How to Get Rid of Double Chin

how to get rid of double chin

The extra layer of fats on the chin is a common condition for the people suffering from the problem of overweightedness. This is also known as a double chin or the submental fat. People do various things to hide double as it can make you uncomfortable not just physically but also mentally. However, you can try various tips on how to get rid of double chin.

Here, we have tried to provide all the important information about the problem of double chin along with its causes as well as diseases which may trigger this problem. Read on to get full details about the natural remedies, exercises as well as treatments which you can consider to eliminate the problem.

What is Double Chin?

double chin

The formation of a layer of fat under your chins is known as a double chin. This condition is also called as submental fat. Even though the weight gain is one of the conditions of formation of a double chin, you don’t need to be overweight to get this problem. This health condition may also appear due to loosening skin, which caused due to aging as well as genetics

It is recommended to do various exercises as well as treatments to get rid of the problem.

What Causes Double Chin?

There are numerous causes which can cause the condition of a double chin. However, some of the major causes are listed below.

1. Age

Your body may start to age as you grow older which directly affects the elasticity of the skin. This can trigger the appearance of a saggy or extra layer of skin which looks similar to the double chin.

2. Diet and Weight

As mentioned earlier, weight gain is not the primary reason for the double chin. However, weight gain is the factor which can contribute to it. Consumption of bad diet containing high calories, processed foods along with unhealthy fats and lack of exercise may trigger the effect of a double chin.

3. Genetics

Genetics can also be a reason behind the appearance of double chin. You are more likely to get the problem of a double chin if you have a family history of it or of little skin elasticity.

4. Posture

Your muscles can become weak due to poor posture. Especially the muscles of your neck and chin may get affected by it. As the muscles are not on used the skin will start to lose its elasticity and this can promote the building of double chin.

Is a Health Problem Causing Your Double Chin?

It is also possible that the condition of a double chin is a symptom of any underlying disease in your body. There are some diseases which can cause the development of an extra layer of fat on your chin. Some of the major diseases are listed below.

Sinus infection

The prolonged sinusitis can cause the inflammation which can trigger the swelling of lymph nodes. This may cause puffiness on face as well as neck. The condition of prolonged sinusitis can be caused due to asthma, rhinitis, nasal abnormalities as well as the recurrence of the acute sinusitis.

Cushing’s syndrome

One of the major symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome is the accumulation of fat on neck region along with moon face. This can cause double chin. This syndrome can cause due to prolonged exposure to cortisols in the body. This can trigger the condition of pituitary adenomas.

Kidney disorders

Swelling of the face can cause due to an acute nephritic syndrome. These problems with your kidney may arise due to the response of the body to severe illnesses such as Hepatitis B and C. This triggers the inflammation along with the kidney’s glomeruli swelling. Glomeruli are the capillary networks, which plays a key role in blood filtering.

Inflammation in salivary gland

The infection to the salivary glands may also cause the inflammation as well as be swelling on the face as well as jaw area. This looks similar to the double chin effect. This may cause excessive swelling under your mouth. Various factors can cause this inflammation such as salivary duct stones, inadequate water levels as well as hygiene problems.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems may also cause the swelling of the face. According to the experts, the bacteria which infiltrates the lymphatic system are flushed out the body to by the liver to maintain thyroid health. However, if you are suffering from thyroid problems, this does not take place and the lymphatic system may get accumulated with the bacteria, which causes the swelling of lymphatic glands.

Best Exercises That Target Double Chin

 target double chin

Even though there is no significant proof of removing double chin is possible through certain exercises, they can be helpful in getting good relief from the swelling of the face.  Some of the major exercises which you can consider for double chin are listed below.

1. Ball Exercises

  • Take a 9-10 inch ball and place it under your chin
  • Try to press your chin down against the ball
  • Repeat it at least 25 times every day.

2. Tongue Stretch

  • Look straight ahead and then stick your tongue out.
  • Stretch your tongue as far as you can
  • Lift it towards your nose
  • Hold this position for few seconds.

3. Bottom Jaw Jut

  • First, stare at the ceiling by tilting your heads backward.
  • Now turn it to right
  • Bring your bottom jaw forward
  • Hold it for 8-10 seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat the method with your head turning left.

4. Neck stretch

  • Again tilt your head back and stare at the ceiling
  • Push your tongue against the mouth roof
  • Hold the position for 5-10 seconds and then relax

5. Pucker up

  • Look at the ceiling tilting your head back
  • Stretch the area beneath your chin by puckering your lips.
  • Bring your head back to the original position by stopping to pucker.

6. Straight Jaw Jut

  • Tilt your head back and keep your gaze on the ceiling
  • Provide the firm stretch to the skin under the chin by bringing forward the lower jaw.
  • Hold this position for 8-10 seconds.
  • Relax your jaw as well as a head.

What are the treatments for double chin?

treatments for double chin

If your double chin is caused due to something severe, your doctor may recommend the treatments which are given below.

1. Lipolysis

This process is also known as liposculpture. In lipolysis, heat from a laser is used to remove the excess fat from the skin. All you need a local anesthetic to carry out the treatment of lipolysis for double chin. However, lipolysis does not cure the excess skin of its elasticity. It just treats fats. Some of the major side effects of lipolysis are,  ○ Bruising○ Pain○ Swelling

2. Mesotherapy

In mesotherapy, few amounts of compounds, which are helpful in dissolving fat are injected in the body. This fat-dissolving compound is known as deoxycholic acid, which is helpful in absorbing fats.

Around 20 injections are required in one treatment to cure the problem of a double chin. Your doctor can recommend up to 6 treatments for proper and complete removal of excess fats from the face. It is recommended to take the help of expert dermatologist while carrying out the treatment as the improper injection of deoxycholic acid can trigger a severe nerve damage. Some of the major side effects of the treatments are,

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Numbness

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Double Chin

get rid of double chin

Trying some of the best natural remedies can also provide better treatment over the problem of a double chin. Some of the amazing home remedies are listed below.

1. Sugar-free Gum

Chewing a sugar-free gum provides a quality workout to the muscles in your jaw line and keep the facial muscles toned. Along with this, sugar-free gum is also beneficial to maintain the health of gum and teeth.

2. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter can also be used regularly to increase the skin elasticity and to remove the problem of a double chin. All you need to do is to just massage some hated cocoa butter on your chin for several times every day. You can do this in the morning before taking bath or in nights before going to bed.

3. Egg Whites

Egg whites contain a skin tightening effect and thus the mask of egg white can be useful in getting rid of the double chin as well as to improve the overall health of the face. Prepare the egg white mask by whisking some egg white. You can add peppermint oil, honey, milk as well as lemon juice in it. Apply it on your face and then leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse it well with help of a lukewarm water.

4. Glycerin

Natural mask made with the help of glycerin is also highly helpful in getting rid of double chin. Prepare a face mask by mixing glycerin, Epsom salt as well as peppermint oil. Apply it on chin area with the help of cotton pad. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off properly with the help of cool water.

5. Wheat Germ Oil

Massaging your neck with the help of germ oil can also be helpful in eliminating the condition of a double chin. Wheat germ oil contains important vitamin E which is helpful in nourishing as well as tightening the skin. Just massage your neck properly with the help of wheat germ oil before going to bed and leave it overnight. Use this process regularly to remove a double chin.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

  • The condition of a double chin is common health problem which can cause die to various health conditions.
  • Sometimes, the problem of the double chin can be one of the symptoms of any underlying disease.
  • You can try some effective exercises to treat the problem of double chin along with various medical treatments.
  • There are amazing natural remedies, which you should try to get rid of double chin quickly.