20 Best Foods For Bigger Buttocks – Have a Curvy Body!!

20 Best Foods You Should Consume To Get Bigger Buttocks

Food is the root for your body growth and beauty like its for health. A diet to shape your body is a complete rational thought. Certain foods can help you grow and slim your body parts. It feels blue when you try to grow your buttocks but it shows results on your breast or waist.That could be an imprecise diet to grow your butt. So, whats the precise diet?

People try to grow their buttocks with diet, supplements and creams. But if you want to naturally direct your body for bigger buttocks then diet is the crucial element of all. Consume the best foods that to increase your butt size in the following list.

Along with diet, workout can aid in getting full and round buttocks. A change in diet and lifestyle must not be a hard transition to your body. You need to train your mind and body before starting a diet. Be aware of what all you need to know before taking a diet for bigger buttocks.

Do really foods help you grow bigger butts?

Buttocks are the fleshy part of your body which is covered with glute muscles and a fat layer. The increase in muscle mass and glute at your buttocks can make it bigger. Diet helps growing the butt size by increasing the lean mass muscle and the layer of fat.

Which Are The Best Foods To Get Bigger Butt?

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds

Chia seeds come first to increase your butt size naturally. It contains the healthy fats (R) and protein. It helps in developing the muscle mass. For every 100 grams of chia seeds, you gain 14 grams of protein. You can add the seeds to your pancakes, desserts, smoothies as part of the regular diet.

2. Avocado

AvocadoDo you want to grow your butt and cut off the belly fat? Then avocado is the fixture of your body shape. Usually, 1/2 to 1 avocado per day is reasonable for the best results.

The butter fruit is enriched with healthy fats which enhances your glutes. It prevents your muscle from wear and tear as its anti inflammatory. Try adding the avocado spread to your sandwiches and wraps.

3. Eggs

EggsEggs are the most nutritious foods that you can eat. It strengthens your muscles and protect from weakening. It is a biggest source of protein and loaded with amino acids that build your muscles.

You must include eggs to your post workout meal to increase your buttocks size naturally. An egg contain 6 grams of proteins. So, it is advised to consume, 2-3 eggs to gain the protein in a day. You can skip eating yolk if the cholesterol level is high.

4. Flax seeds

Flax-seedsAnother food that deposits good amount of protein to your diet. You gain 1.5 grams of protein in a tablespoon of flax seeds. And it is brimmed with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B. The other essential minerals magnesium and phosphorus. These fusion of this combination in flax seeds can naturally increase the size of buttocks.

Flax seeds can be your butt enhancer with a combination of healthy components. It is recommended to add 2 tablespoons of flax seeds powder to the smoothies, salads.

5. Tofu

SpinachIf you are particular about eating plant based protein then tofu is the must have in your diet. Tofu contributes higher amount of protein to your meal. 100 grams of tofu contains of 8 grams of protein.

Tofu loaded with healthy minerals- calcium, phosphorus, manganese and selenium. These help in growing your butt size. Grate tofu over the salads, sandwiches and curries.

6. Mushroom

MushroomMushrooms are a befitting substitute of meat for the vegan eaters. It is a plant based protein. 100 grams of mushrooms add 3.3 grams of protein to your meal of the day.

Mushrooms are not only the best foods for bigger butt, its rich in nutrients. The nutrients raise your stamina to work longer. You can sprinkle the mushroom chunks as toppings for your salads, sandwiches.

7. Chickpeas

ChickpeasDo you know that you get 18 grams of protein from a cup of chickpeas? From now spread chickpea hummus on your wholegrain bread instead of cheese. It is considered to be a healthy part of legume family with dietary fiber.

It is filled with healthy fats and minerals- iron and phosphorus. You need the dose of energy with minerals and proteins while doing your butt workout. It makes it easier for you to increase the booty size naturally.

8. Milk

MilkIf you want to make your butt bigger then have a glass of full fat milk everyday post workout. Milk has the full content of protein. Not only that but also contains high volume of calcium which develops the lean muscle mass and increase your buttocks size. Milk is a must inclusive to your diet for stronger bones as well.

9. Chicken breast

Chicken-breastChicken is the lean meat that is always given to shape and strengthen the body. It is a best food that can shape your butt round and bigger. It has the good amount of amino acids that enhances the glutes. And protein in chicken helps in adding the fat layer at the butt area. You can try eating the grilled and pepper seasoned chicken.

10. Almond butter

Almond-butterYou can eat almond butter to grow your butt bigger. It is a good option to replace butter in your daily diet. It contains the healthy fats and protein which contributes in growing the glutes. For your information , almond butter is loaded with calcium that is good for bone health. The butter can be the hunger suppressant unlike the junk food. You can spread it over for sandwiches and plain wholegrain bread.

11. Plain Greek yogurt

Plain-Greek-yogurtIf you are aiming to grow your butt naturally then you can start eating plain Greek yogurt. Anyways, it is easy to add to your diet. You gain the a big dose of protein and calcium with a cup of Greek yogurt. Make sure you avoid sweetened yogurt as it can add unhealthy fat around your butt and waist.

Plain Greek yogurt is totally healthy food as it contains the gut bacteria for better digestion and protects from intestinal infections.

12. Brown rice

Brown-riceFor bigger butt, you will have to swap your meal plan with brown rice. It is an appropriate balance of protein and carbs. You can gain 5 grams of protein per cup of brown rice. It is the best food for bigger butt.

Moreover, brown rice is all hearts when it comes to nutrients as it consists the pack of amino acids. The group of amino acids get into your muscles and provide you the quick energy. With this you stamina to perform exercise increases. You feel full and energetic with brown rice.

13. Oatmeal

OatmealWhen you are focusing on growing your booty you must not forget to strengthen muscles of the area. Oatmeal is the dual beneficial for you. It helps in strengthening your booty muscles and increases the size. Oatmeal with dried berries is the yummy breakfast. And there are many healthy recipes with oatmeal.

14. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin-seedsPumpkin seeds are the healthy snacks to replace with the junk food. It is a nutritious food that encourages the widening of your butt. The elements that make these seeds good for your booty building are healthy fats, fiber. The fusion of the essential minerals like phosphorus and iron can be more of benefit for you.

1 ounce of pumpkin seeds offer you 8.5 grams of protein. It provides you the energy for an active workout.

15. Nuts

NutsYou can consume a handful of nuts everyday post butt workout. Almonds and cashews are nutritious with the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium. Other elements that you gain by eating nuts are proteins. This will let you structure your buttock bigger and shapely.

Add walnuts to your diet as it contain Omega 3 fatty acids. It can be your weight loss tool as it contains less calories but more nutrients. And nuts are the best hunger suppressants.

16. Spinach

SpinachIf your present focus is on bigger butt then spinach can help you a little more. It is enriched with iron and multiple vitamins. And also It boosts your glutes to strengthen along with your butt workout. Even It is powerful food for vegan eater. It carries higher amounts of other minerals and antioxidants. Keep including it to your daily diet.

17. Legumes

LegumesLegumes are always eaten as part of the weight diet. But now you can start eating eating to boosts the buttocks size. Legumes are the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. You can take the dietary fiber from variety of legumes.

Make curries and salads with lentils, peas, kidney beans. You get to intake the protein by eating legumes. It is a healthy balance with low fat and high nutrients.

18. Sweet potatoes

Sweet-potatoesOne of the tastiest foods that is healthy at the same time is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are the storehouse of good carbs. Antioxidants and minerals are very much a part of it. Keep treating yourself with sweet potato to enhance your butt size.

19. Protein shakes


Protein shakes are the stimulants of muscle mass growth. It contains nearly 9 amino acids that help you get bigger butt naturally. Protein shakes contain whey protein which boosts the butt size. It is a booster for you if you are practicing butt increasing workout (R). You can whey protein shakes post workout.

20. Quinoa

QuinoaAre you looking for a protein rich food for bigger butt? Then you will be happy to know that quinoa is a protein oriented food. It is accompanied with 9 amino acids which together increase your butt size. As your body cannot make amino acids on its own, you must take it through diet.

You can obtain 8 grams of protein from 1/4 cup of quinoa. Look for healthy quinoa recipes and add it to your bigger butt diet.

Diet meal plan for bigger butt – Complete Beginner guide

If you are looking for a simple diet plan for bigger butt as a beginner then follow the below. The diet is designed with protein and carbs balance which includes plenty of vitamins and mineral that energize you for the day and give you a bigger butt as well.

Breakfast: 5 egg whites, 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with avocado spread

Snack: Cup of full fat Greek yogurt and handful of nuts

Lunch: 1 grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast bed with veggie topping and green leafs

Snack: 2 tablespoons almond butter over 1 slice Ezekiel bread

Dinner:1/2 cup quinoa and 1 salmon filet

Snack: Protein shake with a fresh fruit that includes berries, kiwi

Things to be considered before taking the diet meal for bigger butts

Say no to junk food

When you are active on a diet to increase the butt size, you must be mindful about your eating. Cut off the junk food for healthy muscle growth and shapely figure.

Food is not everything

If you are only relying on food for bigger butt then it may not show the desired results. You must go for a good butt workout which makes it simpler for you.

Balance your diet

Balance your diet with proteins, carbs and the other nutrients. You can check shuffle the food to gain all the nutrients evenly and as needed for a bigger butt.

Don’t over eat

If you thought over eating can help increase the butt size then you misheard it somewhere. Over eating can result in shapeless figure including the butt. You just have to eat the right food and not commit such mistakes like over eating.

Notice the change

When you are on the bigger butt diet, notice if there is a change in size. This is to know when to switch your diet and when to stop the diet.

Alternative methods for Bigger Buttocks

The alternate methods for bigger butt is creams, supplements and butt implants. All these are popular alternatives but with potent risks. You need professional guidance and medical intervention to undergo these alternative methods for bigger butts. If you are keen to go for any of these methods then consider an expert’s advise before doing it.

Exercises for bigger buttocks

Combine your diet with a helpful workout to volume up your butt. The exercises that you choose must focus on toning and boosts your glutes. This give you a curvy shaped butt.

The best exercises for bigger butt are donkey kicks, jumping squats, glute bridge, clams. You can try variations in lunges and squats. Do the front plank with hip extension which can effective in increasing the gluteus muscles (R). Pick the simple exercises as a beginner. Let your body be endured with the butt workout and then master the tougher workout for firmer and bigger butt.

Bottom line

A final word from personal experience is the physical fitness comes well with diet accompanied with workout. Switch your diet and have a workout regime for a toned, firmer and bigger butt.