10 Foster Health reasons To Go vegetarian – Everything You Must Know About Diet

10 Foster Health Reasons You Must Know About Vegetarian Diet

Do you have any forethought to become a vegetarian? If yes, your decision will do good for your health. Mostly people go vegetarian with different beliefs and perceptions which are based on religious convictions, cruelty free eating habits and environmental welfare. Be it any reason, it is combined with Health reasons to go vegetarian.

Vegetarian diet can help you with obesity and prevent certain types of cancers. This is not vaguely said but the science backed facts health reason for being a vegetarian. Some people feel encouraged with these facts and start following it.

We must admit that different methods and traditions of food have different benefits on health. If you are anyway concerned about your particular health condition check if vegetarian diet can set it right. Know all the possible health reasons for going vegetarian.

What is Vegetarian?

Vegan and vegetarian diets are completely the different concepts. If you are on a vegan diet then you don’t eat any animal based foods including dairy products, honey, eggs and any type of meat. Vegetarians eat animal based products but not animal meat.

Types of Vegetarians

Yes, we again have types of vegetarian eaters which are classified on the foods they include and exclude in their routine diet. These are the different types of vegetarians-

  1. Lacto ovo vegetarian- People of this category eat both eggs and dairy products
  2. Lacto vegetarian- Lacto vegetarians eat dairy products but not eggs
  3. Ovo Vegetarian- They eat eggs but not dairy products

What Are Health Reasons Going Vegetarian?

Besides the type of vegetarians and the beliefs, you must consider the health benefits of the diet. Many give weightage for vegetarian diet for these health reasons that are listed below-

1. Weight loss

Weight loss

There are multiple factors that fluctuate weight. However, health and several nutritionists believe that vegetarian helps maintain a healthy weight. It is because plant based foods are easy to digest over the animals products. In link with this, a veg diet can improve metabolism and helps in burning fat faster in contrast with non vegetarian diet.

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2. Improves heart health

Improves heart healthMany studies show that vegetarians are at lower risk of heart disease. Approximately, one third of people could prevent the threatening heat problems. However, again foods that you include in your diet play an important role at the end. The vegetarian foods to eat for healthy heart are legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

The basic reason behind vegetarian food for a healthy heart is the intake of soluble fiber as it keeps the sugar levels moderate. Eventually, it also reduces the cholesterol levels which can again protect your heart.

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3. Minimizes asthma

Minimizes asthmaAsthma is a condition that makes you dependent on medicines and regular treatment. Surprisingly, eating vegetarian foods can help reduce the symptoms of asthma says a study. It is an old study which specified that vegan food is likely to relieve the asthma patients from the severity without depending on the medicines.

How animal based food causes asthma? It could be due to inflammation and allergy from animal based foods. You must try going vegetarian to see the difference for your health and well being.

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4. Protects from cancer

Protects from cancerThough preventing cancer isn’t a major benefit of going vegetarian still you can consider it. There are minor chances of lowering the danger of cancer with a vegetarian diet. A study (R) found the statistical difference of lowering the cancer between vegetarians and non vegetarians. The results say that overall cancer risk is lower in vegetarians compared to meat eaters.

Maybe eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the benefit of preventing cancer. If you want to stay away from cancer disease then consume more fruits and veggies including green leaf curries that are enriched with several antioxidants.

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5. Lowers blood pressure

Lowers blood pressure

What raises the blood pressure high? There are various risk factors for high blood pressure which includes lifestyle, stress, food habits and other health conditions. However, you must be mindful of your diet if you are vulnerable to high blood pressure.

You must stick to eating plant based foods like green leafy vegetables, veggies, fruits, nuts and legumes. It is strongly believed that these foods contain less sodium, fats and cholesterol compared to animal based foods like meat, dairy.

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6. Prevents type 2 diabetes

Prevents type 2 diabetes

Eating vegetarian food can reduce and prevent type 2 diabete and the related health problems. The idea is to consume the low glycemic foods that maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. You must add the healthy vegetarian foods like whole grains, nuts and legumes to your routine diet. Fruits and vegetables can make your diet healthier and protect you from diabetes.

Experts say that vegetarian diets are proven to have therapeutic and preventative effects on diabetes.(R) If you want to control diabetes significantly then prefer vegetarian food over non vegetarian.

7. Promotes bone health

Promotes bone healthOsteoporosis is a common condition that reduces bone quality. It weakens bones and causes pain, soreness. But it is found that a vegetarian diet may reduce osteoporosis as the plant based foods contain higher amounts of calcium. Whereas animal based products drain out the calcium from the body and result in osteoporosis and bone loss.

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8. Longer life span

Longer life spanAdopting vegetarian diet can increase the lifespan in contrast with nonvegetarian diet. It could be due to the fewer toxins that you intake through plant based foods. Eating fruits and vegetables prevents chemical buildup in the body and prevents health hazards which lead to death or deteriorating health conditions.

A review of 6 studies found that low consumption of meat foods increases longevity of life and decreases the risk of death. (R)

9. Healthy skin

Healthy skinSkin health needs a greater amount of antioxidants that come from diet. Plant based foods like nuts, seeds combined with fruits and vegetables in the diet can contribute antioxidants. It also gives the vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin. These foods also content water that keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. And nutritious food is the key to keep skin infections and allergies as it builds skin’s immunity.

10. Lesser risk of depression

Lesser risk of depressionOrganic and natural produce has the freshness that makes the mind clearer. It is widely believed that vegetarian foods showed the lesser risk of depression on the contrary of meat eating. Studies (R) found that vegetarian foods are associated with improving mood and healthy mental status while omnivorous diets are linked to impaired mood. Hence, this could be the best health reason to go vegetarian for many.

We have several types of diets with their own health benefits. Many people mistrust vegetarian diets but there are proven health reasons to go vegetarian. It is also to remember that a veg diet alone cannot contribute all these benefits. You must be mindful while choosing the foods and a good amount of good foods can only encourage healthy living and well being.