Do You Know These Dry Fruits Benefits

dry fruits benefits

Dry Fruits are Healthy and power packed with multitude nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber and energy. They have a longer shelf life than fruits and are handy to store and grab. The below compilation on “do you know these dry fruits benefits” is to help you include the optimum quantity of these dietary fibers in your routine. And enjoy the many benefits they bring for skin, health and heart. But they must be taken in small quantities, as they are rich in calories too, for they are concentrated as water has been removed from fruits to make them dried fruits. They are preserved with added ingredients and prevented from discoloration and rotting.

Dry fruits often have conflicting opinions for their intake. Some believe in its wholesome dietary enrichment and others are concerned about calories. But we have brought some wonderful and minute details to help you decide your optimum quantity of dry fruit consumption in a day. Dry fruits are the fresh fruits on which drying methods are applied resulting into concentrated forms with retained and enhanced nutritional values. Fruits shed water and shrink in size into energy dense levels. They can be preserved for much longer and easy to store without refrigeration for long. They are also quickest to eat or carry along for trips and also while traveling for the daily commute.

Dry Fruits Benefits:

1. Dry Fruits Prevent Constipation:

Dry fruits Prevent constipation

Prunes and dried figs are speciality natural laxatives, and they help in treating constipation. Dry fruits are high in fiber contents which stimulate bowel activities. They increase gastrointestinal fluids which aid digestion and soften the food to pass through bowel cycle.

2. Dry Fruits Strengthen Immunity of Our Body:

Dry fruits strengthenSome dry fruits are rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene, which strengthen body’s immune system. They also enrich our skin and hair growth.

3. Dry Fruits Help in Preventing Cancer:

Dry fruits help in preventing cancerDried apples and apricots consist of phytonutrients, which are good sources of fiber and rich anti-oxidants. They help in preventing cancer causing agents in our body. As they are rich anti-oxidants, they prevent free radicles which cause cancer.

4. Dry Fruits Are Rich Source of Iron Thus Prevent Or Cure Anemia:

iron thus prevent or cure anemiaMost dry fruits are rich in iron and they help in preventing or curing anemia. But vitamin C must be consumed to aid in absorption of iron from dry fruits. Though fresh fruits are rich in vitamin C but while applying drying methods the vitamin c contents are lost.

5. Dry Fruits Hin Strengthening Bones:

Dry fruits also helps in adding strength to our bones. Mainly figs, walnuts and almonds are rich in calcium and omega 3 fatty acids too.

6. Dry Fruits are Rich Fibrous Foods:

Dry fruits are rich fibrous foods

Dry fruits have more fiber than the same quantity of fresh fruits. Fiber helps in smooth digestive tract and aids in metabolism. They prevent obesity and heart diseases.

7. Dry Fruits Are Rich Natural Anti-oxidants:

Phenols and other anti-oxidants are present in most dry fruits. These anti-oxidant properties make dry fruits helpful in curing heart ailments, cancer, diabetes, brain and other diseases.

8. Dry Fruits are Fat Free:

Dry fruits are fat free and protein rich, so they make great mid meal snacks. With their high calorie percentage they provide instant energy for athletes and sports or fitness conscious people. That’s the reason most energy boosting granola bars contain lots of dry fruits. They also help in weight loss. Just add a few dry fruits in diet and make it an important meal or snack.

9. They Help in Beautiful Healthy Skin:

Anti-oxidants present in dry fruits help in keeping our skin healthy and glowing. They also slow aging and help in curing skin deformities. They also help in treating acne and aging lines, so they have extensive uses in face packs and masks

10. Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels:

Dry fruits are rich in potassium so they help in maintaining healthy blood pressure. They also help in maintaining body water balance. Thus, they prevent hypertension.

Some healthy Dry Fruits With Specific Health Benefits:

1. Cashews:

CashewsCashews help in treating migraines. As cashews are rich in magnesium, which helps in treating fatigue and inflammations including migraines. Cashews also provide protein and fiber to the body. They contain no cholesterol, so promote heart health.

They are rich anti-oxidants so help in eliminating free radicles thus preventing various types of cancer. They help in having healthy gums, strong bones and teeth. Cashews are also energizing foods which help in weight management and also during menopause.

2. Almonds:

AlmondsAlmonds help in creation of new blood cells and hemoglobin. It is also a good anti-oxidant which helps in preventing cancer and tumor. Flavonoids found in almonds help in preventing breast cancer too.

Almond also helps in weight loss, skin deformities, blood pressure control, constipation and heart diseases. Almond milk and almond oil also have excellent health benefits. Both orally and applying externally on body and hair make them rich and strong additives.

Dry fruits

3. Walnut:

WalnutWalnuts are extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acids hence they are called brain foods. These help in controlling blood cholesterol. They also have anti-inflammatory benefits to treat asthma, eczema and arthritis. Melatonin is the anti-oxidant present in walnuts, which helps in preventing depression and aids in a good nights sleep.

Walnuts are good for heart health, they prevent cancer, and are a great source of proteins and natural laxatives. They also help in fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Some More Dry Fruits Include :

  • Prunes: They have good laxative effects and help in aiding digestion
  • Figs: They are rich in minerals and help in preventing cancer
  • Cranberry, raisin, dates, pineapples, peaches, apples

Dry Fruits The above compilation on “Do You Know These Dry Fruits Benefits” is based on readings overtime. These dry fruits are known and researched for the many benefits stated above. But for more specific health related issues, see your health care provider. Also, nuts are known to carry allergies, so check for specific allergies before opting for them.

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