Are You Spiritually Awakened? Know All About Getting There – No Super Powers! Just Realization!

Spiritually Awakened

Spiritual awakening is a huge transformation in one’s way of viewing and living life. That being said, one needs to be a silent spectator to closely understand and experience spirituality. You are mistaken if you think Spirituality Awakened is performing rituals in your respective religious places or chanting the name of your God. It is all about awakening your pure self to lead a fruitful life.

Have you witnessed this phase wherein all of a sudden you are in search of meaning in your life or has this happened that you want to change your attitude in the way you live life. Out of no where if these thoughts have ever bounced in your mind then you are on the right track.

Learn about what is spiritual awakening, what are the stages of spiritual awakening, the good about being spiritually awakened and how does your life pass by after being spiritually awakened. This article will teach you all of it and you will get a clue of how to drill a positive change in life.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

What Is Spiritual Awakening

When your view and understanding about life alters in terms of every phase being situational and temporary then you feel the need and understand the importance of getting spiritually awakened.

Awakening spiritually is waking up from a vague state of mind to a realized state of mind. This means, you are learning and adopting ways to lead your life with utmost peace and simplicity by telling yourself that there is more to life than just being merely existing.

Not everyone has a vision or has it in them to get spiritually awakened. Few lucky people realize to get spiritually awakened, while few others do not ever get that sense of realization. Spiritual awakening can happen to a youngster as well, it is all about a deep realization.

What is this awakening all about?

You might still have this question lingering in your mind. Let’s take a simple instance, look at yourself, you are given a name and identified, the society identifies you with your family name, you have made several relationships over the years, as age goes by you are playing your roles and doing your responsibilities and side by side you learn, fall, grow with experiences, live through good times and bad times, you portray your good self and bed self and this process goes on. Take a minute and think about it, do you think this is only life? The answer is a big No. Spiritual awakening is that sense of getting to experience a new side to life apart from what you are living in.

After you get awakened, life is not the same, it does change for the best and you will see that you are no more the same person. You will understand the art of living and letting go. The journey of this spiritual experience has no end and it is all about submerging deep into it.

Is Spiritual Awakening Good ?

Is Spiritual Awakening Good

To understand the good and bad is going to feel tricky given the subject of spiritual awakening.It is not bad to go whole hog with spirituality. What is not good is that you cannot fiction spirituality as a world of trans that you just want to live in and escape from the world that you are living in.

Let your spiritual awakening be limited to giving you knowledge on how to lead a good life and polish your personality in your conscious being. Do not let this experience overtake your conscious mind, let the sub-conscious mind be your direction map and let your conscious mind always follow those directions while surviving in the materialistic world.

The best part about being spiritually awakened is that you were, are and will always be connected to your spiritual self. In the real sense, you do not disconnect from it, it is just that you have either got too entangled in your worldly affairs or it could be that the wake up call hasn’t yet rung a bell in your mind.

All in all, one cannot adjectify spiritual awakening as good or bad, it is eternal and immortal. What changes is how this experience is channeled. Always remember this, irrespective of how you define spiritual awakening, do not let it cause harm to anyone associated with you and be a medium to get away from your roles and responsibilities.

Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

To get spiritually awakened is a step wise process, it does not happen overnight, it is a process. Here are some of the stages to understand how one gets spiritually awakened.

Stage No 1 – What Strikes And Hits You

What Strikes And Hits You

This is the first stage, what happens to you first is what strikes you and this begins with a small thought, could be a bad experience or something new that you experienced. A hit is what pushes you to get more deep about understanding the truth.

Stage No 2 – All The Probing Begins

All The Probing Begins

You do not have an understanding to things but you start probing in order to go deep and understand what is the real truth about a situation or what is happening with you. You would not find it easy to get answers to your questions, the questions in your mind will be never ending and then you would finally feel that you have been living life with negligence and no understanding.

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Stage No 3 – You Feel Lost To Find Yourself Back

You Feel Lost To Find Yourself Back

You would begin to feel lost and not understand life all of a sudden because you have dug deep to find answers and it is not that when you are lost you will easily find a way. If you feel the need to feed yourself with the right knowledge of spirituality, step by step you will try and know everything from scratch. The more puzzles you create to know the truth the more you would get closer to knowing the truth.

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Stage No 4 – You Connect The Dots

You Connect The Dots

To find your answers you would seek help from books, people and spiritual masters. You would be at that stage where you would try to connect all dots with your answers and then you will start to implement your knowledge in looking at life differently.

Stage No 5 – You Experience Peace

You Experience Peace

Having gone through a long process of getting hit, questioning yourself, finding answers and trying to live by the new approach in life, what better could happen or you could ask for? The vibes within you are calm and your way of looking at things are more thoughtful and mature.

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Stage No 6 – You Unite And Yet Stay Detached

You Unite And Yet Stay Detached

As your view towards looking at things totally changes in life, you tend to connect and value nature even better. You are all the more conscious in the way you treat everyone on this planet. You unite well with everyone and at the back of your mind you have the sense that you and the living beings are all a part of the play but nothing is permanently going to exist.

Stage No 7 – You Radiate Positive Energy

You Radiate Positive Energy

Since you have walked so many steps towards spirituality and you get a different birth altogether, you tend to radiate good energy by connecting with the almighty and everyone around you. You tend to spread unconditional love and care to everyone around you.

All in all, these are few of the common stages each one experiences in the process of spiritual awakening. You might experience a lot more, it is all based on what is your experience like. Get spiritually awakened to feel its power.

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Benefits Of Spiritual Awakening

Benefits Of Spiritual Awakening
  • Here is the transformation you would see in yourself when you get spiritually awakened
  • Can get aware of what is positive and negative and focus on taking everything the positive way.
  • Don’t get tied and lost with attachments in fact you know how to detach yourself as well.
  • You understand and learn how to be happy within yourself.
  • Don’t expect too much out of life but you learn how to take life as it is.
  • Can find yourself away from emotions like anger, envy and disappointment.
  • Feel rich from within because you connect with your inner-self.
  • Your intuitive powers get stronger.
  • Must understand that outer beauty is petty, what counts is your inner beauty and that matters the most.
  • You are a mentally stronger person now.
  • You are never dissatisfied and you embrace every moment in life.
  • Can understand the importance of living in the present.

How To Achieve Spiritual Awakening

You waking up some day and realizing a different truth to life is one of the signs that you are close to self-realization. But to live it in reality you would have to take steps to completely achieve spirituality in your life. All you need is the will and determination and you see how you get spiritually awakened. Follow some of these tips

Observe Little Things

Spirituality is not a subject that has rules and terminologies, it is that path of getting wiser every time you make an observation. That being said, try and think of how everyone existing in this planet finds a way for their survival and how each living being is important. By making an observation your ability of realization increases.

Peacefully Meditate

Everyone has a different way of meditating. One must focus on meditating to be able to observe the inner silence. Through meditation you get a clear picture to see things as they are, when you get that kind of a vision you end up becoming spiritually stronger.

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Concentrate On Developing Good Thoughts

You must energize yourself with goodness and all that starts from you and passes through you. You must focus on thinking good for yourself and the other people around you. When you are making efforts to think good and do good to the others around you, you get a sense of contentment which does good to your spiritual growth.

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Add A Good Deed To Your Day

There are a lot of ways of how you can do a good deed, by doing a good deed you are just strengthening your spiritual energy. Wish good for someone, invest time in serving the needy, do not bad mouth someone , let go of your grudges, stop looking at faults in others. This way there are a lot of good deeds you can add to your day.

Spend Quality Time On Yourself

Spending quality time with yourself is as good as sitting quietly and observing nature. Give at least ten minutes to yourself by keeping your eyes closed, stretching your body and then mentally on how to go about spending your day. By doing this, you are practising the art of how to observe and follow your thoughts.

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Follow The Mathematics Mantra

When you want to achieve something in life, you will have to learn to add and subtract certain habits. If in order for you to achieve you goal. Your goal is to get spiritually awakened. And to get there take a look at what must you add and subtract.

Add the following :

  • Be grateful for everything life offers to you
  • Be a watchdog over the good and bad you are doing in a day
  • Surround yourself with people who are spiritually stronger and can motivate you
  • Learn to treat everyone equally irrespective of their age, gender and status
  • Be true to yourself and your people
  • Instill values in your life

Subtract the following :

  • Hatred
  • Anger
  • Envy
  • Pride
  • False ego and attitude
  • Comparing your life to someone else

To summarize it all,

only when you are clean from the inside and have an expanded view point to life. You will reach the stages of spiritual awakening. Once you are at the stages, you would need to do the following things to achieve spiritual growth. Mind you, your spiritual growth is continues until the last breathe of your life.

Spiritually get enlightened to emotionally and mentally grow!