12 Important Signs you have Toxic Liver

signs you have toxic liver

Important signs you have toxic liver for liver is a vital organ in our body. It is the main function of liver to filter blood coming from the digestive tract and then pass along for circulation. It secretes bile, which help in intestinal processes. The liver also makes proteins important for blood clotting and other functions. Thus the liver is a very important part for our healthy bodily functions. If we have a toxic liver all the vital functions will get hampered and may even cause severe repercussions.

Liver transforms various toxins from our body to be ejected out as waste. And with increasing depositions of pesticides and artificial chemicals in our daily foods and alcohol becoming our welcome drink, it is becoming challenging to keep the toxins off our body. With this liver becomes sluggish and engulfed. It fails to throw the toxins away from the body rather it absorbs them in fat cells within our body to store around the tummy.

Even if we avoid alcohol completely, our liver is susceptible to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD, which is the main cause of toxic liver diseases.

Important Signs You Have Toxic Liver

1. Fatigue and lack of energy:

Fatigue and lack of energy

Lack of energy and fatigue in addition to weakness in the body are all symptoms for toxic liver. They may point towards other ailments too, but these are common underlying symptoms for toxic liver. Fatigue in addition to diarrhea and loss of appetite are the warning signs of liver failure which calls for emergency care.

2. Loss of memory and confusion:

Loss of memory and confusion

The American Liver Foundation states that toxins may also get deposited into our brain, which causes problems in our cognitive abilities. Processing of brain functions get affected and memory and focus are lost. Mental confusion and sleep deprivation are also associated with it.

3. Unidentified weight gan:

Unidentified weight gan

The toxins get trapped in our tummy’s fat cells, which accelerate fat addition in our body. The sluggish liver makes the calorie burnt at workouts also useless. Liver also helps in metabolizing fat. When it gets infected with toxins, it will circulate the fat just from the gut back to the organ through bile. Thus adding more to body weight.

4. Jaundice:


Jaundice occurs when our body has more bilirubin count than it can get rid of. It results in yellowish discoloration of skin, nails, mucous membranes and eyes because of elevated levels of the chemical bilirubin in our blood.

5. High cholesterol and blood clotting:

High cholesterol and blood clotting

Due to unidentified weight gain the cholesterol levels also shoot up. This also results in hypertension and blood pressure. This also causes increased blood clotting.

6. Abdominal bloating:

Abdominal bloating

Toxic liver also causes abdominal bloating and pain around lower right of abdominal area and rib cage. This also causes discomfort and heartburn in addition to some severe refluxes. The acidity levels increase the temperature within our body and result in high perspiration.

7. Skin pigmentation and deformities:

Skin pigmentation and deformities

Toxic liver also causes itchy skin or skin spots. This occurs due to edema or swelling. Skin appears more reddened and flushed and looks all the more rough. The dark spots on the skin are called liver spots. Some cases have fatty yellowish lumps around the eyes, which suggests liver is clogged with unhealthy fats.

8. Swelling in legs:

Swelling in legs

Swelling in the lower part of your legs and bloating in the lower abdomen is a sure sign of clogged liver or toxic liver. These causes further bloating of the liver, with fluids, it is unable to process. This can be painful as swelling puts pressure around skin and tissues.

9. Allergies:


A normal healthy liver produces antigens which fight allergens. When it gets clogged up our body starts storing these allergens. The histamine is secreted by the brain in response. These produce allergies to mark allergen in the body. This causes headache, dizziness and nausea in addition to fogginess.

10. Bad body odor:

Bad body odor

When the liver gets sluggish it becomes heated and body temperature also raises. The body then attempts to cool itself by sweating profusely. This results in bad body odor.

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11. Acne:


The toxins in our body triggers some hormones and they in addition cause acne on our face. No amount of beauty and health hacks will clean this acne, which came from toxic liver.

12. Bad Breath:

Bad breath

Foul smelling toxins when get deposited in our body cause bad breath and unpleasant oral hygiene. The breath smells more fecal like and is a displeasing and embarrassing part for most.

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smelling toxins

The above compilation on 12 important Signs you have toxic liver is based on readings and learnings over time. There have been some serious repercussions known, from toxic liver. Thus a special effort must be made to detoxify your liver and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Do check with your health care provider for specific symptoms. Liver problems must not be overlooked as it is the 2nd largest organ after skin, and most important for its bodily functions.

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