All You Need to Know About Acne Face Map

acne face map

Acne breakout is one of the common problems which are faced by almost all the people at some point in time in their life. It is important to carry out effective treatments to cure the problem as it may complicate the situation further and trigger a more severe skin issue. You can try the method of acne face map, which is based on Chinese technique of face mapping, useful in curing the acne problems.

Here we have tried to provide all the important information about the method acne face map. Read on to know various causes of different acne breakouts along with important acne face map remedies.

What is acne face map?

acne face map

Acne face map is a Chinese ancient technique of identifying the exact cause of skin issues you are facing on your face. According to ancient Chinese medical system, every part of your face is linked with the specific organ in your body and the exact cause of acne can be found by finding the underlying health problems.

This method is becoming highly popular among a large number of people as it helps in finding the exact cause and then you can treat it accordingly. It is a fully natural process and does not cause any side effects.

In the acne face map technique, your face is grouped into several zones and accordingly the cause of the acne breakout is recognized.

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Where are your breaking out?

Where are your breaking out

The technique of acne face map provide you the location of breakout of your acne on your face. There are certain spots where acne will break out due to particular problems. Some of the spots of acne break out are listed below.

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● Forehead

The pimples which produces due to the problems with your digestive systems. It also tells you that your body is finding its difficult to break down certain foods. Along with it, it also signals that you are suffering with the stress, irregular sleep as well as liver problems. It is important to take sleep at least of 7-9 hours every night. You can also opt for dandelion tea to cure liver problems. Consumption of digestive enzymes such as papaya and bromelain before having meal helps in breaking down the food.

● Cheeks

One of the most common cause of appearance of pimple on cheeks is coming in contact with the polluted air as well as allergen. The air in your home can also be highly polluted just like the outside air. You can use plants to clean the air inside. Allergies due to polluted air may also create problems in your respiratory system. It is important to wash your skin properly to keep yourself away from the allergies. The pimple on cheeks may also appear due to the sugar content in your body. Eliminate the amount of sugar in your body to get rid of the pimple problem.

● Between the brows

Consumption of greasy, fatty foods such as fast foods is linked with the development of acne between the brows. It is recommended to consume balanced diet. Another thing you can do to to keep yourself away from pimple between the brows is to stay away from alcohol as uncontrolled consumption of it can also be a cause of it.

● Chin

Changes in your hormones is one of the most common cause of appearance of pimples on your chin. It is important to take care of your skin before your periods. Consumption of foods which are helpful in regulating natural hormonal cycle. Also, avoid resting your chin on your hands as this may spread the oils from your fingers to your chin and can trigger the development of pimples.

How to Get Rid of Acne Face Map Using Home Remedies?

acne face map using home remedies

Following the tips given below may prove beneficial for you to get rid of acne on various zones on your face.

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● Forehead acne 

  • Rehydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water
  • Cut down the soda as well as carbonated drinks consumption
  • Try out relaxation techniques
  • Reduce the consumption of refined sugars
  • Consume healthy foods and chew them properly to improve digestion.
  • Avoid shampoos, conditioners as well as hair products which are irritating your skin.
  • Prepare a healthy sleep schedule and get a lot of sleep accordingly.

● Temples zits

  • Avoid the consumption of processed foods, fast foods as well as the junk foods.
  • Cut down the consumption of unhealthy fats.
  • Increase the consumption of cool foods such as cucumber, gourds as well as bitter melon.
  • Follow a better hygiene during summer seasons or wear makeup carefully if you sweat a lot.

● Between the brows pimples

  • Opt for healthy exercise schedule but avoid hard exercising.
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid eating snacks late night
  • Start eating lighter foods.

● Nose pimples

  • Consume less meat
  • Avoid pungent foods
  • Do not eat salt too much
  • Consume warm temperature foods
  • Exercise everyday
  • Increase the consumption of vitamin B
  • For better circulation, massage the area around your nose○ Be in fresh air

● Cheek acne

  • Avoid the consumption of mango, taro root, seafood, wine as well as other foods which are sensitive for you.
  • Cut down sugar consumption
  • Avoid using laundry detergents which may cause irritation.
  • Clean your cells phone with the help of alcohol.
  • Change your pillowcases after every 3-4 days.
  • Follow a proper hygiene schedule if you live in a polluted area.
  • Make sure you are sleeping between 1-3 am in the night as the liver is strongest between these times.
  • Avoid overeating.

● Lip zits

  • Increase fiber intake○ Add fresh fruits as well as vegetables in your diet
  • Cut the consumption of less spicy as well as fried foods.
  • Try to massage the abdominal area in a circular motion.
  • Exchange your toothpaste with a healthy one.

● Jaw and chin acne

  • Avoid eating before going to bed
  • Consume more fresh vegetables as well as fruits.
  • Exercise every day for at least 20 minutes○ Follow proper hygiene
  • Consume omega 3 in large amounts to regulate hormones
  • Follow massaging for proper relaxation, especially the abdomen area.

Tips and precautions about acne face map

precautions about acne face map

It is important to understand that the acne face map is useful in finding the cause of the development of acne on your skin. The remedies of face acne map may not prove beneficial for all as everyone’s skin is different. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before applying these remedies.

The development of acne can be caused due to external as well as internal health conditions. Making healthy lifestyle changes along with applying healthy habits such as the consumption of balanced diet and exercising regularly might help in getting rid of acne.

By Prajakt K.