Best Ayurvedic Fruits For Proper Nutrition

best ayurvedic fruits

Fruits have always been considered as one of the best options to get fit and provide proper nutrition to the body. According to the most ancient health care provider, Ayurveda, various fruits contains healing power that has the capability improve your health. Apart from preventing diseases, consumption of fruits will also provide you a great feeling. These best ayurvedic fruits also helps in keeping your body fit by providing required nutrition to the body. However, it is also important to eat right fruit at the right time to get better benefits.

To solve this problem, we have made a list of important fruits, which according to the Ayurveda, can provide you better health. Consider these fruits to make yourself stronger in a natural way without any side effects.

Best Ayurvedic Fruits – Nutritious Food


Banana consumption helps in providing an instant boost to energy. This fruits is also considered as a great simulant as it contains complex carbohydrates as well as natural sugars. Vitamin B6 content in bananas helps in improving your mood. Bananas also helps in lowering blood pressure due to its potassium content. Fiber, in bananas, also helps in strengthening your gut. It also helps in lowering Agni in the body which results into the balance of Vata in the body. Due to this Ojas as well as Sattva are also enhanced. It is best to eat bananas in the morning. However, you should never mix bananas with milk.


Pomegranateshelps in lowering down HDL, which is also considered as bad cholesterol, and improves heart health. Additionally, it also helps in increasing the percentage LDL, a good cholesterol, and helps in improving blood pressure.

Pomegranates are also high in vitamin C as well as antioxidant, which helps in protecting cells and immune system improvisation. It has also been found that pomegranates also helps in preventing damage to the liver from alcohol as well as drug abuse. Pomegranates are best to eat before having your lunch. The astringent taste in pomegranates helps in balancing Kapha and sweet taste helps in all three doshas.


Grapefruit, a citrus fruit, is high in vitamin C which helps in prevent infections and strengthening your arteries. In a study, it also has been found that grapefruit has the capability of preventing the formation of kidney stone. Vitamin A as well as C also helps in preventing age spots as well as wrinkles. Grapefruits, which should not be consumed in the mornings, boosts Vata balance, and raises Rajas and Sattva gunas.


Avocados helps in regulating cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. The skin-friendly content in avocado also helps in making skin more youthful as well as radiant. Regular consumption of avocados also helps in the improving absorption of various other health-friendly nutrients such as carotenoids, which helps in boosting immune system. Avocados also helps in improving Ojas and helps in balancing Vata as well as Pitta. Additionally, avocados are also beneficial for your sexual health. You can consume avocados in breakfast, however, they should be consumed when they are fully ripe.


Figs has been found highly effective on hypertension as well as improving blood pressure as they are rich in fiber. It also helps in weight management as it keeps you full for a long time. Figs are also high in potassium, which helps in regulating blood pressure. Apart from treating hypertension, figs are also helps in increasing Ojas. Fresh figs have been found in balancing Vata on the other hand dry figs have been found in balancing Kapha. It is good to eat them in the mornings.


With effective anti-clotting properties, kiwi helps in removing plaque buildup in arteries without showing any side effects which is triggered by various medications dedicated for the same work. It also ensures that the transportation of oxygen is done properly throughout the body. Kiwi also provide sleep aid with the help of two natural substances, serotonin as well as melatonin. Kiwi, which balances Vata, is a great option to eat in the mornings.


Pineapple helps in triggering full-body detox in your body. The content of aspartic acid helps in removing ammonia, acid from the body and also helps in protecting nervous system. Body’s pH level is balanced with the help of bromelain enzyme, which is found in pineapple. It also helps in providing better glow to your skin as well as hair due to high amount of antioxidants such as vitamins A as well as C. However, it is also important to eat pineapple in moderation.


Grapes are high in resveratrol prevents cell from fat storage, which helps in weight management. It also helps in strengthening brain by boosting mental reactions. It reduces a protein named as, amyloidal-beta peptides, which has been seen in Alzheimer’s disease. It provides natural relief to constipationand increasing Ojas. While darker grapes helps in balancing Vata, all types of grapes helps in balancing pitta. Grapes are good to eat in the evenings.


Mangoes have been found effective on diarrhea and helps in improving digestion, as well as provides relief to uncomfortable bowel movements. It is also rich in vitamin A, which is a great remedy for strengthening your eye. Presence of nutrients such as potassium, folic acid, iron as well as vitamin B6, A as well as C makes it a great option for pregnant women. Although mangoes are effective on balancing Vata as well as Pitta, for Pitta, unripe green mangoes should be avoided. Mangoes are great for consumption of early in the day and boosts Ojas as well as Rajas.

Consumption of these foods helps in keeping yourself fit and strong as well as away from various diseases. To get more benefits you can also go for various natural options such as homemade smoothies, salads as well as parfaits. Opting for natural ways to strengthen your health is always recommended in the Ayurveda.

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By Prajakt K.