5 Ways Of Coping With Vivid Dreams – Overcome The Terror!

Coping with vivid dreams
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Dreams can either be pleasant, confusing or full of terror. With so many variants, there is technically no in between when it comes to the same. When it comes to the vivid dreams, it not just breaks through our sleeping cycle but instills a terror within us. Coping with vivid dreams does take up quite a lot and we are here to help with just that.

There could be a number of factors influencing the cause of the vivid dreams and it very important to ensure that you pave your way through to find effective ways to overcome from the trauma.

By the end of this article, you will have known everything there is to know about the vivid dreams and the ways to get rid of vivid dreams for good.

What are Vivid Dreams?

What are Vivid Dreams
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Sleeping is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate and energise our bodies through the process and while we do think of it as that, dreams can cause hindrance often times.

Even though our body is inactive through the process of our sleeping, our brain is in a constant state of being active through the process altogether.

Following a night with sleeping and dreams, there are chances that we either have no recollection of the dreams or have little and blurry flashbacks through the process. These are what are defined as the vivid dreams.

What Are The Causes Of Vivid Dreams?

What Are The Causes Of Vivid DreamsWhen it comes to the psychology behind the dreams and the induction of it, the researchers do believe that the same has got to do with the process of memory consolidation.

It is believed that dreaming does have the capability of helping drive out the unnecessary process of the unwanted and bad memories that we might have experienced or have been thinking of throughout the day. Dreams are a sort of outlet for the same and can even help in keeping track of the kind of memories and the version of it that we have stored in our mind.

Given that have several segments in our sleeping cycle, it is emphasised saying that we tend to remember the dreams that we have had in the last segment of the cycle. But, when it comes to the vivid dreams, there are chances that you are likely to remember them if the impact left of it was intense.

When it comes to explaining the vivid dreams, they can either be positive, negative or even fantasy. There is no stoppage to the same. Majority of the times, the vivid dreams are experienced during the REM sleep which does last in for 20-25 minutes for every individual.

It is hard to still deduce what is the primary cause behind the prospect of the vivid dreams but the experts do believe that the following could be a contributing factor to the same.

1. Stress

StressStress can do a number of things to our physical and mental health that nobody does expect to happen. It goes without saying that even though there isn’t a particular scientific explanation behind the prospect of stress being a cause of vivid dreams; it is believed that the same does have the possibility of being a contributing factor.

Eventually, the prospect of trauma inducing the stress even further can end up making it hard to get some quality sleep which is what is connected with the further problems of vivid dreaming, ones that don’t end up being good.

2. Sleep Disorders

Sleep disordersSleeping disorders, be it the standard lack of sleep with insomnia or even narcolepsy has been found to have contributing impacts in the kind of dreams that you have throughout the day.

It is believed that the lack of sleep impacts the brain functions, which in turn, can end up inducing the vivid dreams in your mind.

3. Substance Abuse

Substance abuseIt has been found that the use of excess drugs or alcohols tend to have impacts in suppressing the brain functions, thus causing the induction of more vivid dreams, especially related to the dark side of our mind that we don’t want to unravel at any costs.

Additionally, they also do suppress one’s cycle of REM sleep which further ends up causing vivid and intense dreams that we have mere recollection of the next morning.

4. Spicy and a Huge Unhealthy Meal

Spicy and a huge unhealthy mealAs unusual as it sounds, eating a spicy or a very huge unhealthy meal can be a contributing factor when it comes to the prospects of vivid dreams. While some light meals can help you get a very easy sleep, chances are that the same is completely opposite when it comes to the unhealthy and heavy meals.

They make you have an unrestful sleep throughout which has been noted to be one of the causes behind vivid dreams. While the researchers are still establishing better evidences for this, it is believed that the prospect of the spicy food does end up increasing the body temperature which further prevents from getting a good night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep can enhance the possibilities of experiencing vivid dreams for you.

5. Intake of Melatonin Supplements

Intake of Melatonin SupplementsIf you didn’t know any better, melatonin is the hormone which is responsible for our sound sleeping patterns. If you haven’t been having a good sleep, chances are that your doctor will prescribe melatonin supplements to get your sleeping cycle back on track.

Reacquainting yourself to a managed sleeping schedule following a long way through the lack of sleep can end up intensifying your dreams, making you have a heavy bout of vivid dreams that you didn’t possibly think was possible.

6. Medications

MedicationsIf you have been on a number of medications, there are chances that the same could very well be a contributing factor behind the induction of the dreams that you have little recollection of in the next morning.

The main categories of medications which have been found to contribute to this include antidepressants, blood pressure medications, anti smoking drugs and a few more.

It is thus important to ensure that you always consult a doctor to get help through with the impacts because chances are that the same might end up counterfeiting something that your mind is going through.

7. Pregnancy

PregnancyAs weird as it sounds, pregnancy, especially the early stages of pregnancy has been found to have possible impacts when it comes to the prospects of vivid dreams and the associated.

While many might think that why are vivid dreams and nightmares common during such a happy phase in a woman’s life, it is believed that the stress of the pregnancy and the upcoming delivery often induces negative string of thoughts and dreams which we witness as the vivid dreams.

Additionally, it is also theorized that the hormonal fluctuations in the body can further end up causing the problem of vivid dreams even more so.

8. Blue Light Exposure Before Bed

Blue light exposure before bedIf you have been doing Netflix and chill for an extended period of time just before bed, chances are that the impacts of the same will reflect on the quality of sleep that one has.

The constant blue light exposure from these devices end up affecting the sleeping pattern which then ends up making you dream because of the constant unrest.

Not just that, some studies have even found that watching such shows and movies before bed does have the possibility to end up increasing the risks of nightmares.

9. Suffering from Sleep Apnea

Suffering from Sleep Apnea
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The condition of sleep apnea is defined as the obstruction in breathing during your sleep. It is a very scary condition and can be a contributing factor to the vivid dreams and nightmares that you could be struggling with.

If you find that the condition persists and is affecting your quality of life, it is important that you do consult a specialist for this condition.

10. Accessory Mental Health Disorders

Accessory mental health disordersMental health disorders are one of the most common reasons behind the condition of the vivid dreams and if you are here wondering what it is that ends up causing the problem, the options are extensive.

Depression, schizophrenia and even the physical medical issues like cardiovascular issues and such have been found to have impacts in the condition even more so.

Side Effects of Vivid Dreams

Side effects of Vivid Dreams
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When it comes to the side effects of vivid dreams, the possibilities are extensive and need proper attention so it doesn’t get out of hand.

To help you out with the same, we have listed them out so it’s easier for you to check them off the list and seek the immediate help that you need with the condition.

1. Constant Mood Swings

Constant mood swings
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One of the most common side effects of mood swings is the fact that it can hinder with your mood constantly. Mood swings are common for people suffering from such vivid dreams and the reason behind the same can either be the lack of sleep or even because of the fact that the dream could have been emotionally draining for you.

2. Daytime Sleepiness

Daytime sleepinessGiven that people who are coping with vivid dreams tend to have no proper sleep at night, the same can end up making them sleepy through the day. This is the primary reason why daytime sleepiness is very common when you have woken up from a very rough night of sleep paired with the vivid dreams.

3. Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughtsOften times, the vivid dreams are so dark and negative and have such drastic impacts on our mind that chances are that you will end up experiencing a negative onslaught of thoughts including suicide and the same. It is important to note that if you find yourself having such thoughts, it is necessary to do the needful and get the help needed for the same.

4. Affected Sleeping Patterns

Affected sleeping patternsThe main reason why the treatment for vivid dreams is necessary is because of the fact that it does end up affecting one’s sleeping patterns all the more.

The lack of sleep can affect the quality of life and even make it hard for your body and brain to function optimally like it should.

How to Stop Vivid Dreams?

How To Stop Vivid DreamsIf you have been having constant range of vivid dreams, there are chances that the same might end up hindering with your daily life which is the last thing that you want for yourself.

It is important to eliminate vivid dreams and even prevent them to enjoy quality sleep and lifestyle that you wouldn’t otherwise.

There are ample possibilities when it comes to this which is why it is important to ensure that you do the needful to keep your dreams at bay.

We are here to suggest some of the best ways in which one can do so.

1. Maintain A Sleep Schedule

Maintain A Sleep Schedule

Owing to the fact that the sleeping schedules can end up causing issues with your intensity and frequency of dreaming, it is best suggested to ensure that you do the needful to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule that would help provide you with a better outlook on the kind of dreams that you have.

Sleep also keeps the stress at bay which further helps in keeping your dreams in check as well.

2. Handle your Anxiety and Stress

Handle your anxiety and stressAnxiety and stress are two of the common reasons behind the condition of your dreams.

If you want to treat vivid dreams, you have got to start from the basic step and cut out the unnecessary prospect of the anxiety and the stress that you have been dealing with.

It is important that you do handle your stress and anxiety and not let it get the best of you. Doing so itself can be of a lot of help in managing the signs and symptoms that come along with the prospect of the vivid dreams.

3. Consult your Doctor about the Medications

Consult your doctor about the medicationsAs we did mention before, your medications do play a very crucial role when it comes to your state of brain function and the kind of dreams that you are having.

If you have been constantly have bad dreams and nightmares that are leaving you frazzled and confused when you wake up, it is necessary that you do take the time out to consult your doctor about the same.

Get a better look into what the problem is and whether or not the medications you are consuming are making it worse for you.

4. Abstain from Scary Movies

Abstain from scary moviesIf the intensity is increasing and coping with vivid dreams is becoming hard, it is important that you do abstain yourself from watching unnecessary scary movies that are going to leave you in a complete mess.

It is important to ensure that you do indulge in watching such kinds of movies just before you are about to go to sleep because the same can end up causing a turmoil for your mental health and make you have worse dreams.

5. Maintain a Journal

Maintain a journalNot many people realize this but journaling is actually an amazing way to keep track of the triggers that could be making you have those intense dreams that you want to forego.

If that is the case, try and write down the things or the fragments that you do remember and leave the rest on. It is necessary that you do keep the prospects open and not force yourself to remember the dream if that is something you are struggling with.

When it comes to coping with vivid dreams, the process isn’t as simple as it might seem like. It is thus very important to ensure that you do take the time out to find better ways to handle it and not let it affect your quality of life. It is important that you don’t overdo the same because even that can cause negative repercussions.