14 Ways To Make Yourself Look Sick – Call In A Sickie!

14 Ways To Make Yourself Look Sick Call In A Sickie

There are days when all that we want is to lie back on the bed and not go anywhere. Also, there are days when you know that you badly need a leave from work or school because you need to get some important work done. Don’t know many ways to make yourself look sick? Don’t worry, we got you!

Faking sick has evolved over time and there are more ways than before. While onions and a fake cough got the job done back in the days, things have become a lot more complicated now.

In here, we are going to share some of the best ways to make yourself sick to stay at home and miss work or school.

How to make yourself sick?

How to make yourself sick

When it comes to faking sickness, you need to ensure that you don’t make a habit out of it. That is the last thing that you need because doing it frequently will end up making people suspicious.

That said, the ways that we are going to mention around here are harmless and won’t actually impact your overall health for the worse.

Let us take a look at some of the best ways to make yourself look sick, shall we?

1. Decide on the illness or the excuse first

Decide on the illness or the excuse firstWhen you are finding answers on how ways to make yourself look sick, you need to ensure that you first decide on what kind of illness you are going to fake. This is a necessity above anything else. You can’t go impromptu with the plan unless you are an expert in calling in sick.

But, still then, if you want to convince the person on the other side, it is important that you do focus on finding a good enough reason that will let you stay back at home but at the same time wouldn’t require for you to go round to the hospital as well.

Cold, fever or a bug are some of the good options that work. These are common, so be careful to not overuse the same excuse over and over again.

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2. Prepare from the day before

Prepare from the day beforeIf you are finding ways to make yourself sick to stay at home from school, the best way to make your act stand out is by starting the pretending the day before the final event.

You can’t expect to convince your parents that you are suddenly sick just an hour before you are supposed to go to school. This is why you need to execute the plan a day before only.

If you are calling in a fever or a cold, you need to start showcasing the “symptoms” from the day before, and the same should be enough to take care of the issues.

But, even with this, you can’t overdo the task because then it will look very caught up. You need to be natural about the process and not let it take a turn for the worse.

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3. Fake a stomach ache

Fake a stomach acheWhen it comes to making yourself fake sickness, pretending that you have a stomach ache is possibly the most common but effective options. Not just that, this also doesn’t require for you to show prescriptions or doctor visits, so you are more or less safe on that front as well.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo the process of making people believe. If required, make some clammy hands while faking the stomach ache and that should get the problem sorted out for you.

This kind of an excuse is pretty effective for the kids who want to skip school because no parent wants to send a sick child to school.

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4. Start acting weird

Start acting weirdIf you are pretending to make yourself skip school, one of the most important ways on how to fake sickness is by manifesting unusual behaviour. What we mean by this is for you to ensure that you do start doing things that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Start by isolating yourself in a room or even eating lesser than what you would usually do. Another possible way to fake sickness is by ensuring that you stop being your usual self, at least a day or so in prior.

Unless you are trying to convince your boss, which can be done over the phone, you can’t mess around with your parents because they will catch you in the act.

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5. Drink excessive cold water

Drink excessive cold waterOne of the best ways to make yourself look sick or make yourself sick to get more leaves is by drinking extremely cold water throughout the day.

This will affect your immune system and might end up making you run an actual fever as well.

But, if you tend to experience very bad side effects from doing so, as experienced before, we would suggest that you don’t do that at all because they the repercussions aren’t going to be very favourable.

Be careful with this specific way because you could end up affecting your health for the worse if you don’t be careful.

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6. Persistent headaches

Persistent headachesYet another one of the ways by which you can fake sickness is with faking a headache. Comparatively, faking a headache is actually quite easy. The only catch with this is to ensure that you are not overdoing it because it is quite easy for you to end up overdoing your act.

If you don’t necessarily want to make it seem like a lot, one thing that you can do is hold onto your forehead and press it consistently.

People are going to come and question you whether you are feeling bad or sick and that is when you can tell them that you don’t feel that well.

If you are using this technique for calling in a sick at office, be convincing and tell convincing lies instead of straight up saying something very common or plain. You can even tell that the headache didn’t let you sleep through the night which is why you need rest to recover from the same.

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7. Make your face look pale

Make your face look paleThis is where you need to get the big guns out. In order to actually make yourself look sick and poorly, you need your exterior appearance to match up to the same.

If you are faking a fever or even a stomach bug, it is necessary that your face should look pale and tired because that is where the trick is.

Concealer can be a good start to that. Don’t go and put a heaping amount of concealer because that will make everything look suspicious. Make sure to mix in a lighter shade of concealer with your moisturizer and then apply it on your face.

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8. Make yourself throw up

Make yourself throw up

If you have been looking for answers on how to pretend that you are sick, making yourself throw up can help you get the bonus points.

This is especially effective for the children who want to prevent going to school in the morning.

But, the process is not that easy at all and you need to master the art of it. If you want to make the act more convincing, you can start with the process from the day before. Stop eating a lot and let your parents know that you haven’t been feeling very well and that should be enough to convince them.

The next morning or the day that you want to get out of the work, you can simply just wake up before your parents do and fake retching down the toilet bowl. This should be enough for your parents to be convinced to not send you to the school.

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9. Warm water compress

Warm water compress

When you are trying to find ways to make yourself look sick, faking a fever can be a good option. While onions and garlic underneath your arms or under your feet works overnight, if you want instant results, swish on some warm water on your face.

This can not just help in getting rid of the cold exteriors but even show up on the thermometer when your parents are taking a note of it.

Just be careful to make some excuse and slip out of the room before it gets too late.

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10. Back pain

Back pain

Yet another one of the best ways on how to make yourself sick that works is back pain. You can pretend that you fell down a flight of stairs or slipped in the bathroom for better results.

This can be a tough one to fake because of the symptoms that it comes with but to be honest, you just need to be an expert with the overall process. It is also important that you avoid overexerting the symptoms because then it will come off as too much and can make it look like you are pretending it.

If you want to make the excuse look more believable, you can say that you have been taking anti-inflammatory drugs and even taking warm and cold compress to help alleviate the condition even further.

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11. Pretend to be dizzy

Pretend to be dizzy

Pretending that you are struggling with a dizzy spell is often one of the best ways to make yourself look sick.

The situation is often so serious that people don’t even think about anything and just want you to be safe and comfortable. These are the moments that you can put to your best use and tell that you aren’t feeling your best.

But, there are possibilities that you might overdo it, so try and practice it at home first and check for yourself how you are doing before you actually do it as an excuse.

Make sure that you also add in some extra cookie points by walking sluggishly to make the situation look more believable.

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12. Fake bags under your eyes

Fake bags under your eyes

One of the common symptoms of sickness is the darker under eyes and duller eyes. If you do want to create them, the best way to do so is by using some purple colour corrector. Take some on your fingers and rub it under the eyes.

Don’t make it look very obvious and ensure that you blend it very smoothly with your skin to ensure that it looks smooth and well maintained.

If you don’t have a colour corrector, matte purple eyeshadows work as well. You can mix the same with some water to make it more dilutes and pliant and then use that underneath your eyes to make it appear darker and as if you aren’t well.

13. Sprained ankle

Sprained ankle

Another effective ways to make yourself look sick is by faking that you sprained your ankle.

This is a good enough reason because you have a plethora of situations that you can blame the accident on. The most common one is saying that you slipped on the bathroom floor.

You can use a crepe bandage to tie around your ankle and secure it with the pins to make the act come together and seem realistic. Don’t rush through while walking and be in the form.

If you are using this to ways to make yourself look sick at work, you can even take a picture of the foot and send it to the concerned person who sanctions your leaves.

Just make sure to take off the bandage at night and not get too into the role because that can end up causing obstruction to the blood flow.

14. Sore throat

Sore throat

Last but not the least is to pretend having a sore throat. For this, you need to know how to make yourself hoarse voice so people are convinced that you actually have a sore throat and cough.

Don’t try to make it seem unnatural and if you can fake a hoarse voice, you can simple talk softly and tell the other person that you can’t talk very loud because of the strain it is putting on your voice.

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You can even ask them about doctors around or the medicines that could help temporarily so the act seems more believable.

If you have been looking into ways to make yourself sick, these are some of the best ones that work. It is very important that you don’t overdo any of it because that is where you give it away. Try to seem natural through the process and practice beforehand. We have sorted out the top 14 excuses that can be used.