How Love Helps You Grow As A Person? 10 Possible Instances


If you have been in love ever, you know how beautiful the feeling is. The constant feeling of happiness and the tingles inside your stomach. It is a blissful phase of life everyone wants to experience once. But, did you know that love helps you grow as a person?

Not likely, right? But, it does. If you are in a healthy relationship with someone that loves and appreciates you, it is bound to happen. Love makes you do a lot of things, appreciating yourself and growing as a person being the first two factors.

Here, we are going to share some of the reasons why love helps you make a great person.

Best ways relationships help you grow as a person

If you have been in a relationship or you are in one, you’d know how impact it is. You are likely going to either change for the better or for the worse.

But, whatever the change be, you will soon realize that those changes are pretty solid and permanent or here to stay for a long time.

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Let us talk about some of the ways how people grow into finest version in love.

1. You see the world differently

When you are in love, you are bound to spend more time with your partner.

It doesn’t matter whether it is in person or on phone, you will find yourself talking to them more and spending more time with them.

What this does is make you see the world differently?


Well, it does so by helping you get someone else’s point of view on a situation.

Say, for example, if you were stuck with a situation where you were standing up against something that you felt was right, being with someone gives you a fresh perspective to look at.

Maybe what you believe in right now is not something your partner believes in as well.

This helps ensure that you analyse the situation again and assess whether your thoughts are right or not.

It is possible that you were right all along and your partner wasn’t. But, sometimes, you need to step out of that comfort zone and have someone tell you otherwise to see a situation in a different light.

Being in a relationship does it. If your partner is not going to question you on wrong decisions, those relationships do restrict your self-growth as a person.

2. Your partner introduces you to new things you like

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Maybe you didn’t like avocados before.

But, now that you have your partner eat it everyday for breakfast, it is likely that the “once disliked” fruit is now a massive favorite of yours.

We are so afraid to try new things that we stick to our comfort zones.

Being in a relationship helps you step out of that comfort zone. It helps you try new things out in life that you were afraid to before.

There are also several situations that we are extremely reluctant to face. Having someone backing you up gives you the courage to take it on head strong.

This is one of the reasons why love helps you grow as a person.

3. Helps nurture better habits

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Being in love and being in a healthy relationship helps nurture better habits in the due course of time. If you are a late riser and your partner is a morning riser, you will eventually find yourself turning into the latter.

It doesn’t always have to be something as strict of a habit like this one, it could very well be something less taxing. It is extremely important to ensure that you take on the good habits from your partner.

In a relationship, it is not just the cute gestures and the moments, it is how you influence each other for the better that matters in the long run.

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In a relationship, you grow with your partner and the same is reciprocated as well.

For the most part, you learn and you implement the same in your lives as well.

4. Positive affirmations

man holdind woman hand

It is true that some partners have the capability to let you appreciate yourself more than you actually do.

If you are consistently struggling to find the good within you and failing to acknowledge the kind of amazing qualities that you possess, it is likely that being in a relationship can change that for you.

Over time, you develop more positive perceptions about yourself. If you are someone who has always indulged in negative self-talk, this is hands down one of the best things you could experience.

Take for example, if you believe that you are not that good at your work but your partner has been telling you otherwise consistently for years now, at one point, you will start acknowledging their views.

This helps nurture better self-confidence. In the long run, it makes you a better version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

If you are consistently complaining about the way you look, your partner’s compliments can change that perception for you.

5. You start being yourself

If you like singing but have always prevented yourself from doing so because of the constant discouragements from other people, it is likely that love can change that for you.

Your partner is here to tell you the truth. If they think you have potential in doing something, it is likely that they will encourage you to do that. In case your partner thinks this isn’t something you are meant to do, they will likely tell that as well.

It doesn’t matter what or how you do things, being in a relationship helps you start being yourself.

It helps you let loose and be more you than you have ever been before.

If you have consistently struggled to acknowledge your quirks, your partner can make you embrace them.

Your partner often brings out the best part of you and that is not just a saying but an actual truth.

6. Supports your dreams

man in brown jacket sitting on brown wooden bench during daytime

If you have a dream to start your own business, it is likely that your partner could help you drive in that direction.

Don’t get us wrong. You don’t need anyone to pursue your dreams and make them a reality but sometimes, we all need that extra push to pursue things that we likely didn’t before.

Say, if you want to start your own restaurant, it is likely that your partner’s support could help you take that step forward.

If you are in love and if your partner believes in your dreams, they will let you pursue them and invest in them while your partner takes care of the rest of the things. Be it the rent or the groceries for a few months.

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So, if you are wondering how love can help you become a better person, it lets you start accepting your individuality and start working on making your dreams a reality.

7. Enhances emotional strength

You could be the strongest person emotionally but every single one of us have our own set of weaknesses that we try to overcome.

One of the reasons how love helps you make a great person is because it teaches you vulnerability.

We have a very wrong conception about vulnerability, thinking that it is something that only the weak people emanate.

But, when you are in love and have someone by your side ready to pick up the broken pieces, you become emotionally stronger.

It teaches you to be vulnerable and treating it as a shield rather than bottling things up. This is the reason why you need someone in your life every once in a while.

Having someone to return home to after a rough day is an amazing way to remind yourself that you don’t need to be strong all the time.

It is okay to be weak sometimes. It tells you that you have someone to back you up.

At the end of the day, it helps you become stronger emotionally in the long run.

8. It teaches you trust

Often, we are broken after a bad relationship that we stop trusting people.

Being in love and being in a healthy relationship helps you build better trust and ensure that you don’t have to struggle mentally.

It teaches you that at the end of the day, you have someone that you can rely on and trust. You come to realize that even when the days are gloomy, you have someone who is going to have your back.

When you start trusting people, it helps develop self love and grow as better person with love.

You might think that you aren’t much of a help when it comes to an emotional support system, but, you will soon realize that the same is not the case at all.

Being in love makes you realize that you have people who are consistently relying on you emotionally for support.

9. Instills self-acceptance

woman in gray sundress carrying sling bag in middle of pathway during daytime

You start believing what you are said consistently.

If your head has been consistently telling you are unworthy, it will likely change when you are in love.

In a healthy relationship, it is likely that your partner will instill healthy and positive affirmations.

They will fill your head with positive self-talk, something that you possibly haven’t had in a long time.

This is one of the things love can make you grow as a person.

When you consistently have someone who loves and accepts you for who you are, you start believing them.

It won’t happen overnight but every single thing happens over the course of time and so does this.

10. It makes you happy

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This might not necessarily be a situation that shows how you grow as a person but it helps you realize your self-worth.

When you are in a relationship with someone who makes you happy and brings you joy, your life becomes a lot better.

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You start doing things in a cheerful way. You accept your good side and you believe in yourself more.

These habits compile together to further enhance your credibility and makes you a better person in the long run.

If you have been questioning how love helps you grow as a person, we hope these answer all your questions. Realize that these happen when you are in a healthy relationship with someone who appreciates you and your quirks. You become a better version of yourself gradually and at the end of the day, that is what that matters. It is what you do and the chances you take in your life that matters in the end.