Top 10 Super Foods For a Diabetic Person

foods for a diabetic

The food that are beneficial for a diabetic patient, should generally be consumed whole, and not in the processed form. Fruits and vegetables, not only satisfy the nutrient contents of the body, but also minimize the chances of any complications.

Going on ahead, we shall be talking about this list of super foods for a diabetic, in some details, that are sure to be extremely beneficial in controlling your diabetic tendencies.

A healthy diet consisting of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, would go with you a long way, on leading a healthy life.

Adding these super supplements to your normal diet, is sure to pile up those benefits, that optimizes your health schedule.

1. Green Apples

Green apples

Anything sour or bitter is known to keep the sugar levels in your body under control.

Green apples are rich in antioxidants, that specifically are effective in keeping the cholesterol levels in your body under control.

Not only, your chances of getting type 2 diabetes are dramatically diminished, but also your system stays energized by the carbs present in the system.

An apple a day, sure keeps doctors away, you only need to keep them green from time to time.

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2. Asparagus

AsparagusIts non starchy taste, yet high caloric contents makes, asparagus a favourite among many. The veggie boosts the insulin producing capacity of our systems.

Its specific antioxidant, Glutathion acts as an anti aging agent, secures the healthy functioning of the heart, and cure diabetes and cancer.

3. Avocados

AvocadosThey are rich in mono-saturated fats, that are extremely beneficial for the heart.

A healthy heart is more efficient in pumping oxygenated blood to the furthest extremes of the body, which in turn maintains the sugar levels.

4. Beans

BeansBeans were once known as the magic fruit, because of their protein content.

It is a good substitute for high cholesterol food, and maintains the blood sugar, as well as the blood pressure levels in our body.

5. Blueberries

BlueberriesBlueberries belong to a family of berries which are very beneficial to the heart.

Anthyocianins, are the anti-oxidants found in blueberries, that give them their blue color.

They prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

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6. Broccoli

BroccoliBroccoli, would easily make it to all super food list, because of its non starchy nature.

Pound for pound, it has more Vitamin C than any of the citrus fruits.

Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant, which the body uses to produce vitamin A. Broccoli is a major source of this anti-oxidant, and hence encourages healthy teeth, vision, bones and skin.

Moreover, it is not only low in carbs and calories, but also rich in folates and fibers, which are beneficial for a diabetic.

7. Carrots

CarrotsAlthough carrots, when cooked, have that rich look and feel of a starchy vegetable, yet it is classified as non starchy, because of its low contents of carbohydrates.

Per 100 grams, raw carrots have about 5% carbohydrates, which is dramatically halved once they are cooked.

They are also rich in the anti-oxidant, beta carotene, and hence promotes the production of Vitamin A in our body.

8. Cranberries

CranberriesCranberries are real stalwarts in the super food sector, and have great detox benefits, for your system.

In general, they are great against urinary tract infections. Moreover they are rich in anti-oxidants, which maintain the cholesterol levels in your body, and keeps your heart healthy.

In the present context of this article, we may also add, that cranberries are rich in phytonutrients, specially anthocyanins, which is beneficial in diabetes control.

9. Fish

FishFish, and other sea foods included, are extremely low in saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Moreover, they are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for the healthy functioning of your heart.

Fish oil is said to be an effective component in aiding insulin production in your body, and hence keeps diabetes under control.

10. Flaxseeds

FlaxseedsFlaxseeds, contain alpha-linolenic acid, which the body converts to Omega-3 fatty acid.

It is a rich source of the anti- oxidant, Lignan, which is good for the heart, and prevents cancer.

Although they are rich in calories, they hardly contain any carbohydrates and fiber. Hence, they can be easily classified into the category of super foods that are a must for a diabetic.

11. Garlic

GarlicGarlic belongs to the lily family. This edible bulb, since time immemorial has been used both for its medicinal values, as well as a flavouring agent.

In general, garlic has been used as a medicine, to treat high blood pressure, levels of cholesterol in the blood, and heart diseases.

Its anti-diabetic properties may not be dramatic, yet it is safe to be consumed by a diabetic. Its benefits lie in the fact, that it helps in curbing appetite, and hence control your calorie intake.

12. Kale


Kale has its distinctive taste, is rich in nutrients, and is quite a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. What’s more, just like spinach, it is non starchy, and helps in treating type 2 diabetes.

Kale is low both on calories as well as carbohydrates. Vitamin A and Zinc, are found in abundance, much like any common green and leafy vegetable.

Moreover, kale also contains lutein and zeaxanthin, the two pigments, which are beneficial for healthy eyes. A secondary benefit, against diabetes, as high sugar levels in your blood, affects the eyesight, sooner or later.

13. Melons

MelonsMelons are the ultimate remedy, for the sweet carvings of a diabetic patient. Melons could be of numerous types, including, watermelon, muskmelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and others.

Each type of melon, would have its own unique properties. Overall, they are absolutely pumped with goodness, to the very brim, as the author would say from experience, are best discovered by one self, rather than read and spoken about.

14. Nuts

NutsSince the advent of the nomads, on the face of the earth, nuts remain to this day, one of the healthiest food options available to mankind.

They are more often than not, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, unsaturated fats, and vitamin E among other nutrients.

Studies have shown, that consumption of nuts, keep the artery walls flexible and hence prevents clotting of blood.

More and more scientific studies have shown, that nuts are a definite cure against type 2 diabetes, as well as high cholesterol levels.

They are your most definitive super snacks, as they come with a long shelf life and require no refrigeration.

Although they are notorious for their calorie content, hence it is better to eat them in small portions, rather than digging in straight into a pack.

15. Oatmeal

OatmealThere are fewer breakfast options, that you may come across, which are quite as healthy as oatmeal. Its high fiber content, keeps your energy levels high for a longer time, than other low fibrous options.

It is rich in soluble fibers that keeps the cholesterol levels under check. Moreover, it is a wholesome and appetizing option, that keeps the glucose levels in your blood stream under check.

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16. Quinoa

QuinoaQuinoa should be a definite addition to your diet, in case you are looking forward to expand your vegetarian options.

This whole grain was first consumed by the Incas, and then lay in obscurity for a long time, until it was rediscovered in the late 1960’s.

It is not only rich in proteins, but also contains all nine types of amino acids, thus making quinoa, a complete source of proteins.

Its carbs content is very low, whereas it contains various degrees of folates, magnesium, manganese, iron, and vitamin B6.

Like other fibrous foods, quinoa, is extremely appetizing, and hence is good for blood sugar control.

17. Red Onions

Red OnionsOnions, specially the red ones are rich in anti-oxidants, and also add that beautiful shade of colour to your salads and what not ever.

They are rich in fiber, potassium and folates. An extra helping of onions in your gravies, is sure to up the appetising quotient.

Moreover, their starch content is low by itself, and halves itself upon cooking.

18. Red Peppers

Red PeppersRed peppers are full of various nutrients, which among others include, Vitamin C, and the anti oxidant beta carotene.

They are nothing more than the ripened version of green peppers, hence they contain an added dose of lycopene, which, along with vitamin A and C promote a healthy heart, besides been beneficial against diabetes.

They are non starchy, and can be added to a variety of appetizers, in combination with a host of healthy nutrients.

19. Soy

SoyIt does not matter, how you consume soy, as along as you are consuming it. They are rich in proteins, and contain low saturated fats and cholesterol. Hence it may be considered as an excellent replacement for meat, which have high fat content.

A good portion of soy in your meals, is sure to keep your hunger satiated, for a long time, without majorly increasing your calorie intake.


SpinachYou are what you are, and that is all that you are, and still Popeye the sailor will beat you at your own game. Not as long as you eat your daily dose of spinach.

Spinach is loaded with a wide array of vitamins and minerals, which among others, include vast quantities of folates and vitamin c.

Otherwise it is non starchy, and contains extremely low amounts of carbs and calories, which may only spell good for a diabetic.

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