

When you notice that you are affected with orgasm dysfunction in any way or any time, don’t ignore it or worry about it. Diagnosing the condition must start from knowing the reason and approach your doctor if it is unchanged.

  • Get help from your your doctor
  • Schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist
  • Review your previous sexual experiences
  • Know your medical conditions
  • You may have to undergo a physical examination

What are symptoms of Orgasm Dysfunction?

Orgasm don’t feel or sound the same every time or everyone. It is different from orgasm to orgasm and depends on the individual how they react to the sexual satisfaction. Likely, the symptoms are also various for orgasm dysfunction-

1) Primary anorgasmia- Never had orgasm before

2) Secondary anorgasmia- Had orgasm previously but facing difficulty in present

3) Situational anorgasmia- Only experiencing orgasm under specific situations like oral sex or masturbation

4) Genral anorgasmia- Presently not able to have orgasm in any situation or any partner

How to Treat it?

You should be consulting your doctor to treat orgasm dysfunction. They will check if you have any physical disorders or health conditions that are causing the condition. The problems in pelvic region can be treated with regular exercise as it strengthens the muscles and help you have orgasms. Undergoing the therapies from medical experts can help you overcome the problem. It is a common condition that is treatable most of the times.


You must be knowing that the reasons for a woman not having orgasm are different. The possible dimensions for inability of orgasm can be physical, psychological, relationship based and situational. You must try to get awareness by Knowing the reasons of orgasm dysfunctions. Then should follow by treating it or sorting it out with your partner’s help to remove the obstacle of orgasms. Do it before you get tired of faking orgasms for your partner’s satisfaction.