15 Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal (6 To Avoid)

foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is not just painful but leaves a hollow behind (all the pun intended). Jokes aside, maintaining a soft food and liquid diet after a tooth extraction is necessary. The foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal should always be monitored so you don’t end up struggling with pain and inflammation.

If you are still trying to figure out the foods that can be a good pick for your diet, we do have a list of the best foods that you can try out.

To help you pick the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal, we have sorted through and made a list for you.

Foods to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Foods eat after wisdom tooth

When it comes round to the best foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction, it is best to stick to a semi solid or liquid diet if you want the best outcome. There are abundant options which are why it is best that you don’t overexert or eat something that requires a lot of chewing.

Let us take a look at some of the best options, shall we?

1. Blended and Pureed Soup

Blended and pureed soupFor faster recovery from the extraction, it is necessary that you eat something that is smooth, won’t exert pressure on the teeth and is smooth in texture as well.

All that being said, it is also necessary that you maintain a nutritious diet at the same time. Getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals ensure that you experience faster recovery with this.

This is the primary reason why it is necessary that you rely on the blended soups which have all the necessary veggies and at the same time, the essential nutrients as well.

The blended soups also help keep you hydrated which is an added bonus for your body following the surgery. Make sure that the soup you are consuming is lukewarm and not hot because that can further cause irritation.

2. Apple Sauce

Apple sauceYet another one of the best foods to eat after tooth extraction has to be apple sauce. Yes, you need to become a baby yet again because staying away from solid foods is the best way to go.

Apart from being amazing in terms of taste, the applesauce also contains quite a good amount of Vitamin C along with dietary fiber which ensures the maximum nutrition for your body.

Since the apple sauce is smooth and pureed form, it includes the minimal jaw movement which is a necessity if you want the best recovery for your health.

It helps in promoting the healing and helps prevent the soreness that many often tend to complain about. We would definitely suggest that you make your own applesauce and avoid using the sugar loaded variants that come pre-packaged in the market.

3. Smoothies

SmoothiesIf you want your gums to recover quickly, it is important and very necessary that you avoid directly attacking the ice cream. Instead, try and stick to milkshakes which have the same kind of benefits.

Loading yourself up on ice cream can affect your gut microbiome, mainly because of the fact that they are loaded with an unprecedented amount of sugar.

You can switch that with probiotic rich yogurt which can definitely help keep the diet of smooth and semi solid food in check and provide with the necessary probiotic as well.

If possible, add in some Greek yogurt to the mix because that further does help stabilize your gut microbiome and at the same time, gets rid of the pain and the discomfort that you could be experiencing.

For the best results, make sure that you maintain a thin consistency of the smoothie to ensure that you don’t struggle with the pain and discomfort later.

4. Broth


Yet another amazing option of what to eat after wisdom tooth extract has to be broth. Yes, it does sound boring and very bland but trusts me, it is good for your process of recovery.

The broth is loaded with the necessary nutrients and is liquid so you don’t have to struggle with the pain and discomfort while consuming it.

If possible, ensure to opt for the chicken soup because that does help for this. Bone broth is believed to be the best option because of the abundant range of nutrients present in it.

In addition to the taste and the consistency, another factor that makes the broth a good option is because of the presence of some of the anti-inflammatory properties which further come in handy for recovery.

It is always suggested that you consume the broth either cold or lukewarm if you don’t want to end up irritation the site of the surgery even more.

5. Ice Cream

Ice creamSurgery can be excruciatingly painful and extensive which is why ice cream is often touted as a good option. The only thing with the ice cream that you need to keep in mind is to not go overboard with the consumption.

The last thing you want is to end up getting a sugar rush and cavity. Spoiling yourself is okay but not too much that it ends up affecting your health for the worse. Opt for the soft-serve ice creams or if you are opting for the popsicles, make sure to just suck on them lightly.

The cold ice cream often helps quicken the healing process without much issues which is quite good.

Opt for the simple flavours instead of the rough and rocky options which require chewing or putting strain on your teeth. That can result in a complete downhill for your teeth which is the last thing you want.

6. Eggs

EggsYet another one of the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth out is eggs. They are not just loaded with the much needed protein that your body needs, it is also loaded with a good range of vitamins and minerals that can quicken up the healing process even further.

Scrambled eggs and even soft boiled eggs are a good option that you can opt for. If you want a quick fix for your recovery, this is definitely an amazing option to look into. Make sure that you follow through the soft foods and don’t overcook the egg because that won’t do any good.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurtYet another one of the foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction that you can opt for is the greek yogurt. This is a good high protein food that you can add to the list of foods if you are not in the mood for some eggs.

Apart from that, the smooth and creamy texture of the yogurt further helps in soothing the pain and the discomfort. It is also loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc which further contribute to the recovery process.

High protein foods have also been found to help promote the healing (R) process, which is an added bonus.

8. Jelly

JellyYet another amazing food to eat after wisdom tooth extraction has to be jell-o. It has a very soft and squishy texture which is good for your diet after tooth extraction.

It is easy to consume and digest which further helps around get rid of the pain and discomfort. These can also keep you satiated because of the kind of sugar content they have.

Make sure to not go overboard with the consumption because that will end up causing a problem. Get the Jell-O mixes and set them as per the instruction and eat a little at a time for better soothing of the area around the wisdom tooth.

9. Cheese

CheeseNot many would suggest this in the diet after tooth extraction but it is loaded with probiotics which have proven benefits on your teeth.

But, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you consume the soft cheese instead of the hard variant. Instead of opting for the big blocks of cheese, try and stick to the shredded cheese.

They are quite good for your teeth and ensure that you won’t struggle to chew or feel them get stuck in the teeth.

If you want to snack on cheese, the cottage cheese is actually quite an amazing option to look into.

10. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoesFor those who are looking for answers on what to eat after wisdom tooth extraction, mashed potatoes is actually a good option.

It is loaded with the necessary calories and the nutrients needed for better recovery. It is always best that you make some from scratch at home instead of opting for the prepackaged ones.

This is also quite smooth and light on your stomach which is good as you will already be doped up on a number of antibiotics and such.

Make sure it’s lukewarm and not hot when you are consuming it.

11. Oatmeal

OatmealInstant oatmeal is yet another one of the best meals that you can add to your diet once you are done with the wisdom tooth extraction.

These also boil up to a smooth and creamy texture which is a necessity more than anything else when you are trying to get your wisdom tooth in place.

Try and make the oatmeal from scratch instead of using the ones that come prepackaged. They are loaded with an unprecedented amount of sugar which can be bad for your body and your oral health.

Add some pureed fruits to the oats and eat it for that natural sweetness.

12. Mashed banana

Mashed bananaYet another one of the effective foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction has to be the mashed banana. It is loaded with a good amount of potassium and natural sugars which help with the healing without imposing excess impacts on the teeth.

If required, you can also mash the banana in a blender and add some milk to further thin out the consistency of the fruit.

This helps ensure that you can eat it without much problem and without exerting excess pressure or strain on the teeth and gums.

Apart from the potassium, banana is also loaded with Vitamin B6, folate as well as manganese which further come in handy for the faster recovery.

13. Avocado

AvocadoAvocados are a lot different than the other available foods that you generally eat after the wisdom tooth removal.

They are low on carb and high on the healthy fats which does come in handy in helping propel the recovery even further without imposing any kind of negative impacts on the body and the recovery.

It is also rich in vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin C as well as potassium which comes in handy for the faster recovery of the gums and the area following the extraction of the wisdom tooth.

If you aren’t the biggest fan of the avocado in general, blend it in the mixer with some fruits and drink it as a smoothie for disguising the flavour.

14. Hummus

HummusYet another one of the foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal has to be hummus. It is made from chickpeas and has been reported to have a good amount of nutrients that the body needs for a steady recovery.

It is mainly used as a dip but can also be eaten by itself if you are suffering through pain and discomfort.

If you want a comfortable experience with food following the extraction, the hummus is actually a good enough option that you can look into. For the best impacts, you can make hummus at home from scratch without relying on the store bought options.

Don’t eat it with bread or anything hard that requires excessive chewing because that can further exert unnecessary strain on your teeth and jaw.

15. Salmon

SalmonNobody would think of a piece of fish as a good option for consumption following the dental surgery but trust me, it is a good option.

Salmon is considered one of the healthiest fishes to eat and all for the right reasons. If you are tired of eating the liquid diet, picking salmon for consumption can be a good option.

It has a very soft texture to it which is easy to chew and doesn’t impose excess strain on the oral cavity which is ideal if you want to eat something after your surgery.

Foods To Avoid After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The last thing that you want is to eat something that requires excessive chewing, thus putting excess strain on the jaw and teeth.

You don’t want to overwork your oral cavity. This is why we are going to suggest some foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal. Let us take a look, shall we?

1. Meat

MeatMeats are complex protein which are tough and requires for you to chew extensively. That isn’t ideal when you have your wisdom tooth just extracted out.

The best way to maintain good oral health is by ensuring that you cut out the consumption of meat for a few days till the condition is healed properly.

Simple and lean meats are still okay for consumption but try and avoid the complex meats like red meats which are harder to chew and can impact your area that has been worked upon.

2. Bread

BreadBread is yet another one of the foods which are off the table for you if you had your wisdom tooth extracted out. The main reason behind this is because of the hard texture of the bread.

It makes it hard for you to chew and can even put a strain on your oral cavity, making the process of healing slow down drastically.

Crusty and strong breads aren’t a good option at all. If you are in the mood, you can still eat the softer variants of bread but that too after a few days after the surgery is done.

Sweet Hawaiian rolls are a good option for you to look into if you want to start eating bread after the removal.

3. Roasted veggies

Roasted veggiesYet another one of the foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal is the roasted vegetables.

Vegetables in the form of puree are advisable to eat to gain all the necessary nutrition but if you don’t want to experience pain and discomfort, it is best suggested that you avoid roasted vegetables.

They are quite tough to eat and swallow which is why it is best that you do avoid it for good. If the finely chopped vegetables get stuck inside your teeth, chances are that the same can end up causing a problem for it.

So, for a few days, try and avoid these kinds of foods and once you have the full chewing power back in control, you can definitely opt for the roasted veggies without any kind of issues.

4. Crackers

CrackersHard snacks like crackers and pretzels are some of the other foods that you should mostly avoid when you are trying to recover from wisdom tooth removal.

These are often quite tough to bite through and require for you to chew them quite a bit which can be very daunting when you are suffering from pain and discomfort.

For this, it is best that you avoid eating these hard snacks.

5. Pasta

PastaMajority of the available pasta have a very chewy texture to it which is the absolute last thing that you want for your teeth.

When you have your wisdom tooth removed, chances are that there will be a hollow space and you don’t want any kind of food particles being stuck in that space.

Pasta does have the tendency to get stuck in your teeth which is why it is best that you avoid eating that.

Once your recovery, gorge down as much pasta as your heart desires. Make sure to always cook the pasta properly even if you are eating it a few days later. Since the pasta has a tendency to get stuck in between the teeth, it is best suggested that you cook the pasta all the way through before cooking and eating them. This can solve the issue and also prevent you from chewing it more than you should.

6. Spicy Foods

Spicy foodsSince there could be lesions caused because of the removal of the wisdom tooth, you want to avoid the spicy foods like a plague. They can end up causing issues with your recovery and even causing a stinging and burning sensation when you are eating food.

It is thus best to ensure that you do avoid the consumption of the spices in excess because that can cause further issues that you didn’t have much idea about.

That doesn’t mean you need to cut down on the spices completely. All you need to do is practice moderation when it comes to the spices.

When it comes down to the foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal, the options are quite extensive. The only thing to ensure is that you eat foods that are semi solid or liquid in texture. This helps speed up your recovery process and prevents any kind of risks with delayed healing. Make sure that you also avoid the foods that we mentioned around her for even better recovery.