14 Best Oral Health Foods – Take Care of Your Pearly Whites!

14 Best Oral Health Foods Take Care of Your Pearly Whites

Oral health is what determines the rest of your health. So, if you are wondering how to take care of your oral health, focusing on your nutrition is extremely important. Eating the best oral health foods is the key to better health.

But, what kind of foods that we are talking about? Well, there is a whole list to it that we need to talk about.

Here, we have sorted out some of the nutrition and oral health foods that you probably didn’t know about.

Mouth Healthy Foods & Drinks One Should Follow

For Good Health Suggested Eating These

Much like your overall health, your oral health also needs special attention too. This is why you need to keep an eye out on some of the important foods you need.

For oral health, you need to keep an eye out on the best food to eat for oral health.

1. Crunchy veggies

Crunchy veggies

The reason why dentists suggest eating crunchy vegetables is because it helps clean your teeth better. This is why veggies like crunchy carrots, celery sticks and such are good suggestions for your oral health.

They also contain a lot of water in them that stimulate the salivary flow as well. This especially helps scrub away the excess food particles and bacteria from your mouth. Not just that, the high water and mineral content in these veggies are also amazing for your oral hygiene.

If you want to try out nature’s dental floss, celery is your best bet. It has a very fibrous texture to it that helps draw out the excess food stuck inside your teeth.

Not just that, carrots also fight cavities and prevents the risks of bacterial growth inside your mouth. It is loaded with calcium and Vitamin C, both of which have promising benefits on your teeth. If you are worried about staining on your teeth, these vegetables can help tied that away.

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2. Cheese

CheeseWho would’ve thought, right? Cheese is one of the best foods that is good for your teeth. In a conducted study, it was found that eating cheese helped raise pH in the oral cavity. This further prevents the risks of tooth decay.

Not just that, the stringy texture of the cheese further requires more chewing. The more you chew food, the more saliva you produce. This helps keep your oral health in check. Not just that, calcium also has a high level of calcium and protein in it, both of which have promising results on your teeth and oral health.

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3. Crunchy fruits

Crunchy fruitsEating fruits is considered a standard for your good oral health. But, did you know that the crunchy fruits like apple and pear have extremely good impacts on your oral health?

Apple and pears have a high fiber content in them, which has favourable results in improving salivation. Not just that, it also flushes out the stuck food remnants in your teeth. The heightened salivary secretion further neutralises the citric acid and malic acid residue inside your mouth that cause tooth decay.

Try and opt for the fresh and organic apples that have a crunch to them. Those are the ones that have good impacts on one’s oral health. The chewing habit also enhances the gum activity, reducing the risks of cavities in your mouth further.

Much like apples, even organic and raw pears neutralise the excess acids produced inside the mouth.

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4. Yogurt

YogurtI can’t stress this enough but when talking about mouth healthy foods, yogurt deserves to be in the top 5. Not only is it high in calcium, it also has a favourable amount of protein. Both of these have amazing benefits for your teeth.

Yogurt also contains probiotics in them. These healthy and good bacteria help improve your gum health and prevent the risks of infection. In case you are thinking of adding yogurt to your diet, try and opt for the ones with no added sugar.

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5. Fatty fishes

Fatty fishesAnother item to the list of the food for healthy teeth and gums include fatty fishes and meat. Majority of the fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel consists of omega-3 fatty acids in them. They also have phosphorus in them, which improve your tooth enamel health.

Aside from that, fatty fishes require more chewing, which enabled better salivation. The more you salivate, the more likely you are going to have a cleaner oral health.

The excess salivary production also reduces the acidity in the oral cavity. This washes out the stuck food inside your teeth, preventing the risks of tooth decay.

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6. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetablesThe first thing you thought of was kale, wasn’t it? Well, as weird as these leafy greens taste, they are extremely good for your oral health. Not only are they low in calories, they have a high level of vitamins and minerals in them too.

Some of the popular leafy greens including spinach and kale have high calcium levels in them. This improves the teeth health and strengthens them too. These greens have a high level of folic acid in them, which contribute to better oral health too.

In case you don’t like eating greens straight up, one of the best ways to change that is by sneaking some in. You can add some greens to your smoothie or toss some on the pizza.

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7. Green tea

Green teaMuch like your overall health, green tea is good for your oral health too. It is loaded with antioxidants which help cleanse your oral cavity, improving your oral health in the process. Not just that, it is also cleansing which is pretty amazing.

In case you don’t like green tea, another good alternative is coffee. But, let’s be honest, we don’t want to binge on coffee. It leaves behind a stain on your teeth, which is the last thing you want.

The polyphenols in the green tea have promising benefits on your oral health. They fight gum inflammation and reduce the risks of infection too.

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8. Cranberries

CranberriesLet’s be honest, whenever we talk about good food, we talk about cranberries. But, the one thing that we don’t realize is how good they are for our health. Much like green tea, even cranberries are enriched with antioxidants. They reduce the risks of cell damage and improve the overall gum health too.

The only thing you need to avoid doing is consume the dehydrated ones. They have a high sugar content in them. Especially the ones that are treated with sugar. Cranberries are also loaded with a number of phytochemicals, all of which have beneficial impacts on your health.

9. Chewing gum

Chewing gumIf you are specifically looking for a good food that is good for your teeth, you need to include chewing gum in the list.

But, mind you, we are talking about sugar-free gums. If you do want the best for your teeth and gums, opt for the sugar free ones.

Since chewing gums secrete more saliva in the oral cavity, it reduces risks of infection and food build up. It eventually removes food from the mouth on consistent chewing.

10. Foods rich in Fiber

Foods rich in FiberFoods to improve oral health. When we are talking about this, we just can’t miss out on the foods rich in fiber, including the fruits and vegetables.

Several of the standard fruits and vegetables including apples and such have amazing impacts on your health in the long run. They also enhance the salivary secretion in the mouth. The more fiber-rich foods that you eat, the more saliva your mouth produces.

Excess salivary production has amazing benefits in reducing the levels of acids and enzymes in the oral cavity. The saliva also has a composition of traces of calcium and phosphate. These two further strengthen the teeth and improve gum health as well.

So, if your teeth have undergone demineralisation, consuming more fiber rich fruit and veg can restore the lost minerals.

11. Fluoride-rich foods

Fluoride-rich foods

Foods like avocado, garlic and carrots have high quantity of fluoride in them. For those who aren’t aware, fluoride rich foods help strengthen your teeth and gums.

Aside from the standard foods with natural fluoride content, there is fluoridated drinking water that can help too. So, if you are looking for mouth healthy foods, this is hands down one of them.

12. Vitamin C enriched fruits

Vitamin C enriched fruitsIf you skip out from eating berries and lemons, you need to stop doing that. Vitamin C enriched fruits are amazing for your oral health. They possess potent antioxidative properties, all of which have amazing benefits on tissue repair.

The dentin in your teeth relies on collagen production for strengthening. Vitamin C promotes collagen production. So, in a way, eating more Vitamin C rich foods help boost the strength of your teeth for the better.

Out of all the fruits available, strawberries are considered the best. Aside from Vitamin C, they also have malic acid in them. This has potent benefits in whitening your teeth.

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13. Garlic (and Onion too)

Garlic and Onion tooDon’t get deterred right away. It is true that garlic is not good for your breath but let’s be honest, it is extremely amazing for your overall oral health. The active compound in garlic, allicin, has antimicrobial properties, which help keep the risks of infections in check.

Additionally, it reduces the risks of tooth decay or any kind of periodontal disease.

Much like garlic, even onions have a good antibacterial impact on the oral health. It reduces the risks of gum diseases when eaten raw.

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14. Whole grains

Whole grainsBacteria tends to thrive more on simple carbs and food remnants in your mouth. That doesn’t happen when you consume complex carbs like oatmeal and whole wheat bread.

The more complex the carbohydrate, the lesser amount of digestible food available for the bacteria to thrive on. This is particularly amazing when it comes to the oral health. Aside from your health in general, whole grains are rewarding for your teeth and gums.

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Guys Stay Away from These

Now, that we have introduced some of the best foods for your oral health, we need to discuss about some of the bad ones. Because, at the end of the day, it is all about balance. If you fail to maintain balance, your oral health is going to suffer in the end.

Some of the foods to avoid for oral health include:

1. Sweet and sour candies

Unless you are a kid who is obsessed with candies, we will say you have nothing to worry about. But, the moment you devour a bag of sweetly sticky candy without any adherence, that is when we need to talk.

Candies, especially sour candies are worse for your teeth. They contain a mixture of acidic compounds, all of which impose bad impacts on your teeth.

Additionally, they also have a very chewy texture to them that latches itself onto your teeth. The more it stays stuck in your teeth, the higher the risks of cavities.

If at all you want to eat something sweet, eat a fruit or a square of chocolate instead of candies.

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2. Coffee

Now, you might be confused. Because, didn’t we mention it in the good food categories? Well, yes. But, excess coffee consumption leads to staining of your teeth.

Additionally, since coffee has a very bitter taste, majority of the people have a habit of adding sugar to it. So, sugar itself has destructive impacts on your teeth.

If possible, limit your coffee intake. Also, ensure that you reduce the intake of accessory compounds with the coffee like sugar and such.

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3. Soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks are worse than anything you possibly eat. They have a high amount of sugar in them and contain acids too.

Majority of the soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and citric acid in them, both of which are bad for your oral health, especially your teeth.

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4. Ice

Its just water, isn’t it? But, you need to realise that ice is not meant for chewing. According to the American Dental Association, chewing on harder things lead to damaged enamel. That is the absolute last thing you want or need.

It enhances the risks of chipping and breaking of the teeth. It also causes loosened crowns. It is okay for you to use the ice to chill your drinks. But, chewing on it is a big NO.

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5. Dried fruits

Dried and dehydrated fruits are often considered a good snack. But, they do worse to your teeth than good. Majority of the dried fruits including plums, peaches and apricots have a sticky texture.

This attaches itself to your teeth and enhances the risks of cavities. Additionally, dried fruits also have a lot of concentrated sugar in them which is bad for you.

In case you are eating them, make sure to wash them down with some water. The last thing you want is to have parts and pieces of the fruit stuck to your teeth.

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Health is key of your life

Much like your overall physical health, your oral health matters just as much. If you are doing the needful for a healthier lifestyle, spare at least 10% of the same efforts for your oral health too.

Consuming the right foods and indulging in proper dental hygiene is key. The last thing you need is to gobble down foods that have no significant importance for your teeth, gums or overall oral health.

Eat clean, eat healthy for those shiny pearly whites.

Best Foods that make your teeth much healthier

Aside from the foods that we have listed above, there are a few other amazing foods that you can add to your diet for better oral health.

Some of them include:

  • Broccoli
  • Milk
  • Black tea
  • Berries
  • Apples

Best Tips to Daily Maintain Food for Healthy Teeth

In case you are still wondering about some of the best tips for maintaining healthy teeth, some include:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss every day
  • Avoid sticky foods that retain inside your teeth
  • Try oil pulling every once in a while
  • Eat more foods that produce more saliva in the mouth

Reader’s Questions

1. Is chewing gum ok for teeth?

Yes, chewing gum is okay for your teeth. The only thing you need to ensure is to chew on sugar-free gums. They don’t enhance the risks of cavity in your teeth and improve the production of saliva simultaneously.

2. What are the better advantages of brushing your teeth twice a day?

If you don’t necessarily brush your teeth twice a day, now is the time to change that. Brushing twice prevents the build-up of the food particles. Additionally, it also keeps your breath fresh and prevents the bacterial build-up in the mouth.

3. What is the best diet to improve oral health?

There is no standard diet that is meant for your oral health improvement. It is just important that you find ways to cut out the excess sugary and sticky foods. Additionally, eat foods that trigger more salivary secretion too.

4. Using sugar substitute products is good for health

It is a no brainer that eating foods with high sugar is not good for your oral health. So, if you want a better life for yourself, now is the time to make this switch. Make sure that you eat healthy sugars that you get from the fruits instead of the refined sugars.


Much like your overall physical health, it is time that you prioritise your oral health too. It is extremely important that you keep an eye out on your diet and eat foods that are good for your teeth and gums. We have sorted you with the best oral health foods and the worst ones too. Keep a balance and practice better oral hygiene as well.