How to Prolong the Pregame

How to Prolong the Pregame

You may want to cut the chase and go at it. Perhaps in an elevator, or public cubicle. In case of the bed, you may just want to prolong the pregame. You really do not want to be dozing off after having screamed, “sex, sex”, for a few minutes or so.

Foreplay spikes the sexual tension and let the simmering passion burst forth in waves. There is not much to the main event otherwise, without the preparation. Read on about how to prolong the pregame.

How to Get your Partner Aroused


The scent belongs to the woman. It is completely up to her to leave a perfume impression on various parts of her body, which she would desire her partner to be particularly inquisitive about. The genitals, behind the knees, inside the elbows, neck and armpits been the usual spots.

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There is only the two of them and the sacred promise of coitus. So you might as well utilize all the resources that you have at your disposal. Fellatio may not be the only form of resource utilization. Each one of us have limbs, which have fingers and toes, each of which have nails. Apart from the mouth there are the nostrils, ear lobes, spine and what not. It is up to the participant to utilize whatever and howsoever. Imagination helps.

3The Hot Spots

There is the clitoris and the G-spot. The rest of the terminologies for the female reproductive system is for a student of medicine perhaps. The clitoris and the G spot, although are the two simple secret, that a man man must know, to keep his companion, belonging to the fairer sex happy. There may be innumerable tutorials available online, on how to find and hit these places.

4The Importance of Hands

The grasping capacity of the hands plays a very important role in the matter of foreplay. Both the man and the women need to flex then fingers to bestow upon the other, pleasure. The female anatomy is all about its curve, which could do with its share of grabbing. While in the case of the man there is the eternal truth.


This is literally the dress rehearsal for intercourse. Instead of rubber, the participants may want to keep their pants on. Depending on the location where you choose to warm up, you may do with or without the shirts. You may go hard and fast at the action, yet you would definitely would not want to climax as yet.

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