How to Cure Chapped Lips with Home Remedies

how to cure chapped lips
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Chapped lips are one of the most common lip problems which are faced by a large amount of people, especially in winters. These chapped lips can highly painful and might look unattractive. Common symptoms of this problem are redness, dryness, flaking as well as tender and sore lips.

There can be other important causes of the chapped lips as well. These causes include, dehydration, various allergic reactions, deficiency of certain vitamins, uncontrolled licking of lips, smoking, bad weather as well as excessive sun exposure.

Fortunately, the problem of chapped lips can be treated with the help of using certain medications. However, using some of the best home remedies to cure the problem of chapped lips can also be used as has been found highly effective.

Here, we have tried to provide amazing home remedies to cure the problem of chapped lips. Consider these home remedies so that you can get rid of chapped lips as soon as possible.

Home remedies for chapped lips

1. Honey

Honey, since the ancient times, has been considered as an amazing product which contains important antibacterial and healing properties. This can also be helpful in treating chapped lips. To use honey on chapped lips follow the steps listed below.

  • Take some pure organic honey
  • Apply this honey on your chapped lips several times a day.
  • Alternatively, you can also make the paste of honey and glycerine.
  • Apply this paste on your lips before going to bed in the night

2. Sugar

Sugar helps in exfoliating your chapped lips by eliminating all the dead cells and brings back the natural soft texture of the lips. To use sugar on chapped lips,

  • With a teaspoon of honey mix two tablespoons of sugar
  • Let the paste sit for a few minutes after applying it on the lips
  • Now gently rub the paste on your lips to remove all the dead skin cells○ With the help of lukewarm water, wash the entire area

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains natural moisturizer properties, which can be helpful in curing the problem of chapped lips especially in winters and dry weathers. To use coconut oil,

  • Take some pure coconut oil
  • Apply the oil on your lips for several times a day. This will be helpful in keeping the lips moist.
  • Alternatively, you can use olive oil.

4. Rose Petals

Rose petals can also help in providing effective treatment on the problem of chapped lips. Along with enhancing the natural red colour of the lips, rose petals also helps in keeping the lips moisturized for a longer period of time.

  • In water, wash few rose petals properly.
  • Soak these washed rose petals in milk. You can also soak it in glycerine if you are allergic to the dairy products.
  • Now mash the rose petals thoroughly to make a paste of it.
  • You can use this paste to apply on your lips at least 2-3 times every week before going to bed.

5. Milk cream

Milk is rich in fat content, which can provide as an amazing natural moisturizer. To use milk cream for chapped lips,

  • Take some fresh milk cream.
  • Apply it on your lips and then leave it applied for at least 10 minutes.
  • With the help of cotton ball, dipped in the lukewarm water, wash your lips gently.
  • Perform this every day to heal your lips faster.

6. Castor oil

Castor oil is also one of amazing treatment to cure the problem of chapped lips.

  • Take some castor oil and simply apply it on your chapped lips for few times every day.
  • You can also make a paste by adding one teaspoon of castor oil, glycerine along with few drops of fresh lemon juice.
  • After mixing it well, apply it on your lips in the night before going to bed.
  • With the help of cotton ball, dipped in the lukewarm water wash the lips properly in the morning.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the effective natural product, which can be used to treat the problem of chapped lips.

  • Take a fresh slice of cucumber and rub it on your dry lips.○ Ensure that all the juice from the slice is being applied on the lips.
  • After leaving it for 15-20 minutes, wash your lips with the help of water.
  • Follow this method at least several times every day to fasten the healing process of the lips.

8. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera contains important healing properties and therefore it can also be used to cure the problem of chapped lips.

  • You can take some fresh aloe vera gel from the leave and apply few drops of it on your lips to heal as well as relieve the pain.
  • Although aloe vera contains the unpleasant smell, it is definitely worth a try to get rid of chapped lips.

9. Petroleum jelly

Another important home remedy, which you can use to get rid of chapped lips is petroleum jelly. This is also useful in treating the problem of dry lips. To use petroleum jelly on your lips,

  • Apply some petroleum jelly on your lips several times every day. You can also apply the jelly at the night before going to bed.
  • Alternatively, apply a light coat of honey on the lips and then let it dry.
  • Then apply a light coat of petroleum jelly
  • After leaving it for few minutes, remove it with the help of a cotton ball dipped in warm water.
  • Repeat the treatment every day at least two times.

10. Water

Dehydration is one of major reason behind the problem of chapped lips. To cure the problem of dehydration, you should drink plenty of water regularly. This is also helpful in keeping your body hydrated for a longer period of time.

  • Drink at least two glasses of water in the morning at the start of your day.
  • Drink one glass of water before going to bed in the night.
  • Another important benefit of drinking water apart from keeping you hydrated is it helps in flushing out all the toxins from your body.

These are some of the effective and simple home remedies, which you can try to get rid of chapped lips, which can be caused due to dryness as well as bad weather conditions.