10 Fruits For Glowing Skin

fruits for glowing skin

Eating fruits can be a delight. They are delicious as well as healthy. They have various health benefits. They supply the body with nutrients and minerals. They can also be good for the skin. They nourish the skin and make it healthy. Eating processed foods and junk food can make your skin undernourished and make it look dull and dry. You may also be prone to acne. But eating plenty of fruits is a good news for the skin. Many fruits can be good for skin but here we discuss 10 fruits for glowing skin.

Fruits For Glowing Skin


Lemon is a citrus fruit. Lemons can be very good to your skin. They naturally bleach your skin from within. Lemons lighten the skin and promote even skin tone. They can also remove acne marks and blemishes. They deep cleanse the skin by breaking down any dirt clogging the pores.

To maintain the beauty of your skin, drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey added to it. Early morning on an empty stomach can be good to drink it. This miraculous drink can have many health benefits including clearing off the blemishes and acne accumulated on the skin.


Papayas are cheap to afford. They are known to be quite good for the skin health. Papaya is also used in the skin care industry in soups, face packs and lotions. Eat papaya regularly if you want your skin health to be good. You can slow mash it and apply on the skin for a skin glow.

Papaya contains a large amount of vitamin -A, beta carotene and important enzyme called papain. Papain is a powerful anti-oxidant. It fights free radical damage on skin. It can also heal damaged skin by speeding up regeneration.


Apples are always known to be the most delicious fruits. They are equally good for the skin. Apples are the richest source of malic acid. The acid is also called as hydroxyl acid. Malic acid is gentle when compared to other acids. So it is used in beauty treatments. Malic acid promotes a healthier and youthful skin by renewing skin cells without damaging the skin layer.

Apples cannot only be good for attaining a glowing skin, but it also has a lot of fiber. Fiber can help to clean the colon. This can help to promote pimple free skin.


Avocados are a highly nutritious fruit.They are known to be a super food that have many health benefits. They are not only tasty, but also can be great for the skin. The avocado contains vitamin-E. Vitamin can be called the protector of the skin. The fatty acids in this fruit, help to provide skin with essential lubrications. That promotes youthful skin.

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Bananas contain high levels of potassium. They can help to moisturize and hydrate the skin. They make the skin look softer and youthful. They contain various skin-healthy nutrients such as vitamins -A, B, E.

The nutrients in the skin can maintain the elasticity of the skin. They also moisturize the skin, prevent premature aging and wrinkles. They soften the skin and rejuvenate the skin, lighten dark spots and blemishes. The banana face mask can be a good moisturizer as well as can give the skin glow.


Kiwi is packed with vitamin-C. These fruits contain more vitamin-C than oranges. Vitamin-C known as ascorbic acid, boosts the immune system. They can also keep the skin look fresher and younger.


Strawberries have vitamin-C content. They also contain salicylic acid. This acid can be good for acne treatments. It is known to go deep into the pores and clean them out. It can unclog oily pores and stop pimples from forming. Strawberries can fight collagen formation responsible for wrinkle formation. And hence prevent the formation of wrinkles. They also clear out white heads and blackheads.


Pineapple contains a large amount of natural bromelain. This enzyme can have special benefits for the skin. It can exfoliate the skin too. You can use pineapple juice or pulp on the skin to help clear off dead skin cells, which results in a beautiful and glowing skin. Pineapple contains anti-oxidants that neutralize the free radical damage. Pineapple can have the quality of hydrating the skin from the inside out. It lightens blemishes resulting in a clear-looking skin.


Pomegranate is full of nutritional benefits as it is rich in nutrients. There are nutrients in the white membrane, the seed and the peel. Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants. They have the power of fighting free radical damage and promote youthful skin. Drinking pomegranate juice can also be good.

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Oranges are a rich source of vitamin-C. They can help in improving the skin texture. They remove blemishes making the skin lighter. They also have the quality of slowing down the process of aging. Dry orange peels and powder them. Store the powder in an air tight container. Use this as a natural scrub once or twice in a week to get clear and glowing skin.

The above fruits can be the best for glowing skin. You may make them a part of your diet so that they can give you health and a clear, glowing skin. There may be other fruits that can be good too. These fruits are good for health and healthy beauty of the skin.

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