Healthy Habits to Stay Forever Young

Healthy Habits to Stay Forever Young

What is age but a number. A number for our minds to play games with our body. The body and the mind no doubt takes a beating with the passage of time. Yet the power and capacity to recover lies in our own hands. You are only as young as you pretend to be. Pretentiousness could be deceptive, yet there is no written rule that says always.

Read on ahead about these healthy habits to stay forever young. Indulge in them and see the years roll back in front of your eyes and in your sinews.


Check Out These Healthy Habits To Stay Young Forever.

How to Stay Forever Young

1Sleep More

Most of the healing and repairing procedures that our body undergoes are carried out while we are sleeping. Mostly everything, from regenerating of the hormone secreting glands to the natural curing of a pimple happens while we are sleeping. If you are been deprived of your daily quota of sleep on a regular basis, then degeneration of the living tissue is bound to take place. The body gets more susceptible to contracting infections and maladies.

2Avoid Pollution

We often tend to mis-comprehend pollution. It may not only be the outside world that is polluted. In the modern day lives of basement parking, corner cubicles, capsule lifts and gymnasiums, we often miss out on the opportunity of catching onto a breath of fresh air. Breathing recirculated air for a long duration, over extended periods, is sure to have a negative impact on your health.

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3Maintain the Balance

Working out may not be as much of an option with the curtains coming in on your years. You may, however stay in the habit of keeping all your body parts in regular motion. Regular walking or some light stretching is known to keep your cardio levels abreast, and provides strength to your sinews. Care should be taken in not overdoing with the exercising bug, as fatigue may be quite the breath taker, specially in older ages.

4Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated ensures the normal circulation of blood to the farthest extremes of your body. The organs thus remain active, ensuring the healthy functioning of all your systems. One may choose to abstain from caffeine and alcohol, as they may have a dehydrating effect on the body.

5Eat your Greens

Leafy green vegetables are an absolutely Pandora’s box when it comes to nutritional contents. Moreover, they are low on calories and high in dietary fibers, thus making them sumptuous yet healthy consumables.

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6Take Less Stress

This one remains no secret. With the years, gaining up on you, the burden of responsibilities gradually wanes. Less stress should only be a natural phenomenon, even as the bones feel shaky, and the joints get wobbly. Exercise, a healthy diet, and overall smartness help in keeping the stress levels low. Things that you may not hesitate in trying your hand at specially so, in old age, with all that experience at your side.

7Take a Break

Monotony could get you stressed, and weigh down upon your years like a bag of wet sand. With fewer things to keep you occupied through the day, life may seem to get bored, to the point that it becomes unbearable. The Company may not be easy to come by, and the ensuing hours may seem to prolong on forever.

It is best advised to stretch out each activity, so as to consume maximum time, and seek for amusing break-away from the daily routine.

8Omega-3 fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acid is a healthy soluble fat, which is abundantly found in fishes, some nuts and seeds. It is known to be essential in stabilizing your mood, in timekeeping the strength of your bones, and also prevents the occurrence of inflammations, which the body might get prone to with age.

9Move Around

Been a couch potato, may not be a very lucrative thing to be as the years catch up with you. We could all do with some momentum in our lives, more so when our daily activities start weaning in numbers.

You may just think of the park bench to be a better friend of yours than the lazy boy opposite the home theater.

10Feel Loved

Life may pass us by in the blink of an eye, even as we are trying to full fill our commitment towards supply. Old age might just be the time, when realization strikes, that’s how deprived we had been in receiving the share of love that we deserved.

It might just be never too late to fall in love, if not with people then with things. There is always time enough in everybody’s life to get attached to a new person, or a hobby, and feel the love that we receive in reciprocation.

11Red Wine

The skin of the grapes from which red wine is produced, is said to have resveratrol.

Resveratrol slows down the whole process of aging, along with flushing the liver of toxins, and reducing the chances of contracting diabetes. Obesity is also known to be kept under control. The goodness of resveratrol is also available in pill form as a supplement.

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Yoga is all about controlled, albeit restrained movements of the various body parts, along with monitored breathing practices.

Regular yoga is said to be extremely beneficial for your mental health. The time spent acting as a healthy distraction, keeping your mind away from any stressful thought. The benefits are there to be witnessed for your physical strength, as well as the cardiovascular stamina. All you may need is some time in hand, and a bag full of patience.

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