Workout of the day: The Lunges

Lunges exercise

Lunges may not be the easiest of leg workouts. Whosoever, ever said, that leg strengthening was easy. The lunges, even among leg exercises, fall pretty high in the complexity hierarchy.

The primary muscles that are been effected by the lunges are the quadriceps, and the glutes, whereas the hamstrings and calves get effected secondarily.

Do not be fooled by the relatively, simple looking body motions required for the workout. Try it out yourself to the pain .

Read on ahead, to get to know the procedure of the Lunges exercise. A must try for your next leg day at the gym.

The Lunges Exercise Guide


  • In case you are a relative beginner, or while performing the first set of the exercise, you may carry out the steps free-hand before you get to the weights.
  • While doing freehand lunges, you may keep your arms, at any comfortable posture, preferably by your side, where they would be positioned, while holding the dumbbells, when you are using weights.
  • You have to keep your knees slightly bent throughout the workout. In the position that you have thus attained, take a large step, in the forward direction, with your convenient leg.
  • Hold the position, and go down vertically, till the knee of your trailing leg touches the ground.
  • After a quick pause, lift your frame slightly, and move ahead, this time getting the trailing leg ahead, and making the knee of the previously leading, now trailing leg, to touch the ground.
  • This completes one repetition of the workout. Take as many such steps, as you are comfortable with.
  • Subsequent sets of the workout should be done with a dumbbell each, in both hands. Increase weights thereupon.
  • Make sure your grip on the dumbbells are tight, so that there is no swinging motions of the arms, and the dumbbell remains in their recommended position.

By Abhro