Ketone Monoester Drinks Could Help Regular Blood Sugar, New Study Suggests


With the consistent rise in the rate of diabetes and prediabetes in people across the globe, new and improved strategies need to be implemented to not just keep the blood glucose in check but to also help keep the risks to a bare minimum. Ketone monoester drinks could be the answer to that.

A new study (R) conducted by the researchers from the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus have found a novel strategy to help control blood glucose levels suggesting that drinking ketone monoester drinks can preferably help with the condition. This is raging a lot of popularity around, especially because it has positive impacts in controlling diabetes.

Jonathan Little, associate professor at UBC Okanagan’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences, who is also the lead author of the study suggested saying that people across the world have been showing a lot of importance to the ketone drinks and supplements for combating the condition of diabetes. Owing to the rising demand, the same has been a very popular constant in the markets as well.

Given how new they are and their formula, there is not much research around how it affects the body’s metabolism. This is one of the first studies on non-athletes that helps find the exact reasons that everyone has been very curious about.

For those unaware, Type 2 diabetes is the condition wherein the body fails to control the levels of blood glucose because of the impaired insulin function in the body.

Little further emphasises on the fact saying that the condition has been reaching alarming levels in Canada and across the world. Not just that, it has also reached till a level that it can cause an epidemic. It is true that the condition of Type-2 diabetes is curable with medication and insulin injections but majority of the patients prefer a different route that doesn’t require them to take pills every single day.

Ketone supplements are proving out as a potent remedy for the condition of Type-2 diabetes because the ketone bodies are believed to be natural fuel source for the body during the time of ketosis which is a byproduct of a ketogenic diet.

It is not a surprise that Little elaborates saying that consuming a low carb ketogenic diet is very effective in helping manage the blood sugar levels and even helping with the condition of Type-2 diabetes.

The main objective of the researchers was to find what would happen in case the patients with high risks of obesity and Type 2 diabetes who haven’t been dieting would be given with ketone supplements.

For the study, the researchers recruited 15 subjects. They were asked to consume a ketone based drink after fasting throughout the night. Following 30 minutes of drinking that, the researchers then asked the subjects to consume 75 gms of sugar following which the blood samples were then taken.

Following that when the observations were taken, Little and their team of researchers found that the keto drink subjected the participants into a state of pseudo ketogenic state but didn’t impact the levels of insulin in the body.

This was enough for the researchers to draw conclusions on the fact that the use of these could actually have massive potentials in helping treat the condition of Type-2 diabetes in the long run.

But, Little has also clarified stating that they do need to delve deeper into understanding how it is working and the kind of long terms effects they have on the body.

The researchers need to be very assured of what kind of long term effects ketones can have on the body before they finally approve this as a good measure for controlling Type-2 diabetes. The other concern was the fact that the drink tastes absolutely terrible, which needs fixtures in the long run to make them edible.

But, the researchers also believe that the people who are already on a strict ketogenic diet and have been looking into ways to further help bring forth changes to the condition of Type-2 diabetes, the ketone monoester drinks could actually be a fruitful remedy once everything is sorted out with this one.