Tabata – 4 Minute Workout Regime for a Healthy Lifestyle


If you have been wrangling the thought of workout and avoid it because of the lack of time, tabata workout programme is the one for you. This training is specified and dissected into four minutes of high intensity work out with a few intervals in the middle of it. If you are wondering what good will four minutes of workout bring me, think again. Why? Because the list of Tabata benefits exceeds the list of benefits of some of the most strenuous and rigorous workout regimes.

This exercise or workout programme includes 4 minutes of continued activity paired with a few intervals to revive the body from extreme strain. It includes 20 seconds of workout where you put all in followed by 10 seconds of rest to let the body cope to the sudden strain. The one great thing about the Tabata workout plan is the fact that you can pick any workout of your choice and finish doing it in the four minute time frame. It can be anything – squats, jumping ropes, stretches or even free hand exercises.

After you have picked out your exercise, perform it rigorously for 20 seconds and then take a recovery time of 10 seconds and just 10 seconds only; don’t exceed it. Perform this in a similar routine for 8 times and try and extend the time frame from 4 minutes to a bit more, gradually with time. Don’t overdo or overwork yourself because that tends to have adverse effects on the body.

Benefits of Tabata:

  • It promotes weight loss and that too at a very faster pace
  • It increases the body’s efficiency and endurance
  • Improves the body’s rate of metabolism for a healthier life
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Slows down the signs and symptoms related to ageing