11 Magnificent Health Benefits Of Being In A Relationship – Love Makes Life!

Being In A Relationship
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When you are struck by the ‘love hormone’ you do feel a shift in the way your heart beats and the frequency at which everything surrounding you seems like. Do you believe that our mental health has a direct relationship with our physical health?

When a person is in love, he/she gets into the ‘happy camper’ zone one would have not even thought of. A person in love is unaware of how the dopamine, serotonin and endorphin’s juggle together to take that person on a jolly ride to the ‘lovie – dovie’ land. When all the hormones responsible for love and excitement are uniting, it imprints an everlasting effect over your mental and physical health.

Does it give you a jolt that being in love is advantageous to your health? Read this article to get enlightened about the health benefits of being in a relationship.

Why Is Being In A Relationship Important?

Why Is Being In A Relationship Important
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The thought behind creating man was to have a quality of expressing love to each other. Every man is made in such a way that he/she needs a companion to mentally, emotionally and physically feel complete and content. If a man is left alone and does not get to experience companionship it can pressurize the mind and heart and can disturb the health condition of a person.

It is important to be in a relationship because of the following reasons :

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Check Out These Health Benefits Of Being In A Relationship.

1. No loneliness attacks

No loneliness attacksWhen you are in a relationship. Besides the fact that you get a companion for life, you have someone with you to help you, laugh with you, cry with you and walk this long or short path of life with you without letting you get affected from the pain of loneliness. Loneliness is a slow poison for your mental as well as physical health.

2. There is a Thrill in Life

There is thrill in lifeWhen you are in love, you always have a new experience to witness each day. Life is never stagnant, you make mistakes with your partner and you grow with them each day, with so much happening the thrill in life is present.

You do not just get to learn but your oxytocin can never go off track when you have a partner who keeps you happy.

3. To taste What is Responsibility

To taste what is responsibility
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We have all the freedom to enjoy our life and make it great, at the same time it is necessary to maintain the right balance of being responsible too.

Therefore, when you get into a relationship you learn how to be responsible because you are not just taking care of your own self, you have another person you would take care of and that will tag the sense of responsibility in you which is good for you personally to set right things in your life as well.

4. Optimism Clings on to You

Optimism clings on to you
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When you get into a relationship with someone, there must have been a positive factor that drew you towards that person, which is why you fell in love in the first place. When your inner self is peaceful and happy because of the presence of someone special, this makes you an optimistic person in life and you see the good in even difficult situations.

To have an expanded perspective

When you are in a relationship, your partner may be just the way you are or different from you.

Having a partner who is different from who you are gives you a chance to see and experience the world in a different way. You learn to adjust with a new character, you know how to deal with different other people and there might be so many good things you get to learn and implement from your partner.

Top Health Benefits Of Being In A Relationship – Stay Lively And Happy!

Love hormones and excitement hormones when stimulated gives rise to a healthy sign. Being in love emotionally and physically has scientifically proven benefits on your health.

As per studies, it is also said by psychologists that love and affection do have an impact on your mind and body.

To substantiate on whether these statements are true or not, here are some of the health benefits of being in a relationship.

Benefit No 1 – Stress Is Whacked Out!

Stress Is Whacked Out
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When you are in a relationship and peaceful about where you are and with whom you are, you have a feeling of motivation, affection, care and the ability to feel your innate strength that does not give space to stress to stay in your life.

A healthy and happy relationship always fills your mind with positiveness and goodness and no major or petty things seem to bother you. Your mind gets tuned to fight with stress. When there is no stress, there is a No Entry sign board for diseases.

Benefit No 2: Depression ‘Blazes Away’

Depression blazes away
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Depression is a serious mental illness which can be cured with our own will power and a positive push from a person who is persuading you for the right things. A partner can play this role well!

The emotion ‘love’ has its unseen power of making a colorless life seem colorful. A person in depression when treated with immense love and affection undoubtedly forgets the empty and dark space and they feel compelled to walk towards self-improvement.

Depression has pure ill effects on your body and you do not want that to hit on your health.

Benefit No 3: Good state of mind

Good state of mind
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It is human psychology that when a person is able to maintain a good relationship not just with his/her partner but also in case of other relationships too, he/she is sure to have a smooth thought process and a clear mind because all the hormones are highly energized which leaves one’s mind balanced and a person gets tactful in dealing with external stress.

When there is a healthy balance in the state of mind a person, he/she cannot be affected by mental diseases such as schizophrenic, bipolar etc. A good state of mind is a significant contribution to good health.

Benefit No 4: Stoops Down Blood Pressure Levels

Stoops down blood pressure levels
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Based on studies and researches done, those people who are happily married have lesser blood pressure problems when compared to those people who are unhappy in their marriage.

When a person is unhappy a hormone known as cortisol is released. In other words, it is a hormone for sadness. When cortisol is produced, there are chances that blood pressure levels increase. Therefore, being happy in love can reduce the chances of high blood pressure.

Benefit No 5: Your Heart is in a Safe Zone

Your heart is in a safe zone
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Did you know some love a day keeps the heart diseases away. How? In love, you keep smiling away. Your love and excitement hormones cannot stop themselves from passing messages of love to your brain. Studies suggest, laughing and staying away from stress is good for your heart because your blood happily flows through its vessels.

Benefit No 6: You are Taken Care of

You are taken care of
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When you have a partner to fill up that space in your life and you get care from the opposite person as well, the maximum possibilities are you would not fall sick often and you would not have to knock on the doctor’s door for a consultation. You tend to take care of each other’s physical and mental health. By chance, if one of you fall sick, the other one is there as a fallback.

Benefit No 7: No Possie for Anxiety

No possie for anxiety
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Many segments of your brain get activated when you are in love and it is easy to keep away anxiety from your life. There was research done in the US in order to compare the anxiety levels in couples who are recently married and the couples who are married for a long time.

MRI scans of the brains of all the couples were done and it proved that the brain activated the emotion of bonding to a large extent and there was less activation of stress on the brain.

Benefit No 8: Increased Endurance towards Mental and Physical Pain

Increased Endurance towards mental and physical pain
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Scientifically it is proven that having togetherness and a positive emotional bond with a person helps in having a better endurance towards any sort of pain. Are you taken aback?

Yes, this is true because different studies have proved this fact to be true. Based on a study by the psychological science, few women were threatened to be given an electric shock and it was observed that the activation of stress levels in women who held hands of their spouse was lesser and gave them better strength to face that situation.

As per the analysis of another psychological report, it was proved that the couples who have been together in a long time were less likely to have problems such as headache or back pain.

Benefit No 9: Love Shields You From Being Stressed

Love shields you from being stressed
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As we are aware of the marvellous good love does to our well being and state of mind, it cannot be denied that having someone you love can give you the courage to endure pain and fear.

The same goes with managing stress as well, when you are stressed you have your partner’s moral support and the person is your backbone in terms of managing your finance issues or psychological issues. Is it not amazing to be in love to be in the shoes of feeling secured in all ways?

Benefit No 10: Love Makes You Live Long

Love makes you live long
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There was a survey done in the 90’s to check on the mortality rate of the one’s who are married and it proved that the majority of the couples lived longer in marriage. Not just this, there were surveys and researches that gave the same result that people who were unmarried died faster.

When you look at it from a psychological point of view, when you do not feel isolated or left out. Chances are, you have the motivation to live longer as well as you tend to be happy from within.

Benefit No 11: Intimacy is a Physical Booster

Intimacy is a physical booster
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When two people are madly in love the physical attraction is inbound and they are happy to be sexually active. Having sex does good to your physical satisfaction as well as improves your immune system, adds up to the libido production, keeps the blood pressure in control and releases all the anxiety and stress.

A couple must be sexually involved to feel a healthy and stress-free life.

It is enthralling to not just technically know that love can change your life, but it feels good to see how science has taken its place through researches and studies about the health benefits of love.

To give a concise summary on the theory of health benefits of love, it all whirls around how your hormones do good to your body and mind because of what you feel, the way messages are activated to your brain and how its psychological effects show up on your body.