Tips to increase the stamina – be strong, be focused


Stamina includes both mental and physical strength, that helps you to complete tasks without getting tired and stressed. Physical stamina, builds muscular strength and mental stamina helps to fight with diseases and illness. Both physical and mental stamina gives you the overall strength of the body. For overall body stamina, players perform both physical and mental exercises, because they need to be focused in a game. Here are few amazing tips to increase the stamina.

Ways to Increase the Body Stamina


Running is the best exercise to increase the stamina. Not only it helps you to burn fat and calories, it tones the legs and butt muscles. Every morning, make running part of your life.


Swimming helps to make your muscles flexible. Swimming can help to build stamina, gain strength, and more streamlined body. You will also get energy and youthful feeling.

3Push ups

Pushups give strength to your chest, shoulders, triceps and arm muscles. Daily morning pushups will help you to increase the stamina.


Sit-ups help to increase abdomenal stamina, by strengthening the abdomen muscles. Always be careful, not to focus on the back or neck muscles while doing sit-ups.


Aerobic is beneficial for overall strength of body. They enhance the mental as well as physical strength. Heart muscles get good stamina from aerobics. You can easily perform aerobics with full enjoyment.

Running on the stairsUse stairs in place of lift. Running on the stairs, will make your leg muscles strong. It provides mobility to your hips and joint.

6Lift dumbbells

Spend about 15 minutes of your morning for lifting weights for strengthening of your muscles. Keep increasing the weight of the dumbbells as long as you feel that your muscles have enough stamina to lift that much weight


Regular cycling makes your leg muscles strong. It is a great way for mobility of knee and hip joint. It is the best way to lose extra calories in the body.

8Reduce rest

If you want stamina, you need to lower down, resting between sets, but if you feel the strain, then rest for a few seconds. Mike the trainer says, “at the end of every exercise, you should feel the burn and should be breathing heavily and sweating.”


Yoga is best for health benefits. It will give you physical as well as mental strength. Practicing yoga not only gives you strength, it also helps you to develop flexibility.

By doing all these practices, daily in the morning gives you the strength. However, learn to be patient and diligent, as any form of exercise takes a certain period of time before the results begin to show.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari