9 Easy and Effective Home Remedies for Freckles Removal At Home

freckles treatment
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While fake freckles have been a booming trend in the beauty industry, the actual ones can definitely be caused by a number of factors affecting skin health. Freckles removal at home is not rocket science.

From the basic usage of the natural remedies lying around in your house to the common grounds of basic medical treatment, freckles treatment is becoming a lot more accessible.

In this article, we are going to discuss the lesser-known yet effective remedies for freckles that work to lighten its appearance and get rid of it for good. Side note, if you are someone who loves freckles and is confident with their skin, BE YOU!!!

What are Freckles?

What are Freckles
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Freckles are the non-uniform small brownish spots that are primarily visible on the face and are formed because of extended exposure to the UV radiations of the sunlight. All that aside, freckles on the face doesn’t impose any kind of negative implications on one’s health.

It is the UV radiation from the sun which reacts with the melanin in the skin to form the dark brownish spots or patches.

For the most part, freckles are similar and uniform in color but there could be instances when their appearance might be somewhat darker because of extended exposure to sunlight and its reaction with the melanin pigment in the skin.

Types of Freckles

Types of Freckles
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Freckles, primarily are categorized into two different types – the ephelides and the solar lentigines. In medical terms, only the ephelides are considered as the original form of freckles while the lentigines might often appear as freckles but are more categorized as sunspots.

But, since their appearance is more or less the same, it is not that easy to distinguish them based on their appearance.

Let us discuss the two types of freckles and what they entail.


Ephelides are the commonly used medical term used for freckles. These specific variants of freckles are characterized by the appearance of the 1mm – 2mm flat brownish spots on the skin. They can sometimes also be very tan or reddish in color and majorly appear during the months of the year that have the maximum intensity of the sun.

These are primarily witnessed in people with a slightly lighter complexion and is sometimes a genetic trait passed on from the parents to their children. It is also believed that people who have reddish hair with green eyes are most likely to experience these kinds of freckles.

Solar lentigines

Yet another variant of freckles on the face is termed as lentigines. It is derived from a Latin word which means lentil and is often characterized by the appearance of larger spots on the face which are seen in the area more prone to sunburn and sun damage. In comparison to the common form of freckles, these are slightly darker in shade.

For the most part, they are considered common and isolated spots on the face but in severe cases, their appearance can actually be because of an underlying genetic disorder which should be consulted with a doctor before the situation gets worse.

How to Get Rid of Freckles?

How to Get Rid of Freckles
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While we are going to shed some light on the common forms of freckles treatment, there are also some of the over the counter as well as medical treatments that provide with effective results like the natural remedies for freckles.

In this section, we are going to discuss the common yet effective methods to get rid of freckles for good.

Over the counter remedies

One of the most commonly used remedy by the majority of people who want to bid adieu to their freckles is using the over the counter skin lightening creams and ointments. It is always best to consult a dermatologist before jumping straight into using any of these products to ensure that you don’t end up experiencing inflammation or itching and irritation.

Freckle removal treatments

Next in line after the over the counter remedies to remove freckles is by opting for treatments that help you get rid of those brown spots on the face for good. Some of the common types of treatments that are majorly used by many include:


In this specific technique, the specialist uses a stream of tiny particles to remove the outer layer of the skin. Sometimes, if the freckles are light and not that dark, this technique is used to just lighten their appearance. Since this treatment is not over the top, it takes multiple sessions to actually get rid of the freckles for good.

Chemical peeling

This is often the technique that sounds a lot intimidating when in reality; it is quite effective in not just lightening the appearance of the freckles but getting rid of them for good when done over multiple sittings.

In this technique, a thin layer of chemical peel is applied on the face and then slightly removed much like how you would do with a normal peel-off mask. This tends to take off the superficial and the topmost layer of the skin to reduce the appearance as well as the complete elimination of the freckles. For the most part, it is the alpha or the beta hydroxy acids that help remove the upper layer of the skin all the while removing the freckles as well.

Laser treatment

The last but not the least is the laser treatment that is primarily loved and adored by the majority of people when it comes to freckles removal. The projection of the laser beam on the freckles helps in destroying the blood vessels lying underneath the skin of the freckles. While the main concern with this treatment is expected to be the long term bruising, the only thing you will experience is the appearance of temporary bruising and redness around the face.

Home Remedies for Freckles

Home remedies for frecklesThis is the section that you have been vividly waiting for. Getting rid of freckles can be a strenuous work because of the fact that it takes quite some time to get the desired results, so ensure that you are patient with the process and don’t rush into things.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Freckles Removal

Apple Cider Vinegar for Freckles Removal
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Apple Cider Vinegar has a multifaceted effect on our entire well being and the same is also very beneficial in the removal of the dark spots or the freckles on the face.

The mild acidic properties in the vinegar because of the malic acid is what has beneficial impacts in getting rid of the freckles without inflicting any kind of negative impacts. The malic acid (R) has skin lightening properties which help lighten the appearance of the freckles and tones down their appearance over time. It also has alpha hydroxy acid properties which act as a chemical peel to get rid of freckles.

What to do?

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey
  2. Apply this as a light layer on the freckles prone area
  3. Leave it on for 20 minutes to dry
  4. Wash it off with some lukewarm water
  5. Pat dry with a towel

How often?


2. Coconut Oil for Freckles Removal

Coconut Oil for Freckles RemovalWhile you may be here wondering how coconut oil and its application is beneficial for the freckles treatment, trust me, it actually does work. The application of the coconut oil not just makes a protective layer (R) on the skin; it also helps in replenishing the damaged skin. It improves the skin’s texture and fights the excess pigmentation which is one of the primary reasons behind the dark brown spots that we call freckles.

As per theories, it is believed that the application of coconut oil rejuvenates (R) the underlying tissues and heals the skin from within, thus lightening the appearance of the freckles on the face. There needs to be further study and research concerning the same to understand the mode of action on a molecular level.

What to do?

  1. Apply coconut oil on the face before going to bed
  2. Leave it on overnight
  3. Wash your face with some water the next morning

How often?

  • Once-daily.

3. Castor Oil for Freckles Removal

Castor Oil for Freckles Removal
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The primary factor that aids castor oil in fighting the hyperpigmentation on the face causing freckles is the presence of omega-3 fatty acids which help to recover the damaged cells and tissues in the skin and pumps it up from within. This helps in fighting excess pigmentation and gets rid of the appearance of the darker freckles on the face.

Not just that, castor oil also is known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties which help plump the skin up, to make it look much healthier and glowing.

What to do?

  1. Apply a generous amount of castor oil on the freckle prone area on the skin
  2. Leave it on overnight
  3. Wash it off with some water the next morning

How often?

  • Once-daily.

4. Lemon Juice for Freckles Removal

Lemon Juice for Freckles RemovalLemon Juice is loaded with Vitamin C as well as mild levels of acidic properties combined with skin lightening properties that are beneficial in the freckles treatment. These ingredients in the lemon juice have actual bleaching properties (R) that prove beneficial for lightening the appearance of the freckles on the face.

The only thing to ensure is the fact that you need to be very persistent and patient with this remedy, primarily because it takes quite some time to witness noticeable results.

What to do?

  1. Extract the juice of a lemon and pour it in a bowl
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to the mixture
  3. Mix it all together to make a smooth paste
  4. Apply this on the area affected with freckles
  5. Leave it on till it dries out completely
  6. Wash it off with some lukewarm water
  7. Pat dry the skin with a towel

How often?

  • Once daily.

5. Honey for Freckles Removal

Honey for Freckles RemovalHoney, just on its own, might not be a very effective remedy but the same, when paired with something like that of lemon juice or even yogurt, has amazing benefits to get rid of freckles very effectively. The honey has amazing moisturizing (R) and healing properties on the skin (R) which is very beneficial in treating the damaged tissue because of the direct exposure to sunlight.

What to do?

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  2. Apply a thin layer of this mixture on the freckle prone area
  3. Leave it on for 20 minutes to let it seep into the skin
  4. Wash it off with some water
  5. Pat dry with a towel

How often?

  • Once daily.

6. Yogurt for Freckles Removal

Yoghurt for Freckles RemovalMuch like how we mentioned in the previous section of the article about chemical peeling, the application of yogurt works on a similar principle. The alpha-hydroxy acid in the lactic acid (R) that is found in yogurt is very beneficial in treating the appearance of the freckles (R) and helps lighten their appearance as well as possible.

The yogurt itself has amazing moisturizing properties which help lighten the appearance of the freckles on the face.

What to do?

  1. In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey
  2. Apply this on the face in a uniform layer
  3. Leave it on for 20 minutes
  4. Wash it off with some lukewarm water
  5. Pat dry with a towel

How often?

  • Once daily.

7. Onions for Freckles Removal

Onions for Freckles RemovalThe application of onion on the face from freckles treatment might seem a bit weird and skeptical at first, but trust me; it works like magic on the face. The sulfur present (R) in the onions has a profound impact as a skin lightening agent which is what helps diminish the appearance of the freckles on the face.

What to do?

  1. Cut an onion into thick round slices
  2. Rub it all over the face, emphasizing more on the freckle prone areas
  3. Leave it on for 5 minutes
  4. Wash it off with some face wash to get the stench of the onions off the face

How often?

  • Once daily.

8. Buttermilk for Freckles Removal

Buttermilk for Freckles Removal
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Buttermilk has amazing skin healing and tissues repairing properties which are the first and foremost contributors to the removal of the freckles. Secondly, there are mild acidic properties (R) in the buttermilk which also helps in slight bleaching of the skin to get rid of the freckles that are caused, either because of over-pigmentation or excessive sun exposure.

What to do?

  1. Soak a cotton pad with some buttermilk
  2. Apply this generously over the freckles
  3. Leave it to dry for 10 minutes
  4. Wash it off with some water and pat dry with a towel

How often?


9. Banana Peel for Freckles Removal

Banana Peel for Freckles RemovalApart from being a storehouse for potassium, banana peel is very rich in a compound known as gluconolactone (R) which is believed to have amazing skin lightening as well as anti-aging properties that are beneficial for diminishing the appearance of the freckles on the face. Not just that, it also gets rid of the lingering effects of the UV radiation of the sun on the face.

What to do

  1. Rub the inside of a banana peel all over the face
  2. Let it stay on the skin for 5 minutes
  3. Wash it all off with some water after that

How often?

Once daily.

How to Hide your Freckles?

How to hide your freckles
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While many women around the globe have started embracing their freckles, there are several others who are not that confident with these “imperfections” on their faces. If you are someone from the latter category, this is the part that can actually be very beneficial for you.

There are a few ways in which one can actually and very effectively hide their freckles without having to either undergo any kind of treatment or even opt for the remedies for freckles. Some of these common methods include:

Color correction

This is a step that can be very crucial when it comes to hiding the freckles on the face. Lighter freckles might not pose very noticeable impacts but if your freckles are comparatively darker, more so in comparison to your original skin tone, color correcting your face before starting off with base makeup can actually help hide the freckles more effectively and efficiently.

Spot concealing

If you have a rare amount of freckles or freckles which are very light in color and appearance, spot concealing can actually be your go-to. Spot concealing is best for people who are not that fond of makeup and don’t like to lay down a lot of products on their face. Keep a good quality full coverage concealer handy with you which will effectively help get rid of the appearance of the freckles to a bare minimum. Make sure that if you are spot concealing hiding your freckles and not applying any other product on top, choosing the concealer shade that completely matches your skin tone is the wisest thing to do.

Cream Foundation

Last but not least is the even application of any kind of cream foundation on the face. Since freckles are pigmentation spots, they are always going to be darker than your original skin tone which is why it is always best to stick to a full coverage foundation to get the desired coverage on the face. If you are going out of the house, always make sure to set the foundation with a powder to avoid any kind of creasing on the face.

What Causes Freckles?

What Causes Freckles
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There is always an ongoing debate on whether or not; freckles are all because of your genes. While it might be true to a certain extent, it is not the only factor that influences its presence on the skin. There are a number of accompanying reasons that contribute to the appearance of the freckles on the face.

Some of the common causes behind the appearance of freckles on face include:

  • Heredity or genetic inheritance
  • Consistent exposure to sunlight or any other form of UV radiation
  • The excess production of melanin in the skin

How to Prevent Freckles?

How to Prevent Freckles
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If you didn’t get the drill already, one of the primary factors associated with the appearance of freckles on the face is because of the prolonged exposure to sunlight and the UV radiation. That being said, there are a number of other factors that contribute to the same as well.

In order to prevent the appearance of the freckles, there is not much that one needs to do. In this section of the article, we are going to walk ourselves through the common prevention methods that one can opt for when it comes to preventing the freckles from forming on their faces.

Stay away from sunlight

Not to contradict the subheading but don’t completely devoid yourself off sunlight. It is necessary for you to soak in some of the sunlight but you need to understand the limitation to it. Don’t go overboard with it.

If you have pale skin, there are chances that you will end being at more risks of developing freckles on your face. It is thus necessary to take precaution when out in the sun. Either carry an umbrella or wear a hat or try the tried and tested method of applying a generous amount of sunscreen on the body.

Keep your skin cool

This is yet another very common prevention tip for keeping those freckles away. It has been witnessed that overheated skin temperature is one of the primary causes behind the increased production of melanin in the skin which is what contributes to the excess amount of pigmentation that results in freckles.

Make sure to keep your skin temperature in control at all times to keep the appearance of freckles to a bare minimum or none, for that matter.

Maintain a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet rich in essential vitamin C and such can actually be very helpful in preventing the appearance of the freckles on the face. Try and include more water in your daily diet for effective results too. Staying hydrated throughout the duration actually does help in counterbalancing the excess exposure associated with the UV radiations of the sun on the skin.

One of the other amazing ingredients to include in the diet is loads and loads of antioxidants. They help keep the tissue damage to a bare minimum and also work to heal the ones that have undergone excessive damage because of the pronounced exposure to the sunlight.

The process of freckles removal is actually not something that takes up a lot of your time or money. All you need to do is to protect your skin and eat healthily. If your freckles are already visible, try and use any of the above-mentioned remedies for effectual benefits. With all that aside, freckles are not imperfections, they are a part of you and even their presence on the face accentuates your beauty – Embrace them.