11 Measures To Prevent Cancer Risk – For the Better World

11 Daily Habits That Help You Prevent The Risk Of Cancer

There are more than 100 types of cancers among which are very common. Some types of cancers have created a fright across the globe. Daily habits contribute to increasing the risk of cancer in many parts of the world. The unhealthy habits and methods of living are aggregating to cause cancer. In fact, it is a leading cause of death universally and the reason could be a lack of awareness. So Here we brought you Daily Measures To Prevent Cancer Risk!!

If you are concerned about the risk of cancer then you must change a few risky habits and adapt a healthy lifestyle. But a change in lifestyle and habits can prevent all the cancers? There is a clear way to block the causes and risk factors of cancer as we are already exposed to it. But a lifestyle can at least reduce that risk with cancer or effects.

When you are asked to prevent cancer risk it is not to take any kind of stress. Stress is another risk factor for some types of cancer. Here we tell what you need to Prevent Cancer Risk and its dreadful effects.

Tips and Measures To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight can cause various types of cancers which include breast, prostate, lung, colon and kidney. The best ways to maintain a healthy weight are mindful eating, exercise, less stress.

People who are not obese are automatically are lowering the risk of breast and colon cancer. Experts say that fatty tissue may cause hormonal fluctuation which gives rise to cancer tumors. Choose a healthy weight loss program and start practicing the habits that help you with maintaining the appropriate weight.One of the main action to Prevent Cancer Risk in these aspects to control and maintain them!

There are studies (R) found that healthy weight can reduce the cancer danger. The evidence from a 2002 study of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reviewed the link between weight and cancer. It is applied to the types of cancers namely- colon, breast, endometrial, kidney and esophageal.

2. Choose healthy foods

Choose healthy foodsAs you are seeking for methods to prevent cancer, start it with your diet. It is not that a healthy diet can protect you from cancer but it definitely helps you prevent the risk. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Get the fresh produce and make it part of your platter. Add loads of greens which contain cancer causing antioxidants. Spinach, kale, Swisschard, cilantro, lettuce are some of the best examples.

Eat the foods which are of low calories and high nutrients. While eating healthy foods, it is also important to reduce eating refined sugars, fatty foods and processed foods as these all come under unhealthy foods which expose you to the risk of cancer. It doesn’t mean that avoiding junk food can save you from cancer but it can push you towards the chances of it. So, lower eating processed food as much as possible.

Another measure that you need to take for healthy eating is to avoid too much animal based products like milk, cheese and yogurts. The dairy products can make you gain extra fat which again increases the risk of cancer.

3. Avoid tobacco

Avoid tobaccoTaking tobacco is associated with many types of cancers. One of the very common cancers caused by tobacco is the lung and others are mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, bladder, cervix, kidney. Consuming tobacco can affect oral cavity and pancreas. We strictly say no to second hand smoking which is an exposure to tobacco. Hence, you must consider avoiding tobacco both the ways to prevent cancer risk.

Seek medical help to stop tobacco and ask your doctor for the products that promote quitting smoking. You may also find some proven strategies to avoid using tobacco.

4. Reduce sun exposure

Reduce sun exposure

Skin cancer is another threatening type of cancer that is possibly caused by sun exposure. You have some of the preventional ways for skin cancer like avoiding too much sun exposure, and protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. We understand that staying outdoors is unavoidable for some people then adapt the practical ways without a skip- at the most try not to stay outdoors in between 10 am to 4 pm and if at all you are outdoors, take shelter under the shade.

Other preventional ways from skin cancer can be wearing a wide hat and using sunglasses for eye protection and skin protection. Never skip applying a sunscreen as it can shield your skin from hazardous UV rays. The skin specialists and experts advice to use the sunscreen with at least 30 SPF which is a must even on cloudy days. Along with this, you must avoid tanning beds and lamps which are equally damaging like sunlight.

Also limited moderate sun exposure can help you absorb vitamin D. You need it for the healthy functioning of your body. But remember to limit it while taking the above measures.

5. Take vaccine

Take vaccineCertain viral infections lead to cancer for which you must get vaccinated as a protection. Getting immunised is the safest way to stay away from the common viral infections which are potent causing cancer.

The two types of viral infections that can develop into cancer are Hepatitis B and Human papillomavirus. Hepatitis B can heighten the risk of liver cancer. People under few circumstances must take Hepatitis B vaccine- the ones who are sexually active with multiple sex partners, males who have sex with same gender, people who provide healthcare services as they might catch the infection easily.

Other ssexually transmitted cancer is HPV which can be prevented with vaccination. This type of virus infection causes cervical cancer and other genital cancers. HPV vaccine is for girls and boys of 11 and 12 years of age and recently by the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the vaccination of gardasil 9 for males and females from age 9 to 45.

6. Mindful behavior

Mindful behaviorThe risky behaviors like unsafe sex and sharing the used needles can lead to cancer. Basically, the risk factors cause infections which result in cancers. So, always be mindful about your sexual activities and limit sex partners. Being monogamous can help you stay away from sexually transmitted viruses. You can prevent the diseases like HPV and HIV which likely expose you to the cancer danger. People who have HIV and AIDS are under the danger of cancer of cervical cancer and cancer of anus, penis, throat, vagina and vulva.

Using the already used needles for intravenous drugs can inject the HIV infection to a body who is not infected with HIV, hepatitis B and C. This can lead to liver cancer. Hence, you must always be concerned about drug misuse or addiction and need professional help to stay safe.

7. Consume moderate alcohol

Consume moderate alcoholAlcohol is one of the risk factors that can cause cancer. Most people see smoking as an effect of cancer but least of them know about alcohol doing the same. The drinks including white and red wine, beer, and cocktails can develop cancer. But only 7 out of 10 Americans know about this connection of alcohol and cancer. In fact, alcohol is 5% a direct cause for new cancer developments and deaths globally.

You might want to understand how alcohol is a risk of cancer- the first thing you must is alcohol is the fluid that gets infused in the cells easily and damages the DNA which brings abnormal changes in the body. Some of the changes that your body goes through with over consumption of alcohol are, the toxic chemical ethanol. You must remember that your body tries to repair itself with immunity power and alcohol can reduce it and collides with your DNA which lets the cancerous cells grow, multiply. Thereby, it irritates and inflames the organs and tissues in your body.

Women consuming too much of alcohol are prone to breast cancer as it raises the estrogen level. High levels of estrogen hormone spikes up the risk of breast related cancer in women. Vitamins and antioxidants are some of the components that your body needs to fight cancer. When you are taking too much alcohol, your body absorbs less nutrients and may not have the ability to prevent cancer.

You can consume moderate alcohol that promotes the health benefits like preventing heart diseases, reducing diabetes. So, count your drinks to limit it.

8. Practice physical activities

Practice physical activitiesThe theory of exercising reduces the risk of cancer is proven in many ways. There are many health benefits with regular exercise. You can go for a walk to gain some feel good endorphins that reduces the stress levels. Other physical activities can promote healthy appetite and also help you regulate your weight. You can reduce the effects of obesity and overweight with daily workout.

Exercising can keep away from various types of cancers like breast, lung, colan, prostate and kidney. You must go for moderate 150 minute exercise for a week or 75 minute vigorous exercise. If you want to workout on a daily basis then do it for 30-45 minutes.

There is proven evidence (R) shows that higher levels of physical exercises can reduce the risk of cancer. Yet there are gaps in between the possibilities and definite amount of exercising to stay away from cancer. However, daily exercise is a great habit that promotes benefits like managing stress, healthy heart, immune system and easy digestion.

9. Timely medical care

Timely medical careYou must go for medical self exams and screenings to detect various types of cancers at an early stage. The treatment with advanced technology can help cure the cancers. Some types of cancers that can be cured at an early stage are cervix, colon, skin and breast. Also know your family medical history which can help you go through the timely cancer screenings.

If you are suspecting any type of cancer, don’t delay the doctor consultation. Also don’t go for unprescribed medicines or treatment. It is proven that you can prevent cancer with other safety measures and at the same time detect precancerous conditions.

10. Manage your stress

Manage your stressThere are several theories that say stress can lead to certain types of cancers or worsens the cancer conditions. The people who go through continuous stress increase the hormones which promotes the growth of tumors. A health immune system can fight the cancer causing factors and stress reduces immunity. And weak immunity makes it difficult for your body to fight cancer. Also the longing stress develops inflammation which contributes cancer. (R)

Another side of mental stress is leading people to consume tobacco, over drinking and over eating which are included risk factors of cancer. Hence, you must try to manage your stress to prevent cancer. A study (R) of 2013 found that work stress leads to overall cancer but may not contribute to prostate, lung and breast cancer. So we urge you to manage your mental stress and practice the relaxing activities for instant relief. Make lifestyle changes and learn to relieve the stress. Also meditate, seek others help if needed.

11. Avoid exposure to chemicals

Avoid exposure to chemicalsMany studies have proved that toxic chemicals potentially increase the risk of cancer. The chemicals in the environment are highly harmful for your health. Some of the chemicals that are contaminating the air are tobacco, radon, acrylamide and others. Inhaling and intaking these chemicals can possibly increase your risk of developing cancers.

Breathing in the chemicals relieved from tobacco smoke is as hazardous as directly smoking it. Another chemical, radon, is mixed with the natural air in small amounts which is harmless. But this chemical can be accumulated indoors in space which can lung cancer even in non smokers. So, the best way to prevent the radon effects is to test the levels of it in your home and surrounding by approaching the local services.

A chemical that people are unfamiliar with is asbestos. It is a tiny fiber that forms on the ceiling, car parts. There is a chance of you inhaling this chemical when it breaks down and gets into your lung. Again this leads to lung cancer as it is a carcinogen. You must call an expert to get this chemical off from your home or office.

Some vegetables turn like potatoes turn into tan color instead of golden or deep brown. If you are noticing any such then avoid eating it as it releases the chemical called acrylamide. The studies say acrylamide chemicals can be a risk factor for cancer.

Conclusion: We always believe that prevention is better than cure. When there is an exposure of health risk, you must look for the preventional measures. In that case, cancer comes in the priority list as it is the leading cause of death across the world. Your daily habits, lifestyle can contribute more or less to cancer risk which can be changed with little effort. The above ways are practical and doable ways to prevent cancer risk and its dangerous complications.