10 Effective Facial Exercises To Lift up Your Eyebrows

10 Effective Facial Exercises To Lift up Your Eyebrows

Are your eyebrows droopy? Practice facial yoga or facial exercise that lets your eyebrows feel relaxed first. Relaxed and active muscles is the secret for beauty and fitness. It applies to your facial features as well. Even your facial features like eyebrows, eyelids, lips and cheeks need the exercise to look gorgeous. Today, we are listing the exercises that you easily learn and practice any time in a day.

Facial exercising is the best way to sculpt your features. What you must remember is the simple steps. The press, lifting and extending your eyebrows must go in a rhythm that sets your eyebrows on mountains but no more droopy.

When you are waiting for the results out of facial exercises,you must be patient and a keen observer. It makes a slight difference after practicing it regularly. Make these eyebrow lift up exercises part of your routine to look ever beautiful and young.

Eyebrow Raise Facial Exercises

If you want to raise your eyebrows naturally then you must practice the facial exercises. You must have heard about facial exercises to cut off double chin. Similarly, you also have the facial exercises to set the eyebrows up.

Raising the eyebrows with strokes of eyebrow pencil can still remain your favorite but try this out at the same time. You have a good number of exercises that you can practice while watching television, at your desk or make it a morning routine.

a. Exercise One

Exercise 1

You are giving a slight pressure to your eyebrows which also raises them. The muscles around your eyes relax and prevent wrinkles or lines. But doing it the wrong way can give wrinkles too. So, follow the exercise instructions as is.

Steps to do

  1. Place your index fingers of two hands above your eyebrows.
  2. Now almost close your eyes by squinting and then open.
  3. Keep repeating the movement for 5-10 times.
  4. Don’t bring your eyebrows close as it creates wrinkles in the middle of your eyes.
  5. Don’t over press your forehead as it creates wrinkles there.

b. Exercise Two

Exercise 2

This exercise is similar to the above one but the benefit is the same. You can lift up your eyebrows as you are raising them with a movement. Now start practicing a few times for a set of days to make a difference.

Steps to do

  1. Open your fist and place your index fingers just above the brows.
  2. Place your thumb fingers on the cheeks which forms a big “C” shape.
  3. Now raise your eyebrows with the help of your eyebrows.
  4. Try to open your eyes wide and big. Hold it for 2 seconds and relax.
  5. Repeat this movement for 10 times consecutively.

c. Exercise Three

All you have to do for lifted eyebrows is holding them up with your fingers. This exercise is designed for the people who want mountained brows. You are allowing your brow muscles to relax and rejuvenate with a gentle stretch.

Steps to do

  1. Place your three fingertips of middle fingers below your eyebrows.
  2. Rest both your palms on your cheeks.
  3. Now lift up your eyebrows with your fingertips and hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Then gently release your hands away from your face.
  5. Take a deep breath and then exhale out.
  6. Repeat these steps for 5-10 times to complete the exercise.

d. Exercise Four

Exercise 4

It is an easy facial exercise to lift up your eyebrows. You can even practice while you are handling other tasks as you don’t have to use your hands. It takes very few minutes but the results will be incredible with this simple exercise.

Steps to do

  1. Sit in a chair closing your eyes.
  2. Lift your eyebrows hands free as much as possible while pushing eyelids down.
  3. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then relax.
  4. Repeat it for 5-10 times to complete the exercise.

e. Exercise Five

Exercise 5

Here you are trying to create a stretch at the temple which also impacts the eyebrows. You are training your eyebrow muscles to lift up at the corners. If you have droopy brow ends then this is the best exercise for you.

Steps to do

  1. Place your three middle fingers at the temples.
  2. Hold the temples tightly with your fingertips.
  3. Gently bend your head down and close your eyes.
  4. Hold the position for 5 seconds and relax.
  5. Repeat it for 5 times to create a stretch.

f. Exercise Six

Exercise 6The exercise helps you relax during and post it. It applies a soothing press on the forehead muscles while lifting up your brows. At the time of practicing this exercise, don’t apply any moisturizer or lotion as your skin slips.

Steps to do

  1. You must practice this exercise once at a side.
  2. Now place the back of your each thumb finger at the end of both brows.
  3. Lift your eyebrow with the thumb finger and push it up.
  4. Then relax and repeat the steps for 5 times.
  5. Switch the sides with the same steps.
  6. Do it 3 times a day for best results.

g. Exercise Seven

Exercise 7

Another easy exercise that you must practice to lift your eyebrows is thumb finger under brows. It helps relax the overactive muscles. Relaxed muscles around eyes are the secret for youthful looking eyes.

This exercise works like a workout for the brow muscles which have the least movement most of the time. So, you are pressing and releasing the tension that the eyes hold throughout the day and prevent drooping.

Steps to do

  1. Place the front of each thumb finger underneath each eyebrow.
  2. Now push the eyebrows upwards gently and hold for 2 seconds.
  3. Relax by pushing away your hands from the brows.
  4. Again place your thumb fingers under brows and hold, relax.
  5. Repeat 3 push ups for 3 times to see the best results.

g. Exercise Eight

Exercise 8With this exercise, you are tightening your eyelids for a few seconds. This trains your muscles around the eyes to raise up. This is a rejuvenating movement for your eyes it frees from the day long tension. You can practice this exercise before going to bed as it can soothe your mood along with lifting up your brows.

Steps to do

  1. Spot the end of your palm and place it underneath your eyebrow.
  2. Told your eyebrow tightly with the end of your palm.
  3. Once you are comfortable, push it upwards gently.
  4. Hold it for 3-5 seconds and then relax.
  5. Do 5-6 reps to complete a set for each side.
  6. Repeat it 3 times a day for best results.

h. Exercise Nine

Exercise 9When you are rubbing your eyebrows gently, it relieves your stress. The tightened and movement less muscles are the cause for droopy eyelids and eyebrows. Hence, practicing this exercise regularly can avoid muscle tension and help you have raised eyebrows.

Steps to do

  1. Take your middle finger of each hand on the eyebrows.
  2. Swipe your fingertips lightly pressing along the brows till the end.
  3. Your skin around brows goes behind with the pull and relax.
  4. Repeat it 3-4 times to let your eyebrow muscles relax.

i. Exercise Ten

Exercise 10

Do you massage your forehead? You must try massaging your face to frame it prominently. Practice this exercise which is similar to a massage technique. You can do it when cleansing, exfoliating or oil massaging your face. It relaxes your muscles and raises up your brows as well.

Steps to do

  1. Place your three middle fingers of two hands near the center of the brows.
  2. Swipe your fingertips towards up and press gently at the top.
  3. It pulls your forehead skin upwards and relax.
  4. Repeat the exercise for 3-4 times to lift up your brows.

Droopy eyebrows can be a sign of aging skin. Lifting up your eyebrows with facial exercises is the painless and inexpensive idea. You must consider these facial exercises before going for a plastic surgery. It costs you less than 10 minutes a day but works over the time. But you need to follow the instructions as mentioned here for best results.

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