12 Causes for Frequent Urination And Treatment For It

12 Causes for Frequent Urination And Treatment For It

The often visits to the toilet might not be frequent urination every time. If could also be due to the excess fluid intake. If you haven’t consumed excess water but still frequently urinating then it must be a concern. To say if it is an abnormal health condition or not, you must know the cause of it.

Urination is a process that is carried by the body’s drainage system. It is also called as urinary tract that includes kidneys, the bladder, the connecting tissues of the bladder and duct come under urinary tract. Duct of the urinary tract is through which urine flows from the bladder. These parts of urinary tract are important to know while understanding causes of frequent urination.

An infection, medication or the health conditions can be a cause of frequent urination. And sometimes, it is an early or later symptom of few diseases and health complications. We are here discussing the causes and the behavioral treatment for frequent urination.

How many times urination a day is normal?

Normally,bladder can store urine until it urges to pee. It is fine to pee 4-8 times a day and the urge of going to the toilet more than this can be either over fluid consumption or frequent urination (if not drinking too much).

Causes of Frequent Urination

Causes of Frequent Urination

We have previously mentioned that there are various causes for frequent urination. A few causes are not serious like drinking too much of water or other fluids. And few common causes can be health concerns. Here are the possible factors that cause frequent urination-

1. Diabetes

If your urination frequency is increased then it could due to diabetes.(R) The excess glucose in the body comes out in the form of urine . Not only excess urination but you might also feel more excessive thirst as the signs of diabetes. It is caused by both diabetes 1 and diabetes 2.

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2. Pregnancy

Uterus grows during pregnancy which applies pressure on the bladder and makes an urge to pee frequently. Hence, this can be an early symptom of pregnancy.

3. Prostate problems

When the prostate gland is enlarged it applies pressure on the tube which outlets urine out of the body (urethra). Generally, bladder contracts when there it stores higher amount of urine. But then due to the pressure of prostate glands, it contracts even when the urine stores less amount of urine. This condition makes you urge to urinate more frequently compared to the normal.

4. Interstitial cystitis

The condition is also called as painful bladder syndrome. As the name say, it comes with bladder and pelvic region. And this is an cause but seen with the symptom of frequent urination.

5. Diuretic use

The medication that is given for high blood pressure can also cause frequent urination. The fluid buildup in the kidneys can become excess which comes through urine.

6. Neurological disease

Damage to the nerves that are connected to bladder can cause frequent urination. It changes that way you bladder functions and creates an urge to pee suddenly or frequently. The damage of never can affect both urethra or bladder.

7. Anxiety disorder

Your body reacts in different ways when anxiety is triggered. When you feel the stress or danger, your body indicates the need to pee. It is not out of the urge of full bladder but just due to the anxiety or stress. The study (R) says anxiety causes overactive bladder.

8. Bladder stones

The stones in bladder can cause frequent urination when they move close to the urinary tract. If you are experiencing pain, blood in urine along with urge to pee again and again then it could be bladder stones.

9. Urethral stricture

Urethral stricture is narrowing the urethra which leaves the bladder incomplete. And then it causes frequent urination as it restricts urine flow. This condition causes many complication related to urinary tract as it doesn’t clear the bladder timely. This condition is more common in men than in woman.

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10. Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a vaginal inflammation that causes excess discharge along with pain, itching and frequent urination in some cases. This is a common problem for women due to various reason s like stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, lower immunity.

11. Urinary incontinence

When the bladder loses it control of storing urine then it results in frequent urination. Due to the loss of bladder control, urine leaks while sneezing, coughing, exercising. Whenever there is a pressure on bladder, it leaks. It might leave your bladder incomplete that causes frequent urination. One or more mentioned conditions can be the cause for frequent urination.

12. Urinary tract infections

Infection in urinary tract don’t come with symptoms in all the cases. In some cases, it shows the symptoms that burning sensation during urinating, passing small amount of urine each time, urge to pass urine frequently,pelvic pain and change in urine color. If you are seeing all these signs then it could be urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection can affect both urethra or bladder. Infection in bladder is technically known as cystitis. Bacteria in the tract is the culprit for this type of infection. Coming to urethra infection it is technically termed as urethritis. It is caused due to the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia.

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Treatment for Frequent Urination

Treatment for Frequent Urination

Treatment for frequent urination depends on the cause of it. If frequent urination is caused due to overactive bladder then you must go for behavioral therapies. The therapies include exercising, diet habits and few others. These changes and care helps you get rid of frequent urination naturally.

If you are seeing frequent urination as a symptom some other health problem then you must consult the doctor for treatment.

a. Bladder retraining

Bladder training is a 12 week course where you train your bladder to store urine for longer time. After bladder training, it makes difference of frequent urination. (R)The effect of this training lasts for 2-3 months.

b. Change the diet habits

An ultimate diet change is to consume high fiber foods. You are asked to add fiber foods to your diet to prevent constipation as it can worsen the condition of overactive bladder. And make sure avoiding the foods that are irritant to your bladder. Mostly, the bladder irritants are alcohol, caffeine, cool drinks, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, products made from tomatoes.

c. Kegel exercise

Exercising can improve the bladder and urethra functioning. Kegel exercise strengthen the muscles of urinary tract. It helps in bladder control and decreases the urination frequency. You can also practice the exercises which target the pelvic floor muscles for bladder control. (R)

d. Mindful fluid intake

If excess fluid intake is the main cause for frequent urination then you must be mindful about it. Also try not to drink water or fluids close to your bedtime as it causes night frequent urination.

Bottom Line,

Being informed about the causes of frequent urination must come prior to treatment. Sometimes, urge to pee is an indication of a health issue and sometimes. But don’t panic as it can also be a normal condition as we mentioned above. If you are suffering with pain, burning then you must consult your doctor. And when you see blood in urine, don’t ignore it. These extreme conditions need a medical checkup and be treated immediately to avoid any further health complications.