Try Doing Forward Lunges For an Effective Difference In Your Weight

Forward Lunges

Lunges are one of the most common forms of workouts that get its first mention in every weight loss regime. There are a few variants of lunges but the plain jane forward lunge is one of the most common types that helps in effectively losing weight in a record time if the process is followed religiously without any cheats and mistakes. It is primarily effective in the process of weight loss because of the fact that it works multiple muscles at the same time – glutes, hamstrings and the quads. The entire work out process includes rigorous calorie burning which is what helps in cutting down those extra pounds of fat.

Steps involved:

Steps involved
    1. Stand erect with your hands placed firmly on your hips and keep your feet a width apart. You can either just place your hands on the hip as it is or even carry weights in your hands.
    1. Next, take a step forward with your right foot.
    1. Keep your spine straight and lower your body in the forward direction along with your forwarded foot, making sure that the right foot forms a 90 degree angle with the left foot.
    1. Hold the pose for afew seconds and resume back to the start point.
    1. Do the previous step with your left leg forward.
  1. Repeat the entire thing 10 times in sets of 3.

Precautions to Take:

    • This specific form of workout is strictly prohibited for people who suffer from arthritis and pain in their lower back region
    • It is also best for pregnant women in their later months of pregnancy to avoid doing this
  • It is also advised for people with spinal issues and complaints to avoid including this in their workout regime

Benefits of the Workout:

    • Helps strengthen the muscles, especially the ones near the thighs
    • Aids in weight loss and toning of the muscles
    • Stretches and strengths the muscles of the back, especially the lower back
  • It is a good massager for the internal organs in the abdominal region

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