What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone – 11 Reasons Explained


Dreams are sometimes a beautiful escape and sometimes a horrid nightmare. Whatever your dreams are made of, chances are that you might be thinking about them subconsciously.

But, you’d ask then you do you often dream of people you haven’t met? Knowing the reasons why we dream of someone can give you the answers.

But, irrespective of what people might think, dreams do have meanings. It could be something as simple as the portrayal of the thoughts swirling round your head or even delve deeper into the spiritual ends of the string.

In here, we are going to investigate and looking into some of the possible meanings behind dreaming about someone and why you have them.

Why Do People Appear in Your Dreams?


Being out and about, you will come across a number of people, some known and some unknown. According to the random studies and statistics, it is believed that we notice around 90,000 to 42.3 million people in our lifetime which means we have noticed that many faces too.

There are some faces that stick in our minds and we have them round in our head throughout the day. There is no doubt that what you think about during the day is what your dreams are tend to be made up of.

So, if you have crossed paths with someone during the day time and have them in your mind throughout the day, there are chances that you might dream of them at night.

But, everything is a mere possibility, right?

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Dream About SomeoneOur dreams can range from the realm of strange to a reflection of our desires. The possibilities are quite extensive but what do you think it means when you dream about a person – living or dead?

Sometimes we wake up having a recollection of the dreams we had, the lucid dreams, as people who like to call them but there are times when we have no recollection, known as the vivid dreams (R).

We can dream of different contexts, sometimes which are completely pointless and sometimes which are very scary too.

Let us give you some exhibits to explain the different situations you might encounter with your dreams that involve people.

1. What Does it Mean When you Dream About Someone Dying?

Dream About Someone DyingWhen your dreams are filled with the scenes of someone dying, it can insinuate a number of things. Apart from it being an intuitive thought, it is likely that you might experience something worse in your minds too.

Many people do have the belief that dreaming of someone dying is a bad omen but there could be a number of underlying reasons you might have the dream for.

Dreaming of someone dying showcases your attachment to them in real life. You must be afraid of losing them in real life and project your fears in your dreams. Often times, we have dreams of our parents dying and that means that your fear of losing them is what is reflected in your dreams.

As per spiritual experts, they suggest that dreaming of someone dying could even signify rebirth or a complete change in your current circumstances.

Aside from that, being jealous of someone can even reflect through your dreams, making you see their death to console your jealousy. It isn’t always the reason but a fraction of it could be.

Losing a close loved one in an unpredictable situation, especially in something that you could have helped with makes you harbor guilty feelings which often translates to death dreams when you are asleep.

If you are suppressed and controlled by someone, seeing their death in your dreams is believed to be a subconscious cry for help. If you can’t be free in real life, you let your dreams be an escape to take you to a world where the person tormenting you isn’t alive.

Another possible reason why you dream about someone’s death could be because you are pregnant. More than a confirmation, this is a tale that people believe. There is no scientific explanation behind the same which is why many tend to treat it is a coincidence or a myth.

2. What Does it Mean When you Dream About Falling in Love with Someone you’ve Never Met?


Falling in love is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? But, have you ever had dreams of falling in love with someone that you have never even met before?

Chances are that every single one of us might have had such dreams at least once in a lifetime. And to be honest, it is our subconscious that is to blame.

All of us have a person of our dreams in mind, especially when it comes to the qualities and the attributes that we want in them. This is sometimes what is reflected in our dreams too.

So, when you find yourself falling in love with someone that you haven’t met or don’t even recognize, it is possibly the caricature of the partner that you have always wanted subconsciously.

Aside from that, we can also often dream of falling in love with someone that we have talked to and not met. This is common if you have also started developing a soft corner for that said person in your mind.

If you don’t find that the dreams stem from obsession or negative thoughts, it is necessary that you try to find whether they are realistic or not. But, even then, it comes with repercussions because then you might have to wait for that imaginary person before you get to meet them.

3. What Does it Mean When you Dream About Someone Loving You?

someone-loving-youDreaming about someone loving you is one of the most common reasons behind unrequited love. If you have fallen in love with someone and ended up not having the feelings reciprocated, the loss of love is often projected in our dreams.

It mainly showcases your desires of having something in your dreams that you can’t acquire in your real life.

But, there are also instances when people have explained that they have often dreamt of someone loving them even when they are in a relationship. The same stems from a lack of love in a relationship or a past history of abuse and trauma.

People who encounter abuse and trauma and have not experienced love the way that they believe intend to reflect in their dreams too.

Sometimes, dreaming about someone loving you can have a dark past realm to it and sometimes heartbreak etched onto it.

4. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone You Like?

When-You-Dream-About-SomeoneWhen you are having dreams about someone you like, it is likely that the same is because you want to be with them.

Having a crush on someone is a very common reason why we dream of someone. It is mainly because they are on our mind all through the day.

When you have someone infiltrating your thoughts every single second of the day, it is likely that you are going to end up having dreams about them at night.

Predominantly, the dreams comprise of being together with them, living your much awaited happily ever after that you have always dreamt of.

When you are constantly obsessing over their thoughts throughout the day, chances are that the same is reflected on your mind during the night when you go to sleep. Dreams are the part of the day when your mind unfurls all of the accumulated thoughts one at a time.

This kind of situation intensifies if you are surrounded by the said person throughout the day, like, it could be your classmate or even a colleague that you work with.

5. What Does it Mean When You Dream of Someone Sexually?

Dream-of-Someone-SexuallyWhen your dreams are NSFW and constantly about someone sexually, there could be a number of reasons why you could be having those dreams. To be fair, it is tough to explain what does dreaming about someone mean but to be fair, when you are dreaming about someone sexually, it doesn’t just insinuate that you are sexually attracted to them.

It could very well mean a number of other things too.

As weird as it sounds, sex dreams have meanings and theories behind them that many people aren’t even aware of or know about.

If you have a constant feeling that your partner is cheating on you, the same tends to reflect on your dreams, making you dream about them sexually to compensate for the lack of communication in real life. This is something that doesn’t necessarily have an explanation behind it but it is believed to be a plausible cause.

Control issues and dominant submissive behaviours often result in sexual dreams where we tend to live out our fantasies that we aren’t able to get in real life. If you have been wondering about the reasons why we dream of someone sexually, this is one of the most common reasons.

Inappropriate clauses also often result in sexual dreams, especially when it comes down to unforbidden relationships. Since you feel that pull towards that said person sexually but can’t have them in real life, the same results in having dreams about them.

Sexual dreams of not being sufficient and good enough in bed is something that men tend to have more than women and is a very common recurrence. If you have been experiencing similar experiences, it is best that you work on it in real life.

Fantasies that you have in your mind and subconscious around your sex life are often projected in your dreams. If you have a kink with manhandling, chances are that you will witness them unfurl in your dreams the way you want things to go in your bedroom.

We all admire celebrities, some even to a limit of obsession. Having dreams of having sex with a celebrity that you are crazy about can be a reason why you are having sexual dreams as well.

6. What Does it Mean When you Dream of Someone you Used to Date?

Used to DateDating is a very exciting phase in a couple’s life. If you have dated someone for a month or even for a few years and then broken up with them, chances are that the feelings won’t just wither away.

When you love someone, your feelings will stay with you, making you remember the good time that you have spent with them. So, if you have been thinking about them lately, chances are that the person will come in your dreams too.

It is possible that you might not be in love with them anymore and have moved on with your life but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t hold a special place in your life (unless the break up was bad).

If you had something happen around you during the day that reminded you about them, the thoughts are going to linger in your mind for long, making it transform into dreams as well. It could be the smell of the perfume or the food that they loved, there are ample possibilities.

Another reason why it can happen is because of your memories. This has got to do with the scientific part but it is also believed to play quite a crucial role when it comes to you dreaming about your ex.

7. What Does it Mean When you Dream of Someone Trying to Kill You?

Someone Trying to Kill YouGetting dreams of someone killing you or your death in a tragedy is very common.

There are often people explaining how they tend to dream about them escaping from a situation and having someone at their tail end trying to kill them. Terrifying, isn’t it?

If you have been getting similar dreams, it could be because of threats that you might have been getting in real life. It is important that you try to figure out who the person is trying to kill you and you can understand the reasons henceforth.

But, if you fail to find who the attacker is, chances are that the “killing you” could be a metaphor that your subconscious could be suggesting.

The reason of dreaming about someone killing you could also resonate with the happenings in your real life as well. If you have someone in your life trying to suppress you and take control over your life, the same feelings of suppression can also reflect on the situation of the dreams that you are having.

8. What Does it Mean When You Dream of Someone You Don’t Know?

Someone You Don’t KnowSo, lately, you have been having these weird dreams where you see a person that you don’t even know in real life. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, oftentimes, dreaming about someone you don’t know is a metaphor that we don’t even realize. We probably have either seen them when we were out and about and have their faces etched into our subconscious or have made up the person completely.

Religious people believe that having dreams about someone that you don’t know could be a prophetic dream, wherein God could be insinuating something.

People often suggest that dreaming about someone that they don’t know helps them feel secure during that phase. There is no particular explanation why this happens but it could be because of a number of things happening in your real life.

It could be about someone completely imaginary or about someone that exists but you don’t know about.

9. What Does it Mean When You Dream about your Co-worker?

Dream about your Co-workerDreaming about your coworker can either be a positive or a negative experience.

Since we tend to dream about things or people that we have spent time with during the day, it is common for us to have dreams about people that we are surrounded by the entire day – our coworkers.

That aside, if you have been having negative dreams about your co-worker, it could be because of the pending stress that they are driving you to or even because of the bad relationship that you both share.

It is very important that you take your time to assess the futility of the dream first.

Positive dreams about a coworker can stem from your feelings towards them and the good bond that you share with them. It can also be because of the appreciation that they shower you with.

Bad dreams about the coworker, on the other hand, can stem from them treating you badly in the office or even being borderline abusive in the office. Sexual harassment by a coworker an also result in a bad dream about them.

10. What Does it Mean When you Dream about Someone Cheating?


If you love someone with every fiber of your being, chances are that faithfulness is the only thing that you expect from them. For those who have a habit of over obsessing things, especially with their partner, they will try and prick at every possible chance to accuse them of cheating.

Having constant insecurities about your own self also reflects to this.

If you are insecure about yourself and your relationship, chances are that the same will reflect on your dreams as well.

Dreams about cheating are also believed to showcase signs of guilt and self-betrayal. It is not just about the sexual infidelity that people dream of, there are instances when people dream of emotional cheating as well, which is just as devastating.

11. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Being Pregnant?

Someone-Being-PregnantWhile there is no static explanation as to why you might have dreams about someone being pregnant, it is believed that one of the common reasons is because you talked about it.

If you have talked to that person about pregnancy and expectant childbirth recently and they have shown interest in the same, your subconscious starts imagining them being pregnant which you later see in your dreams.

Additionally, women who have suffered miscarriages also tend to have dreams related to pregnancy which can further be a possible reason why you might be having such dreams.

It is very important that you do focus on finding the reason and even reaching out to the person that you have dreamt being pregnant about.

Dreams are a self-portrayal of your thoughts. If you have been looking for reasons why we dream of someone, we have sorted out some possible instances that can clear up the doubts further. Make sure that you do focus on finding the cause and the root of the dreams, especially if they are not favourable ones.

Is it true that if you dream about someone, they miss you?

Everything around dreams is either considered a myth or folklore but spiritual studies suggest that if you have a good connection with the person, they might end up missing you when you have dreams about them as well.