12 Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis That Help You Treat It Earlier

12 Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis That Help You Treat It Earlier

You may or may not be familiar with trichomonas vaginalis as it is familiarly called trich. It is a very common disease that is transmitted through sexual intercoruse in both men and women. This condition needs medical attention to cure and prevent the worsening symptoms. But how do you detect it? Are there early symptoms that you can keep watch on? Yes, you have the Symptoms of trichomoniasis.

You are going to get a brief information on what exactly the disease is, the causes of it, risk factors and ways to diagnose it. Most of the medical treatments for diseases start with the identification of symptoms. Hence, we have given importance to elaborate the symptoms of trichomonas vaganlis.

These symptoms also help you be careful when you must be sexually active and when it is unsafe. This awareness is needed for both men and women. So, keep reading further to not miss the valuable details and the symptoms of trichomonas vaginalis.

What is Trichomonas Vaginalis?

Trichomoniasis is a disease caused by a powerful parasite called trichomonas vaginalis. This is a condition that is treatable with medication. If a person is not undergoing the treatment then it leads to complications like affecting pregnancy and most importantly it heightens the risk of HIV.(R) But sadly, only 30% of people have symptoms according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Trich can be transmitted easily from a person to person during sex and it could be anal, oral, vaginal sex or even touching the genitals. It affects both men and women differently. For women, it affects the lower genetial tract and men it affects the urethra tube from where urine passes.

If you see trichomoniasis affects widely in the United States and it is the most common sexually transmitted disease.

What Are The Causes For Trichomonas Vaginalis?

As trichomoniasis is a very common STI, we are coming with awareness attempts about the very cause behind. The culprit for this condition is a single celled protozoan organism called trichomonias vaginalis.

Once a person is affected with this infection it can be transmitted to the other person through sexual intercourse without a condom or any safety measure.

We clear that this infection cannot be transmitted through physical contact like hugging, kissing,sharing food, using the toilet. Also it is not caused by sexual contact without genitals involvement. But then it can traveled through the shared sex toys.

Top 15 Symptoms for Trichomoniasis That You Must Examine

Generally, symptoms are less seen for trichomoniasis but you still have to consider a few signs if you are suspecting the sexually transmitted infection. As per the expert sources, it is believed that the symptoms of the infection are seen post exposure of 5-28 days. It is not that symptoms are sure to appear between this time period as there have been cases with symptoms at even later stages or no symptoms at all.

You may not know the infection as symptoms are not clearly seen or you may mislead yourself thinking that it is yeast infection or urinary tract infection (UTI) However, the symptoms are differently experienced when it comes to the genders. Here we are including the minor symptoms, severe symptoms that can be experienced at later stages in both male and females.

These are the common symptoms in females for trichomoniasis

The symptoms are likely seen in women compared to men. Thus, it is easy to identify if a female is infected with trichomoniasis-

1.Foul smelling vaginal discharge

Foul smelling vaginal discharge

Smelling vaginal discharge is normal but what’s not normal is the strong foul odor that accompanies itchiness and unusual discharge when compared to the normal kind. The color of discharge would be gray, yellow or green. When you notice it, you will have to see a doctor as it is one of the possible symptoms for trichomoniasis.

2. Vaginal discharge with blood

Vaginal discharge with bloodVaginal discharge with blood is common while you are nearing the menstrual cycle or at the end of the cycle. And this is called spotting. But you women may see this happening even after sex which can be a sign of trichomoniasis.

3. Irritation in genitals

Irritation in genitalsIf you have any irritation or itchiness that leads to redness then it could be a symptom of vaginal infection. It can also be a sign that you are affected with trichomoniasis.

However, either ways you must not delay consulting a specialist to treat the constant itching as certain infections can lead to complications. Symptoms at an early stage can be cured.

4. Pain during sex

Pain during sexVarious conditions causes pain during sex and trichomoniasis is one of them. If a woman suspects of this infection then she must check this symptom.

5. Swelling in groin

Swelling in groinIf you can feel there is swelling in the groin that continues to stay then it might be a clear symptom of trichomoniasis. It is due to inflammation in vagina that is caused by the culprit organism trichomonas vaginalis.

6. Frequent urination

Frequent urinationFrequent urination is a symptom for multiple infections and diseases or due to over fluid intake. But not to ignore the persistent condition as it can worsen if there is any infection. Females who are affected with trich may suffer with discomfort urination which means pain or burning sensation.

7. Rare abdominal pain

Rare abdominal painAbdominal pain is a rare symptom of trichomoniasis. If you are suffering with it severely and continuously when you are sexually active then consult a gynecologist for appropriate treatment.

These Are The Common Symptoms In Males For Trichomoniasis

Men are occasionally to see the symptoms or completely be asymptomatic to the infection. (R)The follow are the symptoms that for trich in men-

8. Discharge from urethra or penis

Discharge from urethra or penisWe mentioned that trich usually don’t show the symptoms in men. If you have noticed the discharge from your penis or urethra is in white, yellow or greenish colors then it is a clear sign of the infection. The consistency may be watery or milky.

9. Itchiness in the penis

Itchiness in the penis

Itchiness in penis is common for men which may not be STI every time. If it is accompanied with unusual discharge then you should not delay the medical check up as it can be an indication for trich infection in men.

10. Burning sensations

Burning sensationsThis is a sign of increased inflammation due to the infection. If you are feeling any discomfort around your genitals then it could be a symptom for trichomoniasis.

11. Frequent urge to urinate

Frequent urge to urinateFrequent urination in men is another symptom of trichomoniasis. It is more than common to have over urination even during normal health conditions. But it also can be a symptom that needs you attention if not cured by itself.

12. Pain while urinating

Pain while urinatingNot frequent urination but also the infection causes pain while urinating. This is a symptom for not only trichomoniasis but other sexually transmitted infections as well. If the pain is not cured by itself then you must consult a doctor immediately for treatment and relief from the symptoms.

Prevention of Trichomoniasis Infection

It may seem like you are normal and completely fine while already infected with trich. Hence, knowing if you are affected with the infection can be tricky for you. So, we suggest you be careful and try reducing the risk of infection with the practicable preventional ways-

1) Use condoms

Having sex is not a problem but not using the protection is. So, prefer using condoms before penis comes in contact with vagina, mouth or anus to prevent SIT. (R) Also know that a man doesn’t have to ejaculate to transmit infection or get it from the partner.

2) Go for a check up

You and your partner must go for the medical tests before sex. You need to communicate with each other about the results and practice the preventional methods with mutual understanding.

3) Be a monogamous

Monogamous is having sex with one person only as it reduces the risk of STI which includes trichomomiasis. But studies (R) say that using condoms with even multiple sex partner during an intercoures is a likelihood of STI.

4) Avoid douching

Douching can eliminate healthy bacteria in the vagina which increases the risk of STI or worsens it.

5) Avoid drug and alcohol abuse

Over consumption of alcohol and doing drugs can maximize the chances of sexual assault which leads to STIs.

How is Trichomonas Vaginalis diagnosed?

The very first thing is trich is common but is also highly curable. You must practice the preventional methods, take measures to save your health. It is good to know the diagnose ways of trichomoniasis. If you have acquired a trich infection then you must undergo the physical exam and laboratory tests. Doctor may ask you to undergo these tests for accurate detection of the infection-

  • Go for a pelvic exam
  • Do a lab test
  • Take a vaginal fluid sample or penile discharge under a microscope

You must know the severity of the infection. We have previously mentioned that trichomoniasis increases the chances of HIV if it is untreated. Watch the early symptoms, try to prevent it and consult your doctor if there are any signs. These measures can keep away from the infection and have a healthy intimacy. And antibiotics are the treatment to cure trichomoniasis which must be taken by you and your sex partner to prevent further infection.