7 Days Apple Diet Plan And How it Aids in Weight Loss

Apple diet plan

We are all in a rush and are looking for cheats and easy ways to lose those extra pounds of fat that has been causing an issue by restricting you from fitting into your favourite pair of jeans. Well, what if I said that you do so by eating and not starving yourself to death? Sounds a bit farfetched? It’s time to let go off the skeptic assumptions because it is actually true and that is what the apple diet plan is all about. This diet plan has a proven benefit of actually aiding in the loss of 5-6 pounds in just 7 days. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

If you are looking for answers regarding the outcomes, effects and what the apple diet plan actually entails, you have come to the right place. Scroll through the article to get more insights on how this diet plan is effective in promoting weight loss and that too in such a short time period.

What is the Apple Diet?

What is the apple diet

To simply answer this question, an apple diet plan comprises of a whole nutritive diet chart that comprises of consumption of apple throughout the day to promote weight loss in an individual. Apples are not just good for weight loss but a number of other benefits as well, including prevention of cancer, gallstones etc. So, this diet plan is not going to encourage the shedding of those extra pounds, but also involve the overall well being of a person’s health.

The Apple Diet plan continues on for 7 consecutive days where the person consumes apples for the majority of their diet which is then coupled with other food items as the days commence. Like, the first-day witnesses consumption of only apples, which is gradually divided up into apples and veggies by the third day and so on.

Apples are an amazing source of not just nutrient but calories as well which is why this diet doesn’t necessarily affect one’s health adversely. A normal sized apple contains about 100 calories which is a substantial amount. Not just that, apples also have natural laxative properties which help in proper digestion and bowel movement.

Why are Apples Good for Weight loss?

apples good for weight lossSo, do apples a day keep the fat away? This is a question asked by many with little to no answer to back the claims up. That being said, apples are actually a very good fat cutter which is why it helps in swift weight loss without inflicting any major side effects. It contains a substantial amount of non-digestible compounds which help in the proper breakdown of the fat molecules in the body without rigour and strain. This ensures the proper growth of the good bacteria that is beneficial for the well being of the body which is why most people prefer apples for weight loss.

Apples also contain a good amount of laxative property because of the presence of pectin in its skin which is why many people tend to eat it for ensuring regular bowel movement. The laxative property also ensures proper breakdown of the ingested food, thereby affirming proper absorption of the food as well.

Why Does Apple Diet Work?

Why does apple diet work

If you are still skeptical about the apple diet to lose weight, let us delve a bit more into why this diet plan actually works and is not a complete waste of time and you might think it as. The apple diet plan is a healthy way of weight loss which is not just a complete myth but actually works in the course of seven days as it suggests. So, how does it work?

Fat, in our body, for the most part, gets accumulated due to lack of activity or sometimes even due to the degrading rate of metabolism in the body. The apple consists of a good amount of non-digestible compounds which actually aid in enhancing the activity of the bacteria in the vicinity of the GI tract that further ensures effective weight loss.

Even the laxative property of the apple contributes to the weight loss of an individual. It consists of good calories which doesn’t accumulate and is actually absorbed for the effective process of weight loss in the body. So, these are the main reasons why the 7 days apple diet actually helps in weight loss.

How to Do the 7-Days Apple Diet for Weight Loss?

apple diet for weight loss

The 7-days apple diet plan is a cumulative approach that kick-starts with the first day completely relying on apples and gradually changing its course with the upcoming days. In order to give an insightful look into the 7 days apple diet plan, we have broken down the entire diet plan on daily basis to provide with a good look at what the three meals throughout the day consist of and how to use the apple diet to lose weight.

Day 1

Let us start with the very first day. The first day of the 7 days apple diet plan is completely reliant on apples as meals throughout the day. The individual has to eat just the suggested portion of apples throughout the day and nothing else. Every single meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of just apples and nothing else during the whole day. This may be a drastic change of diet for a number of people which is why it is always best to seek medical advice first before jumping straight into the apple diet plan.

Breakfast 2 apples
Lunch 1 apple
Dinner 3 apples


This is effective because of the fact that consumption of apples not just replenishes the body with essential minerals and nutrients but also helps in ensuring prevention of a number of other diseases and problems with the cardiovascular system. As the entire diet of the day is completely dependent on the consumption of apples, it is always best to keep yourself hydrated with either plain water or even detox water.

Day 2

After jumping head first into day 1 with just apples to supplement your hunger and diet, day 2 introduces a bit more into the apple diet plan. The second day of the 7 days apple diet a good mixture of dairy, veggies and of course, apples.

Breakfast 1 apple along with a glass of milk
Lunch 1 apple and a light and healthy salad with carrots, beetroot, and some greens tossed in a light vinaigrette
Dinner 2 apples


This actually works because of the fact that it is a perfect balance of nutrients for the body. The protein and calcium from the milk helps to ensure provide the body with good amount of energy. Not just that, even the olive oil in the dressing of the salad contains good fats which is useful for the body. Pair the entire day’s meal with a substantial amount of water to keep the hydration in check.

Day 3

Day 3 of the apple diet plan focuses around the protein consumption of an individual. It consists of a good amount of protein consumption throughout the day. The wide array of scrambled eggs in the morning to Bengal gram in the lunchtime and the broccoli and turkey at the night helps in coping up for the missed protein in the diet for the preceding days.

Breakfast 1 apple + 1 slice of brown/multigrain bread + 1 bowl of scrambled eggs (1 cup milk if vegetarian)
Lunch 1 apple + Bengal gram salad with cucumber, onions, tomato, salt and pepper and a dash of lemon
Evening 1 bowl of yoghurt with one cracker (if required)
Dinner 1 apple + turkey salad with broccoli / 1 bowl of lentil soup with chopped vegetables


The protein-rich diet helps in ensuring a gradually increase in the rate of digestion and metabolism after two days of sparse eating with only apples and salad. The day 3 of the apple diet plan is great because of the fact that it is full of protein but good proteins that actually promote good health of an individual and thereby promoting weight loss in the meanwhile.

Day 4

The fourth day of the apple diet plan is a consecutive spread of a number of nutrients and minerals. It consists of eating five times a day in small amounts to keep one’s self full but healthy at the same time which is exactly how the apples diet helps with weight loss.

Breakfast 1 apple + Kale smoothie
Lunch 1 apple + 1 bowl of grilled vegetables
Post-lunch 1 bowl of watermelon / 1 mandarin or orange
Evening 1 cup of green tea
Dinner 1 apple + 1 multigrain or whole wheat veggie wrap


This day out of the 7 days diet plan too consists of a wide variety of nutrition. It consists of healthy eating which also ensures to keep one’s satiety satisfied. The green tea in the evening helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body which have accumulated over the course of three days because of the apple diet plan.

Day 5

The last day of the 7-day diet plan is a bit of everything – fruits, veggies, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat. Even this day encourages eating five times throughout the day which keeps one’s stomach full all the while ensuring a healthy approach to living as well.

Breakfast 1 apple + 1 boiled egg / 1 cup of boiled bottled gourd juice for vegetarians
Lunch 1 apple + 1 bowl of grilled vegetables
Post Lunch 2 almonds / 1 peach
Evening 1 cup of green tea + 1 digestive biscuit
Dinner 1 apple + 1 portion of baked fish and asparagus


This day is pretty much the least challenging day because the person gets to eat a bit of everything which makes them enjoy doing the last day of the apple diet plan withease.

The continuous low-calorie diet is revived with the last day of the diet plan and not just ensures an effective weight loss but also a heightened rate of metabolism in the body because of the strategic intake of the food.

Day 6

The penultimate day of the diet isn’t that much of an exciting one because it contains the pretty standard chart of nutrition and fiber and not much of protein. It is great to properly let the body digest the food ingested in the fifth day of the apple diet plan.

Breakfast 1 apple
Lunch 1 apple + 1 bowl of green salad with cheese and lemon dressing
Evening 1 apple
Dinner 2 apples

Day 7

The last day of the 7 days diet plan is a bit of everything – fruits, veggies, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat. Even this day encourages eating seven times throughout the day which keeps one’s stomach full all the while ensuring a healthy approach to living as well.

Breakfast 1 apple + 1 boiled egg / 1 cup of boiled bottled gourd juice for vegetarians
Lunch 1 apple + 1 bowl of grilled vegetables
Post Lunch 2 almonds / 1 peach
Evening 1 cup of green tea + 1 digestive biscuit
Dinner 1 apple + 1 portion of baked fish and asparagus

What to Eat After the Apple Diet?

eat after the apple dietMany people often tend to discontinue the apple diet plan after the completion of the fifth day. While this may seem like the ideal plan of action, it is best to at least hover over the various different meal options that are followed during the 7 days diet plan and strategically includes apples in the diet to ensure further weight loss without any kind of strenuous activity.

The apple diet, as noticed in the above section, is a completely healthy diet which can be continued instead of just halting it at the 7 days mark. That being said, it is also necessary to ensure that the body sometimes gets an extensive amount of carbohydrates and proteins to ensure its well being which is why it is best to opt for the apple diet plan either once in every month or two months.

What are the Benefits of Apple Diet Plan?

benefits of apple diet planThe apple diet plans help benefit the body in the following ways:

  1. Helps in weight loss by ensuring that the consumed apples make one feel full and satisfy their satiety
  2. Helps in keeping the cholesterol levels in check, thereby reducing the risks related to some of the major cardiovascular diseases
  3. Completely reliant on organic and fresh produce which ensures an even better health of an individual
  4. Enhances the overall rate of metabolism of the body
  5. Follows a plan of a balanced diet that comprises of good portions of protein, carbohydrates and fats for the proper and healthy functioning of the body

Side Effects of Apple Diet plan

Side effects of apple diet planMuch like any other process or diet plan, even the apple diet plan inflicts a few side effects on the body which are as follows:

  • May induce dizziness and lethargy in people who are not used to a hefty change in their diet plan
  • People often get bored with eating just apple throughout the course of five days
  • Mood swings are a common side effect of the apple diet plan

The apple diet plan has proven its stance with the noticeable results it has provided with. If you are looking up apple diets to lose weight, this 7 days apple diet plan is the one to go for. It is a healthy and nutritious way of losing weight without inflicting any kind of harmful side effects on the body.