Best Stretching Exercise For Your Body

Best stretching exercise

Stretching exercises helpful in refreshing yourself after a night’s sleep or flushing out that sleepiness at your workplace as well. According to various experts, stretching does helps you in removing that laziness you feel while getting out of your bed. There are few the best stretching exercises available for you, which you can try to get yourself stronger as well as getting your muscles refreshed.

It also helps in providing aid to your tight muscles so that your muscles get refreshed and you can flush out the pain. Doing stretching exercises every morning before starting your day helps you in getting the best performance from your muscles.

Top stretching exercises

1Side Stretch

Side stretch is considered as the most useful stretching exercise and can be done at your workplace as well. To do this sit in lotus position with your legs crossed. Stretch your hand in front of you and slowly try to interlace your fingers. Stretch it as much as you can and then extend it above your heads. Remember to keep your fingers interlaced. Later, tend towards your left as far as you can and come in straight position. Then, tend toward your right. Do this regularly to provide stretching to the upper body, shoulders, arms as well as obliques.

2Spine Twist

After lying down, bring one knee nearer to your stomach by raising your leg. Hold that leg with your opposite hand. Then try to gently twist your body while pulling your knee towards the floor. Note that, with your knee, you don’t have to touch your knee. Remember to keep your shoulders on the floor while you stretch your spine. Do the same for the opposite side. This stretching exercise helps in relaxing spine, glutes and back.

3Hip Lift

By sitting with your legs crossed place your palms flat on the floor behind you. Shift your weight back. With the help of your palms as you lift your body. Keeping your hips and chest upwards, be in this position for a while. This exercise helps you in providing relaxation to your hips, chest, and abs.

4Long Stretch

Long stretch helps in getting relaxation for your entire body, especially, neck, torso as well as the back. By inhaling stretch your hands above your heads standing straight. Stretch your hands more and try to stand on your toes. Remember not to bend your knees and feel your entire torso being stretched. Notice that every muscle of your neck, middle and upper back, lower back, feet, shoulders, hands, and hamstring.