Dumbbell Flyes – Workout of the day

Dumbbell flyes

The flyes, are an essential workout for you strength training. The movement of the hand and the arm traces a constant angle, while the elbows are kept fixed at a particular angle.

The dumbbell flyes could be done on an inclined plane, the flat bench, or even a declined plane, depending on your proficiency level.

Read on ahead to find out about the complete procedure for the dumbbell flyes.


  • Position yourself on the plane of your choice. You could do this exercise on, either of the three options available, or all three.
  • Pick up the pair of dumbbell, one at a time, and rest them on your thighs, before you assume your final body posture for the exercise.
  • Hold the dumbbells such that the gripping rod runs parallel to the line of your knuckles.
  • Be sure of your grip, and keep you elbow locked, even as you make the two dumbbells meet, at the top position of the exercise.
  • Lower both your arms simultaneously, keeping your elbows locked. Continue the motion till your upper arm is parallel to the ground.
  • Trace the same arc back up, to complete one repetition of the exercise.
  • Do the number of repetitions, preferably from 8 to 10, in case you are looking for mass gain.
  • Increase weights, for subsequent repetitions.

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By Abhro