Master foreplay with these tips

tips to master foreplay

If it was not for foreplay, the act of making love, might as well be reduced to a mere game of grab and grind. Thank god for foreplay, for we humans still find the whole act of sex so interesting, even after aeons have passed, since we first took form.

The difference between working out and sex, is visible only on a very subjective plane. In the heat of the moment, it all feels like one. Hence, much like working out, sex requires form ,as much it requires warming up. Otherwise, the results might be quite contrary to your expectation, and pretty damaging for your mind and morale.

We all are desperate, to bite into our stakes. Foreplay is like roasting the joint for just the right amount of time before we dig in. It is beneficial for both, or all parties involved, as the excitement levels are enhanced before the ultimate plunge.

Read on ahead to get to know our tips to master foreplay.


Women simply drool over men who are eloquent during foreplay. The other way around is worth felicitation. Some amount of superimposed moaning is cool, but your dirty mind, and your filthy words, are what that will get those juices flowing.

You are entitled to receive, only when you voice your needs. No words of wisdom here. Only common sense, and demented desires.

2Grab your share

The twins matter. Period. In some way Indian men need little or no guidance in this respect.

Yet generically speaking. Men may spend more time pleasing other body parts and conveniently miss out on the breasts.

The boobs just might have gone out of shape, or the guy just might have got too used to them. Never mind fellas. A bad lime, is still a lime worth squeezing.

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3The Gentle one wins the race

No point beating about the bush on this one. The Clitoris has to be the center of the foreplay universe.

What one must remember at all point is that, the clit, not even on the rainiest of days, should be treated like a mouse button, which you could click away at will.

4Undress the other

The whole act of undressing, by itself, is a subject to be considered individually. In most cases, it is the first burst of energy, that determines the energy levels for the rest of the process.

A little bit of imaginative improvisation is bound to come in handy. Use your teeth, tear some cloth, burn some holes. Its is all up to you.

5Hold that tongue

The tongue is fun, and an integral part of the whole foreplay scene. Yet you have to be careful, as to where all you allow your tongue to run around.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you are with another person and not a stick of cotton candy. No one likes been a sloppy mess of droll, phlegm, and what not, that too right before they are onto something very serious.

Stay safe, stay sexy!

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By Abhro