12 Changes In Your Body When You Fall In Love – The Pleasure Island!

12 Changes In Your Body When You Fall In Love

Hormones collide, eyes get bigger, heartbeats dance, fist gets misty and the butterflies get twisty, lived this bit? I am sure you did!

It is a treasurable moment when the man or woman you love is walking towards you after the two of you have said ‘I love you’. The body is electrified and everything changes. This isn’t a metaphoric expression to love, in reality, falling in love brings changes in your body.

Thrilled to bits? Keep the excitement going and read this article to know what happens to your beautiful body when you fall in love.

Things That Happen To Your Brain And Body When You Are In Love

Things That Happen To Your Brain And Body When You Are In Love

Emotions are muddled when a person falls in love. It is confusing and blinding to facts and fantasies. You get anxious and happy at the same time. In other words, you are euphoric to the core.

The mind is attached/obsessed to attraction, togetherness and lust when two people fall in love.

Given the fact that our very mechanism is that of sensing and expressing, the body gets aware and starts doing things it never did.

When you love, it is vast, you are attracted to the person mentally, physically and emotionally.

The chemical reactions in your brain start to sprout up and all the love-striking hormones are peacefully released. So you cannot deny this fascinating journey into the lover’s lane.

When two hearts meet, four eyes freeze, two lips kiss and butterflies fling, this is what happens to your body when you fall in love. Read it all!

Change 1 – Creates An Unbreakable Addiction In Your Brain

Creates An Unbreakable Addiction In Your Brain

When you are in love, you want to see and feel the person in all your conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, have you experienced it. What science calls this never-ending want? It is ‘addiction’.

So, your mind changes and psychologists went deep to study about this. Interestingly, the study says, once you have let love into you, your brain is like that of a drug addict.

You just want to be with your partner all the time and even watching his/her pictures (R) can take you on cloud 9.

It is not difficult for your brain to release hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin. In addition to this, the brain cells are taken care of even better after being in love.

Change 2 – Sparkles Of Love Are Seen In Your Big Eyes

Sparkles Of Love Are Seen In Your Big Eyes

Watching and drowning into the eyes of your lover is a natural sign of being in love, agree? It must be difficult for you to take your eyes off him/her.

In addition to this, you will notice a difference in the size of your pupils, they tend to get bigger.

How? As lover’s stare, the brain understands and one of its aspects known as the sympathetic nervous system (R) gets alerted and the pupils enlarge. So, through your eyes, this is how falling in love brings a change in the body.

Distract yourself for a few seconds and look into your lover’s eyes to see what happens, you will enjoy watching it.

Change 3 – Lovaholics Feel The Alcoholic Passion

Lovaholics Feel The Alcoholic Passion

A medium to combat stress and negative emotions is with a shot of vodka or few pegs of whiskey, that’s pretty much like an alcoholic wanting to feel better.

Don’t be surprised to know that even falling in love is like an alcohol passion. Being in love makes a person confident, stronger, de-stressed and a happy soul. So, alcoholic drinks to feel better and a Loveholic falls in love and feels better.

As you know oxytocin is produced when you fall in love, the effects of this hormone and alcohol do have a connection (R), studies suggest.

Change 4 – Palms And Your Heartbeat Feel The Chills

Palms And Your Heartbeat Feel The Chills

When something beautifully unusual happens in your life, isn’t it obvious for your palms and heartbeat to do all the talking? Why does your body undergo this change in specific? Well, being in love is an uncontrollable emotion.

Your brain knows (R) what you feel, so when you start to get pulled towards a person, the brain’s ventromedial prefrontal cortex is smart and lets you know that you are totally attracted or not, this is a trustworthy sign. This is the pleasure aspect of your brain.

Now this understanding of your brain wakes two hormones and it is produced in your body to improve the passion and excitement in love, they are the adrenaline and norepinephrine hormones.

In addition to this, you must be aware that when two people are madly in love with each other, more or less their heartbeats on similar grounds. The fact that women have a softer heart are the one’s who match up with the heartbeat of their partner’s.

Change 5 – In Love, Your Stomach Feels Haywire

In Love Your Stomach Feels Haywire

When I was in love the first time and I had to go on a date with my boyfriend, it was a feeling of little creatures dancing in my stomach. The two emotions, nervousness and excitement were playing games with me.

Wondering if you are not handling it well? No! It is not you! There is seriously a change in your body (R) after falling in love.

What happens?

For example, when you get to know about meeting your lover the next day, your brain produces oxytocin and cortisol hormones because you are excited and stressed at the same time.

The poor body needs an outlet to this pressure and ends up contracting the blood vessels around your gut.

When there is a lack of blood around the gut, a person tends to feel uneasy and that is quite pricky for the stomach to go through. When it comes for love, it is a sweet discomfort.

Change 6 – A Romantic Kiss Can Beat The Stress Away

Have you ever kissed a girl or guy you love? It is magnificent. Undoubtedly, you will go deep into the land of love and passion. Do you know what this does to your body?

You will be delighted to know that kissing (R) can help you burn calories and de-stress. How? The dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released. Kissing for a few minutes is good for your mind and body.

In short, all the happy hormones overpower cortisol and this stress hormone loses its power. Good for all the lovers! Kiss all day and night if you have your special someone.

Change 7 – Natural Fragrance Binds Two Lovers

Natural Fragrance Binds Two Lovers

Someday, while strolling around the mall, if your nose catches pays attention to a smell that’s similar to your lady love or prince charming’s body fragrance, wouldn’t you stop by?

Why does your body react? Subconsciously you are attached to your partner through their body fragrance.

There is a hormone known as pheromones (R) that is released from your body, it sends a message to the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) and you start to either miss your partner or feel like having sex.

Isn’t it romantic to stay connected with your partner through his or her body fragrance?

Change 8 – The Touch Of Love Is A Virtual Pain Killer

The Touch Of Love Is A Virtual Pain Killer

Falling in love can ease out every mental pain and give you the power to withstand every pain that comes your way. That being said, have you ever experienced the strength in having your loved one beside you? It is out of the world.

There was a study conducted (R) on the same and it has proven that chronic pain goes away when you are madly in love, especially in the beginning. When it is all new, isn’ t this a wonderful change in your body?

Change 9 – Men In Love Might Have Invigorated Bones

Men In Love Might Have Invigorated Bones

Fortunately, there are chances for men to have stronger bones if they are in love. There isn’t a definite scientific evidence to this yet, however, it has been studied and it found that men above the age of 25 are at an advantage.

In this study (R), they found out that marriage and bone health can be linked up in the case of men. In addition to this, they even found out that men who are in a relationship have a good bone density in the spine when compared to men who are not in a relationship.

Change 10 – Being In Love Makes You Think ‘Out Of The Box’

Being In Love Makes You Think Out Of The Box

Every man and woman goes into a different world when they love each other. Life starts to seem great and when you get that feeling, you tend to get even more innovative and think of ways to excel in your personal and professional life, what do you think?

Researchers (R) have found out that creativity is boosted when two people are in love. So, the experiment says that love and sex can create an impact in the way we think about everything.

Isn’t this a good change of being in love? We all want to be creative!

Change 11 – Being In Love Takes Your Sleep And Focus For A Ride

Being In Love Takes Your Sleep And Focus For A Ride

When it is all about him or all about her all day, how do you expect to fall asleep easily? It Is a real task!

When couples are initially in love, they are all the time ‘out in space’. This takes their sleep (R) and focuses for a ride. The one positive point is that lovers are happier and energetic souls as mentioned earlier.

Change 12 – Love Adds Excitement In Your Voice

Love Adds Excitement In Your Voice

The biggest change of being in love is seeing a change in your tone, sounds all the more loud. Notice the difference when you talk to a friend and boyfriend/girlfriend.

According to a study, this difference is more seen in a woman’s voice when compared to that of a man’s voice. Women start to sound all elated and girly. So, you know, it is a blessing to be in love, as you get to know about the sweetness in your voice.

Change 13 – Love Can Be Consuming On The Mind And Body

Love Can Be Consuming On The Mind And BodyWhen you truly love someone, what is most stressful is the fear of losing him/her and that restless feeling when he/she isn’t around you.

This worry and stress release a hormone known as corticotropin, this targets a part of the brain causing anxiety and depression. This is quite a tough emotion to deal with as it brings about an uncomfortable change in your mind.

In addition to this, one goes through the same loneliness and depression when two lovers part ways.

Change 14 – Love Can Make You Chubby

Love Can Make You ChubbyLove is happiness and when you are happy in your bright love life, it is apparent to get a few of those extra fats. Owing to the fact that you are happy, you end up taking care of yourself well and end up fulfilling all your cravings.

Having conducted research (R) on several relationships, researchers have found out the following :

  1. Men and women who move in together are more likely to eat foods rich in fats.
  2. Newly wedded women are most likely to put on weight in the first year of their marriage.

Change 15 – Get To Explore Changes In Sex Life

Get To Explore Changes In Sex Life

When two people travel this journey of love together, they are extremely attracted and excited about making love with each other. Changes come over time and couples tend to lose interest in each other.

In the case of men, sexual drive is always on point. Women tend to lose their interest (R) in having sex, claims research. However, it is also been noticed that women are more creative when compared to men with keeping up the spice in bed.

Therefore, there are many changes in your body when it comes to your sex life. Many couples face problems. Working together and finding a common solution to reduced sex drive is what matters in the end.

Conclusion :

So being in love gives birth to a new you. As there are physical changes in your body, the mind thinks better and it is a great idea to be in love as hormones like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released, they rock for the sake of your health and long life.

Just as you love your partner, love the body changes you get to witness after being in love!