Know The Infertility Causes And Treatments

Infertility causes and treatments

Know the Infertility causes and treatments as infertility is more of a psychological phenomenon for many parents. Their inability to conceive naturally causes tremendous upheaval in the lives of couples. In medical terms, when the efforts to conceive still don’t result into pregnancy after an year, it is called infertility. It is of immense concern for most women in their higher ages. And certainly needs medical aid.

Infertility Causes And Treatments

Causes of infertility:

The cause can be for both male and females. This is attributed mainly to lifestyle and health conditions. Some causes are:

1- Ovulation disorder:

Ovulation disorder

A woman’s ovaries must be regularly producing good quality eggs. A hormonal imbalance may cause poor egg production. It can be due to multiples reasons like problems in endocrine glands, stress, obesity or low body weight, poor lifestyle.

2- Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes:

Fallopian tubes are the passage through which eggs travel to uterus. There can be blockage in fallopian tube due to diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, fibroids, ectopic pregnancy.

3- Poor sperm health

4- Uterine or cervical abnormalities

5- Early menopause

6- Cancer and other medical conditions

Seek Medical Advice when:

Medical Advice

1- Abnormal menstrual pain and cramps
2- Abrupt menstrual cycle of less than 21 or more than 45 days.
3- When you have damaged pelvis
4- When you have had miscarriages
5- When you have had surgeries on your genitals

Fertility Treatments Options include:

1. Fertility Drugs:

Fertility drugs

These special drugs are injected or taken in the form of a pill. These drugs are hormone inducing which helps in ovulation. It boosts egg production and makes uterus more healthy for embryo implant. These are the first choice in treating infertility. These have a success rate of 50% and work wonderful for age less than 35 years. Also, they are low cost drugs and can be used without any harm.

2- IUI or intrauterine insemination:

IUI or intrauterine insemination

It is a form of artificial insemination where spam is ideally implanted in uterus using a catheter. This method is most common and used when sperms and eggs despite being healthy do not fuse. It has 15-20% chance of conceiving in every cycle, which increases with fertility drugs in addition. Though it’s a simple procedure but little expensive and can result in multiple births.

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3- IVF or in vitro fertilization:

IVF or in vitro fertilization

It is a complex procedure where mature eggs are collected from ovaries and it is made to fuse with sperm in lab conditions. Liquid medium is maintained for this artificial fusion. Once the embryo develops it is placed in uterus and natural pregnancy is carried hence.

4- Sperm Donor:

In cases where male sperm is inadequate to fuse with eggs, then sperms must be donated for the same. This is good for single woman, Lesbian or men with genetic disorders to conceive and have a child.

5- ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection:

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

It is a very difficult and specialized process where an embryologist selects a healthy sperm of men and with a microscopic needle it is made to fuse with the egg. Once the embryo develops it is transferred into uterus through IVF. Extremely costly and low chances of birth with this process. There are ample side effects of the drugs involved. This must be the last resort after failing all the other treatments.

6- Surrogacy:


This is the most popular form of fertilization which works great for women with reproductive disorders, Gay men or men who wish to stay single and parent a child. A surrogate carries the embryo for the entire 9 months until delivery. Having introduced with IVF and embryo, the surrogate must be legally and medically fit for opting the same. Compensation for surrogate mom and the other expenses make it extremely expensive but good chances of birth.

7- Reproductive surgery:

Reproductive surgery

Sometimes surgeries may be proceeded for correcting the abnormalities in men or women. These are for until age 35 and have good chances for conception post surgery.

8- Zygote intrafallopian transfer or ZIFT:

Zygote intrafallopian transfer or ZIFTIt is like IVF but eggs are first fertilized in the lab by the doctor and then placed in fallopian tube and not the uterus. This is used for unexplained infertility which is undiagnosed for any causal reasons. An expensive and risky surgery.

9- Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer GIFT:

It is also similar to IVF, but Fertilization occurs naturally. After the doctor places directly inside fallopian tube. This is for woman with functioning fallopian tubes. A complicated procedure and expensive too. Higher risk of multiple birth.

10- Adoption:

Adoption is looked up as a different method altogether. Because it isn’t biologically or medically carrying any genetic makeup from parents. Rather, its a wise and wonderful decision for parents who are in higher ages and do not wish to take chance by trying the above. The legal procedure is also simple and its a service to society

Infertility causes

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The above compilation on Know the Infertility causes and treatments, is based on readings and experiences shared by our network. These have been discussed and thought by large number of couples or single parents now. The conditions and situations must be assed by a medical practitioner to guide you better. In most cases some counseling with the doctor helps in deciding which one to opt and in some others tests are performed for checking the optimum and feasible treatment.

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