How To Prolong Foreplay? 12 Tips And Tricks To Spice Things Up

How to prolong foreplay

When it comes to sexual intimacy, the excitement is all about the anticipation. Once you are in the main act, there’s hardly any thrill left. This is the reason why it is important to find ways on how to prolong foreplay because at the end of the day, that is what that makes all the difference in your sex life.

The lack of knowledge about the varying foreplay techniques can often make your sex life boring but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to try new things out for yourself and your partner. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, it is important to know about the foreplay and the importance of it.

In here, we are going to walk you through some of the easy yet effective foreplay techniques that can make you feel sated even before the main game.

Why Is Foreplay Important?

Why Is Foreplay Important

Before we do delve into the different types of foreplay tips and tricks for you to try out in your own bedroom, it is important that we tell you about the importance of foreplay and why it is necessary to indulge in it before you actually have sex with your partner.

In order to make you know this better, we are going to list out some of the top reasons behind the same.

It’s sometimes even more pleasurable

If you are someone who is just starting out to explore the pleasure and the beauty behind the sex, you will be astonished to know that sometimes the prospect of foreplay is even more pleasurable than the actual sex.

It has been found that it doesn’t take much effort on your part to keep the foreplay going but you can pleasure yourself and your partner well with a prolonged foreplay. This is often more pleasurable because you actually take the time to play around in the bedroom and explore new things about each other that you didn’t know before.

Better stimulation

Often times, foreplay is an amazing way to stimulate yourself from within to feel the pleasure seeping in. What this does is not just excite you for the main game but also keeps you on the edge which results in an even better and harder orgasm when you actually indulge in sex with your partner.

Experts suggest that a good foreplay does have the capability of stimulating the body for a very pleasurable climax that you had no idea about. So, if you want to experience more pleasure during having sex, make sure that you add in some foreplay techniques in the beginning.

Increases the physical and emotional intimacy

Indulging in indepth foreplay is actually amazing for the partners who are just crossing their first base and becoming sexually active with each other. You wouldn’t realize this but if you play the cards right with the ways to foreplay, it is likely to enhance both the physical and the emotional intimacy between the partners.

This helps you know what your partner likes and what their weakness is in bed which further helps you pleasure them better.

Helps reach orgasm

There is a reason why experts suggest that the importance of foreplay is more for women than men. It is not unknown that women can last longer when it comes to sex, so, if you have been planning on indulging in a hyped up night in the bedroom, foreplay can actually help a woman reach their orgasm with their partner’s help.

If you want your woman to be pleasured and reach their climax hard, it is important to indulge in a good amount of foreplay.


Check Out These Effective Ways To Prolong Foreplay.

Foreplay Ideas For Both Men And Women

Foreplay Ideas For Both Men And Women

When it comes to foreplay for men and women, there are a number of ways in which one can do so. It goes without saying that you can’t directly jump into sex without easing yourself in the process. Not only is it painful for the woman but it also snatches away the thrill and excitement that could have otherwise been there.

To help you with some of the best foreplay techniques, we are going to suggest some of the best ways.

1. Start With A Striptease

Start With A Striptease

One of the best and the OG ways to foreplay is to indulge in a slow and sensuous striptease. This is actually one of the best ways to excite your partner and imbibe in that feeling of want and lust in them when they see you drop your clothing one by one but can’t reach out and touch you in the meantime.

If you want to make a show out of this, just ensure that you don’t rush through the process, and alternatively, indulge in taking things slow and steady through the process. This itself is more than enough to keep your man on their toes, excited and enthusiastic.

2. Skip out on pornographic movies

Skip out on pornographic movies

Many people have this notion that their research should limit only to pornographic movies when they are trying to find ways on how to prolong foreplay.

You will be shocked to know that pornographic movies are exaggeration of what happens in real life. None of it is always the truth, in most cases, which is why you need a reality check in this prospect. If you want to turn things up by a notch in the bedroom, read through blogs and articles.

If possible, ask your friends who have an active sexual life about tips and tricks instead of relying your research on just the adult movies because half of them are made up and a solid exaggeration altogether.

3. Add in some music

Add in some musicMusic is a very quintessential part of your foreplay. You will be surprised to know but adding in some music with different types of foreplay can change the complete aura around the room. If you like indulging in music from time to time, you are definitely going to love some soft music added in the background while you are indulging in foreplay.

It is important to always keep things slow and sensuous that will help you get in the mood better.

4. Sext

SextNot many realize this but foreplay isn’t just what you do in the bedroom. Any form of teasing before the act of sex is what can be considered as foreplay. Suppose your hormones are out of whack during the day and you want to keep your partner on their toes as well, the best way to initiate foreplay is via texting them everything you would actually love to do if you were in person.

This will not just help you get your thoughts out but also lets you keep your partner on their toes to binge in an even more excited aura when you finally go and meet them in person at the night. Sexting can be a very important part of the foreplay, and can help tease your partner into it.

5. Include Some sex toys

Include some sex toys

Sex toys are an amazing way to explore your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. You wouldn’t technically realize this but sex toys are actually amazing when it comes to the ways to foreplay. They are quite effective in prolonging your pregame and helps you climax a lot better.

Make sure that you sort out the advances and know about the sex toys around. It is important to be safe while using the sex toys which is why complete knowledge of the same is quite important as well.

Men have suggested that they find it quite hot when they find their partner in the bedroom already using the sex toys to pleasure themselves.

6. Use Food as a Part of It

use food as a part of itFood is an amazing thing that one can add into their foreplay game. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom in terms of foreplay, start the advances from the dinner time itself. It might not necessarily be something obscene but even just how you play with your fingers with the food can get you and your partner all hot and bothered.

It is important that you make it evident that you are trying to seduce your partner. Keep the advances sexy and languid and the rest will fall into place casually.

7. Footsie


Footsie can be very enticing and sensuous if you want to spice things up in your bedroom. If you have been hot and bothered all throughout, the best way to project that to your boyfriend is by indulging in some footsie under the table.

It is important that you don’t end up playing with someone else’s feet under the table while staring right into the eyes of your partner because that will be hell awkward.

8. Have a Conversation

Have a conversationIt is not mandatory for you to know every last detail about your partner and if you want to change that for good, it is important to ensure that you talk it out with your partner to get to know their likes and fantasies better.

Getting the best foreplay ideas for both men and women can be drawn in when you actually converse with your partner about what it is that they like and don’t like. There could be a number of things that you do that excites your partner. It is your job to know exactly what it is so you can implement it into your foreplay as well.

9. Enjoy kissing

Enjoy kissingWhen it comes to foreplay, there is not enough kissing that one can do. It goes without saying that if you do enjoy kissing, ensure to turn it into a complete makeout session when it comes to foreplay.

Foreplay is all about excitement and adding in new ways to make your partner reach their climax. If you want to indulge in different types of foreplay, the best way to do so is by kissing.

Men like when someone kisses down their body, trailing their lips down to their manhood while women have been found to have a soft spot for neck kisses. Leave behind open mouthed kisses alongside of the neck and bite through the earlobe gently as well for that added oomph.

10. Dirty talking

DIRTY-TALKINGWhispering is yet another one of the amazing ways of foreplay for men and women both. It is actually important that you indulge in some dirty talking because it does matter at the end of the day and will leave behind a very important impact on the overall prospect of how well one perceives their foreplay advances.

Be sensuous with your talks, whisper them into the ears of your partner and that is more than enough to keep them hot and bothered throughout the night before you actually indulge in some real action.

11. Get them Hygiene in Place

Get them hygiene in placeWhen it comes to the foreplay techniques for men, you need to get the razors out because men go crazy when you have prepped yourself beforehand. This might not seem like a very important point to be included in the foreplay but it does bring around amazing results nonetheless.

If you want to initiate some action with your partner, prep yourself the night before and keep yourself cleaned and shaved and smooth for the best sex of your lifetime.

12. Start with a Date

Start with a dateCouples are often so caught up with everything that it becomes quite hard for people to get some time to themselves. This becomes harder when you have a kid. The impact of the same will definitely project on one’s sexual relationship.

For such a situation, if you are looking for ways on how to prolong foreplay, the best way to do so is by taking a night off. Hire a babysitter or drop your kids off at your parent’s place.

Start with a romantic dinner and project your foreplay throughout the night itself. Don’t just restrict your ways to foreplay to just the bedroom and instead you can easily carry them forward to your date as well.

You can tease your partner through the dinner, offer them seductive stares and the rest will most definitely go well through the night without a speck of doubt, if you play your cards right.

When it comes to how to prolong foreplay, the ways are all dependent on the kind of relationship that you have with your partner. It is always best suggested to ensure that you don’t take out the thrill from your relationship by forgoing foreplay altogether. This can not just help in adding in that missing spice but also help in transforming the entire course of your relationship.